LATEST: Parks ranger mistakenly kills father and son


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An Italian father and son who lived in Zimbabwe were shot dead by a wildlife ranger while on an anti-poaching patrol in an apparent case of mistaken identity, a safari industry representative said Monday.

The two were killed in the Mana Pools national park in northern Zimbabwe on Sunday.

“Claudio Chiarelli, who was an accomplished professional hunter who brought European tourists to Zimbabwe, was accidentally shot with his son and they both died,” Emmanuel Fundira, head of the Safari Operators Association, told AFP.

“Claudio and some colleagues were on a trip with a parks anti-poaching unit when a ranger came from nowhere and shot at them while they were standing outside their vehicle.

“We understand it was a case of mistaken identity.”

Fundira said private individuals regularly assist the Zimbabwean parks department’s anti-poaching activities by providing logistical support for patrols.
An Italian embassy official, who declined to be named, said the Chiarelli, reportedly from Padua, had lived in Zimbabwe since 1982 and that his son was born in the country.

Italian media reports said Chiarelli was 50, and identified his son as 20-year-old Massimiliano.

“We can confirm it happened yesterday at Mana Pools national park but we are not aware of the exact details,” said the official.

“We are in contact with the family. It’s a tragedy. The loss of a father and a son, and also for Zimbabwe for the bad publicity it will generate.”

The government parks department and police said they were investigating the incident.-AFP

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  • CuriousCat

    Huh????? Ranger came from nowhere and shot at people standing outside their car and it is understood to be a case of mistaken identity?? Who was meant to be killed? Who was the correct target?? Am baffled.

  • zimbo

    The shooter should be brought to justice how can you claim lives of those you do not know toda justice zibenzi remunhu

  • mcnee

    how is that mistaken identity? ####

  • jacktheswede

    Trigger happy ranger…shoot first, realise your mistake later. So sad.

  • Rawboy

    Who were they mistaken for? And is it a shoot to kill policy adopted by these rangers? Dont they challenge suspects before openning fire??

  • Fari

    So sad

  • Judas Iscariot

    It’s too quick to jump to a conclusion that this was a mistake. The ranger should have ordered these people, to surrender before rushing to pull the trigger. If they had resisted arrest,then you can justify the use of force. The rogue ranger should be arrested and prosecuted.

  • karombe

    the deceased were on an anti poaching campaign……., the lone ranger came from nowhere……., big chefs named in poaching activities…… . this adds up.

  • Chinoz

    This is Mugabe country

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Huh what a joke tug he killed them come on this guy was up to no good.

  • Nonoe

    I am so confused right now. By mistaken identity what do you mean? Firstly, he had to approach the victims and ask what they are doing there in the first place, and check if they have authority to be in that place at that particular time. The fact that he had no idea as to who he had shot clearly states that this ranger just saw two people standing and shot at them. What happened to communication? We are humans we should not just attach whenever we feel there is threat. This is##

  • kabija

    And this ranger was just by himself?

  • Tiriparwendo

    This is first degree double ####. First you fire warning shots. If they ignore warning shots and decide to flee you shoot the legs. If they are also returning fire then you can shoot to kill in self defense. But in this case the ranger just appeared ‘from nowhere’ and started shooting. There was no danger on his life or colleagues at all. He was not even suppose to be in a hurry to shoot since they were neither fleeing nor attacking him. I agree with others here, there was more to the story than reported here

  • Emru Kunanti

    This was probably an ### organised by a poaching syndicate. Since this guy was a well known anti-poacher, they probably saw him as a stumbling block. Lets wait and see how the story will unfold….