LATEST: Tomana challenges remand placement

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter

Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana today made an application challenging his placement on remand arguing that as PG it is unconstitutional.

In the attached affidavit supporting the application Mr Tomana said his placement on remand is highly irregular and must be nullified retrospectively.

“Every minute that I remain on remand the Constitution suffers an unwarranted violation. That must be brought to an end. Those behind the process must STOP IT!!!!,” read the affidavit.

Mr Tomana appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe.

Details to follow…..

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  • Lex Mapazho

    Those behind the process must STOP IT !!!!! -pakaipa paharare

    • gulaz

      KKKKKKKK.Is it still an affidavit or its a directive?hanzi ”must STOP IT”.

  • museyamwa

    So was gunning for the abuse of young girls under the age of 15 constitutional? Tomana, chimbowonawo moto waunowonesa vamwe

    • BABA


  • mpengo

    What doesnt make sense is that he is said to be in remand, but just last week, he contested the prison term of the ex-Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission.

    Am I missing something here or was this contest lodged after the fact?

    • fury

      remand out of custody after paying bail usatangire nyaya pakati.

    • N. Sithole

      Sir, do you know the meaning of ‘remand?

  • Sabhuku

    Hanzi zvinonaka zviri kwava Gudo kana zvava kwavaTsoko hanzi kwangu kudiki

  • shapiro


  • shapiro

    Dindingwe rinospakwa richizvuzvurudza rimwe kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkest.mazimba pakusasa chete rough makapernga

  • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

    The Kereke case will make or unmake Tomana. If Kereke is convicted Tomana should resign or be fired.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    There is a problem that we have as Zimbabweans. We seem to fail to see the big picture sometimes because we look at personalities and people and not the offices they occupy and what those offices mean. This is not about Tomana the person it is about constitutionalism. We need to uphold the constitution of the republic irrespective of the individuals concerned. Indeed it is a serious assault on the constitution to have the PG on remand. The interference with his work should never have been entertained in the first place. I personally do not like some of his views on matters close to my heart but I am also aware that breaching the rules of engagement sets a bad precedent and must be avoided at all costs. It might in future expose you or myself if people just choose to do what they want irrespective of what the law says.

    • Qiniso

      you are one failing tosee the big picture u are bonkers. this guy is alright where he is

    • Rawboy

      For those that insist otherwise,this is proof positive that the rule of law is irregular in Zimbabwe.

    • CCTM10

      I support your position, the constitution must be upheld.

    • Are you safe?

      I agree. Do people realize that this is another step backwards in our development especially in terms of order. Failing to maintain lawfulness even at the highest level. We continue to drift back to the stone age whilst focusing on individuals. A sad situation which shows that no Zimbabwean is constitutionally safe!

  • Telescope

    There are two issues here 1. Our Constitution must be upheld come rain or sun shine. In this case we are looking at the position of PG not Tomana himself. If the handling of this matter is unconstitutional then someone must ensure that is corrected cause in our Constituition is the reason we all salute our Flag and sing one National Anthem. 2. Tomana wacho anoriita nemazvo here basa ra PG. If he is falling short performance wise ngarove pasi through correct process. Asi wakagadzirirwa size Tomana remember vana Breatrice Mtetwa Jusctice Gubbay back tray ye truck yes Karma is a female dog.

    • emmerson matongo

      Let us be realistic for once ,stop telling us about Gukurahundi its irrelevant for this matter and don’t insult Ndebele people for your own selfish motives, what rule of law do you want in war situation where weapons are being used . However there is no justification of people being killed.
      if mistakes have been commited then the question is should we continuously do wrong things because yesterday we blundered . Blackwave please be progressive not bitter and destructive . The consititution should be upheld whatsoever .