LATEST: Nzuwah blasts Gvt Ministers

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
CIVIL Service Commission chairperson Dr Mariyawanda Nzuwah yesterday accused some Government ministers of arm-twisting the commission by demanding the recruitment of staff to serve under their portfolios thereby further bloating the workforce and straining the wage bill.

This comes as the CSC said it abolished more than 22 000 vacant posts late last year as part of efforts to contain the wage bill.

Giving oral evidence yesterday before a parliamentary portfolio committee on Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare chaired by Chirumhanzu legislator Cde Kizito Chivamba, Dr Nzuwa said each time a new minister is appointed they want to bring their own staff from outside the civil service structure, despite there being a pool of employees the commission could draw from.

“The other day I was ridiculed by President Mugabe that I am the one who is responsible for the bloated civil service. The President said he only appointed ministers, deputies and permanent secretaries and it is myself who employs the rest of the civil service. But the problem is, once a minister is appointed, he wants to bring his own staff,” said Dr Nzuwah.

Details to follow….


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  • Ndoro

    This Dr. Dzuwa is trying to say that he cannot say NO to these ministers. If so then this man should resign because he can not enforce regulations.

    • Rawboy

      This is hilarious!
      And is it any wonder the country is in the state its in…..Oh wait.It’s the MDC stooges backed sanctions!

    • Sadombo

      Nzuwa needs to rest, its proving too much for him

      • Asa

        ndiko kushanda wakatsikwa muswe

  • karombe

    haiwawo. iwo macommissioners vanoita basa rokutumira tuhama twavo twusiri qualified kuma province. HE vangasamuita ridicule sei when he created stupid agencies with unknowledgeable staff as his numerous secretariats with unjustified high salaries. wotoshama kuti ari kusekerwei. he must be retired. ko haachemberi zvinoita vamwe seiko?

  • major

    saka uri kuti kudii nhai Nzuwa?

  • Unbelievable

    This is not serious; are recruitment procedures soo relaxed zvekuti angoda sweeper wake anotopuwa? Ah. This is unbelievable. And very disappointing. So Dr Nzuwa, knowing the situation Zimbabwe is in, why did you allow the continued recruitment of staff this way? Why are you making yourself a victim yemaMinisters yet you were given that post on the basis of your competence, nhai Dr?


    Who else has not been around?

    He is simply the gate keeper of the interests of the powers that be which powers have equally been around for too long. Be brave to call a spade a spade please.