LATEST: Parks to name poaching masterminds

Lloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter

Parliament will soon receive names of senior officials from the security forces and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority involved in poaching wildlife.

ZimParks director-general Mr Edson Chidziya said they wanted mandatory sentencing for poachers to be reviewed to between 20 and 25 years, from the current nine years for first time offenders.

Last year recorded the highest number of poaching in the past five years with 176 cases being recorded.

Mr Chidziya revealed this when he appeared before the parliamentary portfolio committee on Environment, Water, Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Harare on Monday.

Details to follow….

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  • bodo_kwete

    hameno navanhu vakamakwa ikoko kkkk Tushuranai tione.

  • mazino akaora

    Problem is you can’t just throw names unless you got evidence sufficient to have those ppo appear in court.
    The simplest thing is have them arrested and charged in court.
    That way you don’t have to bother yourself giving us names!
    We would simply know. No need for you to defame anyone!
    Problem solved!

    • Muturikwa we Gweru.

      This makes sense although I know that some commentators here will label you as one of them. It is dangerous to mention someone’s name and later be forced to withdraw or apologise after the courts have proved beyond reasonable doubt that so and so was very innocent.

  • sambiri

    No name calling needed but justice to prevail. What help does it serve to wait for names? This country has turned into a consult and fear nation.

  • Bhuresi Mukaramga

    Sending our Elephants to China is serious poaching . “Eureka!” (I have found it!). Ensure there is enough evidence before purging our commanders.

    • Muturikwa we Gweru.

      I think sending them to the USA where one of them came to kill Cecil, is outright poaching. Sending our elephants to people who are making our economy scream is poaching. Those 4 delegates came here to arrange for poaching and we should never entertain them as long as they maintain their position of ZIDERA.

  • Sekuru Karikoga

    Gambidirwa izvi ndiwe urikupedza mhuka nhayi. Zimbi ita basa rako zvinofira mujeri.

  • rev

    Beware of the ides of March.

  • haiwawo

    Much ado about nothing. How many times have people especially those at the top have been named and nothing comes of it even when there is evidence of corrupt or unethical practices?

    Rather curious too that we have just heard a flurry of accusations against people, and suddenly names are to be submitted – very convenient, isn’t it.

  • Strategic

    So what are you waiting for? Sounds extortionery!!

  • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

    Zve poaching hazvineyi nezvese zvawavekutaurawo unless uri kuda kukuchidzira kuti paite news. Poaching is poaching and even if you Judas are mentioned, do not bring any other dimensions.

    • Handei Tione!

      It is “becoming scary” for Judas because he’s a poacher and the net is fast closing in.