LATEST: Tragedy strikes as fuel dealer house catches fire

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Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau
A five year old girl died while two other people were severely burnt when their house, alleged to have been used as an illegal filling station, caught fire on Monday afternoon. The minor reportedly succumbed to the wounds and died this afternoon. Sources close to the case said the house caught fire when one of the victims was preparing a meal in the same room used to store petrol.

“One of the victims was preparing a meal using an electric stove. At the same time the suspected fuel dealer was transferring petrol from a bigger tank into 2-litre containers,” said a source.

“During the process there was an electric spark from the stove which lit up the petrol and the house caught fire,” said the source.
“Two male occupants aged 17 and 23 years, and the minor were burnt in the process. However, they managed to escape”. The source said the fire was later doused by the town council fire fighters with the assistance of residents.

The police officer commanding Beitbridge district (Dispol), Chief Superintendent Francis Phiri said he was yet to get information on the incident. Beitbridge town council spokesman, Mr Raniel Ndou, said the three victims were admitted at Beitbridge referral hospital, where the minor later died.

“We are yet to get a full report on the incident, though indications are that the house was being used for illegal fuel deals.
“Let me reiterate that, reselling fuel or storing it at home, apart from being illegal, is dangerous to human lives.
“We are worried by the continued loss of lives due to incidents related to illegal fuel sales or storage,”said Mr Ndou. He said although they had managed to clear many illegal fuel dealers from the streets, there were still a few playing a cat and mouse game with municipal police. He said they were engaging the police and other stakeholders to get a lasting solution to illegal fuel dealings in the town’s suburbs.


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  • mpengo

    Oh get over your shallow, rigid and misguided thinking.

    This isn’t about politics you dull idiot.

    Whether the economy is good or bad, whether your life is tough or not, it is negligent to store and work with a highly flammable liquid like petrol.

    Global safety guidelines exist to advise everyone, criminals included, good or bad economy.

    • Muroiwa

      This isn’t about politics you dull idiot.

      Its you that is dull , pple are forced to take whatever the risk so they can survive .Everything comes back to politics

  • mpengo

    The vapour is highly flammable. Even using a cell phone is cited as risk near the dispensers of a fuel station.

  • Cde Rudeologist Chiqala

    You need to learn about inflammable liquids very fast because you sound like someone who could end up a victim.
    Remember this: If you can smell it then it can light up.
    Even normal insect repellent spray can turn your house into an inferno if you light up a flame or a spark while it is still in the air

  • yowe

    This is very sad…why store fuel inside the house??

    • Madara

      they are stupid.

  • Cecil Roars

    You already know where the fingers are pointed. Do not rush to defend them.

  • Pained

    Its very painful to lose innocent lives this way. Let us avoid this practice of keeping highly flammable liquids in our homes whatever the circumstances. May that departed child’s soul rest in eternal peace. Its really painful I tell you.

  • sinoz

    ndiani ambotaura zveparaffin stove???????

  • Ray Mbada

    My worry is that we have police officers allover who share life with ordinary civilians and this should have been reported before. Why is it that we are becoming a reactionary force in everything? People are into every illegal business while we watch helplessly but every month-end we smile all the way to the bank looting salaries for jobs not well done. I think this is corruption on the part of our police force.

  • sarah Mahoka

    This is so very much about politics. If there was no shortage nobody would store petrol gas at home. it would only be found at the gas station. If people had jobs nobody would take risks of living in the house with petrol. Its all politics and the economy