UPDATED: ED briefs Angola on Zim transition

President Mnangagwa is welcomed by Angolan President Joao Lourenco in Luanda yesterday. President Lourenco chairs the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security

President Mnangagwa is welcomed by Angolan President Joao Lourenco in Luanda yesterday. President Lourenco chairs the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security

Felex Share in LUANDA, Angola
President Mnangagwa yesterday met Angolan President Joao Lourenco to brief him on the peaceful political transition that has taken place in Zimbabwe. President Lourenco chairs the Sadc Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

Speaking after the meeting held at the Presidential Palace, President Mnangagwa said he had a “useful one-on-one” with the Angolan leader. He said he told President Lourenco that Zimbabweans regarded former President Cde Robert Mugabe as an icon and as such, his administration will look after him well and preserve his legacy.

“It was an excellent meeting. I came to Luanda to brief my senior, President Lourenco, about the transition that has taken place in Zimbabwe,” he said.

“As you are aware, I first went to South Africa to brief the chairman of Sadc, President Jacob Zuma. President Lourenco is the chairman of the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security, so he is the second person I wanted to brief about the transition in Zimbabwe. From here, we go to other Sadc countries to do the same.”

He said Zimbabwe had a peaceful transition that saw him taking over from Cde Robert Mugabe as President.

Said President Mnangagwa: “I explained that what has happened to Zimbabwe is a very smooth peaceful transition which has resulted in the resignation of our iconic President, Cde Robert Mugabe, who resigned after there were several demonstrations by our people in Zimbabwe demanding a change as a result of the capture by the (G40) cabal. We had the transition peacefully and the former President is very safe. We will look after him well, care for him, he is our founding father of the nation.”

He added: “He is our revolutionary icon and we are determined to preserve his legacy. Those criminals who surrounded him, the transition has been able to remove them from positions of influence. I also congratulated President Lourenco for being elected President and he in turn congratulated me for the peaceful transition.”

He said they also had bilateral discussions, especially on economic and trade relations.

“We are going to have a Joint Commission and those issues will be discussed under that umbrella,” President Mnangagwa said.

“There are various issues which we felt would be dealt by the ministers. We are determined to consolidate the already excellent relations between our two countries. We have agreed to up our economic and trade relations.”

He said the Joint Commission would promote the existing relationship between the two countries.

“We have agreed to meet again in Davos (Switzerland) and in Addis Abba, Ethiopia (for the African Union Summit) in a few days.”

President Mnangagwa returned home last night.

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  • musayigwa

    Those airport farewells and welcome backs…a clear sign of same script, same characters…only names have been reshuffled.

    • Truthhurts!

      That is our tradition as Zimbabweans! Do you want us to emulate other people whose cultural values we do not share simply because you have no confidence about yourself and your identity? Hapana arikumanikidzwa apa. Harare yakati shutu nemaMDC akadhakwa neManyenyeni Faecal Brown waters but hapana kana chidhakwa chimwe hacho chebato irori chingati chakamanikidzwa kuenda kukandege kunogashira kana kuwoneka mutungamiriri wenyika. Kurai maMDC!

      • musayigwa

        So nothing has changed right? That’s what i said…Munangagwa = Mugabe.

        • Truthhurts!

          Dzakakwana here? Mnangagwa anogoita Mugabe pachiyi chacho ivo vari vanhu vaviri vakasiyana. Saka toti tsika dzekwenyu dzinoita kuti vanhu vakasiyana vave munhu mumwe here kana kuti dzinoita kuti mufambe pamwe mumaitiro makabatana sevanhu vanetsika dzimwe chete? Itsika yedu yekuperekedza vanofamba nekutambira vanodzoka kwavanenge vashanya kana kutambira vari kushanya nhaika?

      • Maria Smith

        May be vakaudzwa kuti mukasauya hamuwane mari yekugadzirisa mvura yashata iyi. It is a dog eat dog kinda situation now. If you do not comply you do not get, simple. Because they are so desperate to get clean water, they went along.

        • Truthhurts!

          Vanoenda kuAirport ndeve Zanu(PF). Harare City Council is run by MDC and manages its finances independent of government. You have just admitted that the MDC are a brainless lot that us incapable of anything…like running a bath!

  • JonsoMoyo

    Who is acting president??

    • Cde

      Muvhenda Mohadi…ichooooo

      • Truthhurts!

        Vanonzi Cde Mohadi. Ukaramba uchiita hupenzi vanopedzisira vaveCde Mu’hardy’ kwauri. Manje-manje-so! Kikikiki kikest hangu ini.

        • Maria Smith

          Iwe ndiwe uri kutopenga. Hakunazve muhardy achauya. MaPresident enyu aya must be willing kutukwa kana kutemwa nemazai kana madomasi akaora if they really want to move this nation forward. We are tired of hero worshippers and aplogists. Ndiyo true face of democracy manje. The sooner you and them get used to it the better. Zvii zvaangamuite, ngaambozviyedza tione futi. Zanu PF yaguta kunyarwa manje. Another thing, anonzi Mr Mohadi not cde. You need to drop your stupid titles. Whose comrade? Certainly not mine.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Maiwee kani. We thought this bidding farewell stuff ended with the departure of RGM? You cannot be serious about tackling a moribund economy when all ministers stop work and waste petrol driving to the airport to bid a guy who is just flying out next door. This is beyond ridiculous. Soon we will have the gyrating and kogonya dancing ladies. Eish. Sad

    • Maria Smith

      I could not agree with you more. This is despite a cholera alert in the capital where the money could go a long way in getting clean water to the residents. This is just the same person with a new hat. They are self-serving idiots. Ruling in Africa is not about providing for everyone but an elite few. This is why we are in this state. Sheer madness.

  • Concerned citizen

    Zvatotanga so zvekusabva mudenga

    • Sabhuku

      We can’t stop a president from interacting at that level but this thing of bidding him farewell n welcoming him is soooo archaic and old school. It only happens here in Zimbabwe. Shame on us! Shame on you Mr. President for taking our Ministers off their momentous task of re-energising the economy.

      • Maria Smith

        He can interact over the phone. The troubled nation just cannot afford it in all honesty.

    • Maria Smith

      Imagine, he could have talked to Laurenco over the phone if he really means business about rebuilding the economy. Another thing, did you hear that he is on his way to Davos and Addis in a few days time. Ko kuti ma ambassador arikudhuze neko amumirire hazvibvumidzwe here? All that money would help avert the looming cholera outbreak, which in my view is already at our doorstep. Chiiko nhai nemadhara aya?

  • nelson moyo

    Angola – without doubt one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.The former corrupt President Dos Santos daughters one of the richest women on the planet – ?

  • Shanna6785

    People in diaspora are afraid to invest in Zimbabwe because firstly Zimbabwe has not confirmed its new ideological position whether its still socialist or is it capitalist, or is it now a social capitalist mixed economy or something else. This clarification is needed as it determines how people will behave towards their system and how investment will come. For example in a socialist country like China where all land belongs to the people, collectives that invest in this public sector understand that the goal is to expand socialistic values for the good of the country not only the individual. While the Zimbabwean government can decide to sell all its assets to foreigners, this may have consequences in the future if Zimbabweans find themselves pushed out yet again in another 10 – 20 years. Most people in diaspora consciously or unconsciously want to have their roots in their home country but are seeking a more equitable and secure system with some type of social contract with the state. While most people in diaspora are not millionaires most have some capital which they either dig into their home countries or abroad. The Zimbabwean government can tap into this by offering the chance for ordinary Zimbabweans (mostly diaspora who can access or have capital ) to invest in private firms through shareholder schemes thus initiating some socialistic values while also addressing the issue of the economy and peoples livelihoods. Privatization of firms and investment should not only be geared for foreign investors because that’s not far from neocolonialism. A good system of governance is not about creating wealth but allowing peoples to create their own wealth so they feel a part of something. Moreover initiating Zimbabweans to invest in their own product will help with the fear by foreign investors to invest in Zimbabwe as the populace also have a stake in the system. It would also boast the moral of Zimbabweans abroad and at home.

  • Maria Smith

    I am not surprised he calls Mugabe iconic and he wishes to preserve his legacy, what legacy? For bringing us independence in one hand and taking it away with another, ruling us with an iron fist until he became the most hated beast and dictator, not only in his country but around the world, setting us back 50years such that we now need water wells and lamps in the capital city households, gag us until we had tored the line, unleashed the now vice president and his army on us when we wanted to tell him he had gone beyond his sell by date. Is this the legacy he intends to preserve? If so, guys we are in serious trouble again.

    • simuka Zim simuka

      you guys matoita problem chaiyo. you think if you are a president munyika isina industry you make business pa phone. you think the president must stay in the investors ouyaoga. GO out Mnangagwa and bring investers. vane nyika dzakanaka ndivo vangatovata munyika mavo. Vote for one wamunoda agogara muno mugoona chinobuda