LATEST: Prophet Magaya sued

Prophet-Magaya1Herald Reporter
Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries led by Prophet Walter Magaya has admitted to unlawfully encroaching onto a neighbour’s property popularly known as “Rocks Lodge” next to its Waterfalls chapel in Harare without the consent of the legitimate owners.

The church is now offering to purchase the land to avoid eviction from part of Number 8 Prospect in Waterfalls.

The admission was made in a bid to seek an out of court settlement and to avoid eviction from stand where PHD Ministries is carrying out construction work.

A fortnight ago PHD Ministries was sued at the High Court for ‘invading’ and encroaching onto the property owned by Panabase Consultancy (Private) Limited at Number 8 Prospect in Harare.

This followed an unsuccessful attempt by PHD Ministries to purchase the two-hectare property for $235 000, a price that was turned down by Panabase as too little.

Despite a disagreement over the price, PHD ‘invaded’ the property and allegedly destroyed some structures they had found on the land.

Panabase, through its director and Harare lawyer Mr Shingai Mutumbwa, viewed PHD’s actions as unlawful and a way of arm-twisting the company into selling the property at an unreasonably low price.

To that end, Panabase filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court seeking the eviction of the church, Prophet Magaya, employees and their guests from the property.

More to follow . . .

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  • Chitokwana
  • Phineas Josipani

    its is God’s plan for you to hate Prophet W. Magaya… God be the Glory, let me tell you this Prophet W. Magaya is also praying for you, you are actually benefiting from his prayer since the bible instruct us to pray for our enemies…[email protected] nut:disqus

  • Phineas Josipani

    Devil is a liar

  • I am a sinner

    Dorothy,chitokwana and yo frenz i lv yo discussion bt this pic posted by Dorothy is confussing. in the anointing oil we all agree that itz the holy spirit tha does the miracle. the thng is hw cm we have NEW anointing oil when u claim the power is frm the holy spirit.

  • mwana wa prophet

    mudhombokiyani your name says it all if it is your real name you need to seek the face of God and clean it.Pane mweya inotevera mazita nemitupo seriously you need help. as Christians we dont fight against flesh and blood but spirit being.