Latest: Pastor Gumbura’s bail revoked

court hammer editTendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A POLYGAMOUS Harare pastor, Martin Robert Gumbura, suspected to be a serial rapist had his bail revoked by the High court after he allegedly threatened the victims with death if they cooperate with the police.
Gumbura, who is in custody, was admitted to bail on two occasions by the higher court before he was re-arrested on similar charges.

He is being represented by Mr Emmanuel Samundombe of Antonio and Dzvetero legal practitioners.

Justice Nicholas Mathonsi revoked Gumbura’s previous bail after the State led by law officer Mr Edmore Nyazamba filed an urgent chamber application seeking his incarceration.

Mr Nyazamba said the State was in possession of video footage in which the founder of RMG End Time Message was threatening members of his congregation who might want to give testimony to the police.

The prosecution alleged that Gumbura said this recently in one of his sermons during a church service while he was on bail pending trial.

It is alleged he told them that he would commit them in the hands of the devil and that death would be imminent.

Gumbura was on Monday granted a $500 bail by the High Court before being brought back into the dock, facing two fresh counts of the same nature.

Justice Mathonsi suspended the bail up to December 9 to give the police room to complete their investigations and application for reinstatement of the bail can be made to the court after December 9.

So far seven women have come forward and reported their cases against Gumbura.

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  • JSC

    Takambozvitaura izvi, kuti vana Komichi ndivo vanonyimwa bail nekuda kwekumhan’ara nyaya kuresponsible authority asi mabhinya achipihwa bail nekuti haasi eMDC-T. Hezvoka, mabhinya aakuda kuponda vane huchapupu!!!

  • L Makombe

    How can a man of the cloth threaten his sheep. Machechi enyu aya?

  • Ndawi

    masatanist pretending to be pastors devil pastors spreading aids and devorces.Batai munhu no bail ngaaende kujere i hope 25 yrrs is lesser and better

  • Semhalo

    “The prosecution alleged that Gumbura said this recently in one of his sermons during a church service while he was on bail pending trial.”

    What were these people still going to this “church” for after all this? Just shows the level to which people can be brain washed in the name of religion.It’s really sad that people are now looking up to individuals rather than to God they purport to serve. So called “prophets” and “pastors” are now gods.

    • Solo WepaRank

      Religion thrives on fear and threats. Once you rid yourself of this religious yoke, you will discover that there is so much more to life.

    • Skyblue

      i agree with you Semhalo. even upto now some of the people are still taking sides with him. shaame!!!

  • Jotham

    Thank God even the Preachers(Pastors) are now being exposed for false sermons. These pastors are good at critising prophets yet they are comitting the same sins as the prophets. Kuvona katanda kari muziso roumwe asi iwe unezidanda muziso mako.
    These preachers can send an entire congregation into a frenzy, do you still remember , Bishop Pius Ncube , now this pastor , the list is endless. Mwari ngavarove neshumu vanhu ava.

  • Observer

    So the victims were attending his church after they reported their rape cases? This purported threat becomes an empty threat becoz how can the threat be a threat if spoken in their absentia and who was there and at the church to relay the videos to the victims….and what was their intentions whatsoever?Unless or otherwise there is a team working together to incriminate. Am not saying hes innocent but the state should just approach the case sanely. Thank you

    • Sky blue

      you dont know Gumbura my friend….. he has a following of people who are living in fear…..

  • Slim | C

    and let it be known that this man is not a member of the genuine end time message, i hear a lot of people ranting things about the end time message, gumbura is a demon possessed man who has tarnished the image of the end time message, he was excommunicated in the late 70s…