UPDATED:Trailer crushes three to death

A crowd gathered at the scene of the accident. Picture: Social Media

A crowd gathered at the scene of the accident. Picture: Social Media

Herald Reporters
Three people, including two pupils on their way to Glen Norah High 1 School, died when they were crushed by the trailer of a cross-border bus that unhooked and veered off the road in Glen Norah B, Harare, yesterday morning.

The bus owned by a local company, Jarax, was on its way from South Africa towing a trailer that was loaded with goods. National police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said investigations were still in progress.

“The bus was moving along a road in Glen Norah B near Farai Bar when the trailer suddenly moved off the hook and hit two pupils who were going to school and a male adult. One child and the male adult died on the spot, while the other child died at a local hospital,” he said. Chief Supt Nyathi said it was disturbing that lives were continuing to be lost due to accidents, especially those involving long-distance buses.

“Long-distance buses are offloading goods and passengers in residential areas, contrary to provisions of the Road Motor Transportation Act and the Road Traffic Act. Bus operators and their crews should stick to the terms of their permits. We are still investigating this unfortunate incident,” Chief Supt Nyathi said.

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  • Fred Moyo


  • fatso


  • Konzeresai the War Vet

    so sad

  • Devastated

    Sad. This should not have happened if the bus crew had adhered to provisions spelt out in the permit, ie confining to authorized routes and using legal drop off points for their passengers.

    • chaps

      The bus must have evading the Mbudzi round about which in notorious for congestion.When evading the round about the bus has to pass through a makeshift road hence the “hooking off”. Something must be done about the Mbudzi round about.

      • Im African

        Not an excuse!

      • mhofela

        You are trying to get to the root cause, which is good. Zvekungoti terms of permit hazviunze improvement.

      • Loud Speaker

        Whaaat? What am I missing here…How the heck can using an alternative route cause ‘hooking off’ ??….. Trailer couplings of the correct type are a tried and tested design from donkeys years ago and virtually fool proof if used and maintained correctly.

        • chaps

          yaah now depends on the state, service and age of the couplings. Any red flag on these factors coupled with a makeshift road could prove fatal. You should see the road that these buses use to evade mbudzi round about.

    • Loud Speaker

      And how exactly would that have prevented a trailer coupling becoming accidentally eh un-coupled?

  • L. Makombe

    This is a challenge to all drivers, let us pray for the Holy Spirit to empower us to be disciplined and responsible. Toda kufudzwa nemapurisa zvekare.

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      What Holy Spirit? When you need some fake spirit to solve earthly problems then you have failed as a human

      • Grace Mubi

        Moe_Scyskack2, dont talk sheet. Did L. Makombe said FAKE SPIRIT or did he say HOLY SPIRIT? You mustnt read in between the lines and dont comment if you dont have anything to comment. Whats wrong in someone pleading with the HOLY SPIRIT for grace. Nxaaa

        • Loud Speaker

          What holy spirit? Are you then suggesting the cause of the accident which by all accounts clearly was through human error was because of some evil spirits? Or that those involved did not pray for the holy spirit?? That is clearly what L Makombe said!..Nxaaaa!

  • dusty

    akavaka rank yama bhazi paMachipisa ndiani road act what what

  • Chamunorwa

    As long as the sanctions for road accidents remain so ridiculous, nothing will change.

    • Loud Speaker


  • Wasu

    Its so sad that the precious life of these people is lost, may they R.I.P

  • Ba Tino

    Shame. Either the bus was running way from zimra or congestion pa mbudzi. Ramp repamagetsi apo ndooramuvhiringa apa ari pa speed.

  • Chibaba Chacho

    Police , VID. Hero basa.

  • Ray Mbada

    Mweya yadzungaira Baba pindirai pamigwagwa apo roparadewuka, upenyu hwarasika uye misodzi yakave matsvoti-waya tachema tawungudza wani Tenzi. Ko-iwo murairo werufu takaramba here baba inga zvovopera vari vana wani taiti ndivo vagari nevadyi venhaka apo isu ticha kwegura tigo chingamidzana nemi kuuzuru wani. Baba, ivai nenyasha mutinunure kubva munjodzi idzi. R.I.P. hama neshamwari wanai nyaradzo nekuzorora kusingaperi.

  • Ndeda zvangu

    So sad may their souls rest in peace but something must be done pambudzi round about the bus crew might have been evading the congestion

  • Loud Speaker

    As a public transport entity,surely its legally bound to have public liability insurance in effect for such eventualies?…Or have I been living in the west too long!

  • Fungai G Sithole

    my heart is broken my little sister was killed on the spot and this was because a bus company was reckless . we want justice . this company must be held liable for its actions ..we have a funeral at home and a mother hurting.