LATEST: Tomana has case to answer

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter

Harare magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe today ruled that Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana should remain on remand because there was a reasonable suspicion that he committed an offence.

Mr Tomana is facing charges of criminal abuse of office, or alternatively defeating the course of justice, after he authorised the release of two suspects linked to an alleged attempt to bomb Alpha and Omega Dairy last month.

Mr Chikwekwe said section 260 of the Constitution which Tomana was using to buttress his independence should not be read in isolation but together with section 261 to make it complete.

“The Constitution is binding on every person. The law provides for presidential immunity and I am convinced that the police acted within the confines of the constitutional mandate by arresting Tomana,” he said.

Details to follow…

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    Waenda – waenda

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    We leave this to legal minds..Not to conspiracy theorists.

  • Acharike Gandanga

    Musatamba nepfungwa dzevanhu machinda. Ngaapike jere Tomana zvipere. Todakunngonzwa kuti apiwa maDays mangani chete kuChawagonahapana jere reBindura. Haichisiri nyaya iyi.