LATEST: Model injects lover’s son (2) with HIV blood

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter

A HARARE model Tafadzwa Mushunje (24) appeared in court today facing allegations of injecting her lover’s two-year old son with HIV infected blood.

Mushunje also stands accused of forcing the toddler to drink her urine.

She also faces an additional assault charge.

Mushunje was remanded in custody.

Details to follow…

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  • tafamutekwe

    One for you Emmerson. How do you dispense justice on this one?

  • Nonoe

    prison! she wont even go there, she’ll be given a month in community service.

  • Humphrey

    very evil, how can you ruin that child’s life. how dare you devil.

  • CuriousCat

    Am too mad

  • hannah

    the story went viral on app with the numbers of the model and the mother of the child. it came to light after the best friend of the model shared the story, it is said the model was jealous and did not like the child as her lover would occasionally bring the child with him to see her.

  • Ini Ndini Iwe Ndiwe

    Has the Herald now been reduced to a paper of Headlines only. There obviously is more to this story. Mr Editor – tipeiwo maserious. Asi hamuna petrol yekuenda kunoferefeta nyaya iyi. Nxaa

    • theheraldonline

      This is now a court case and will strive to update on the proceedings.


    this is so outa ths world varume muchinyanya u thnk models have all the beauty..hezvo t has cost some innocent’ child’s health ….am outa words

  • mellisa

    u could be right? maybe the boyfriend infected her and she wanted to payback, although this does not justify why she did it to an innocent child

  • Cde

    This is horrendous, if you look at all those people who are in the business of modelling hardly any of them is of right standing.

  • Tendekayi.TE

    With the kind of comments I am seeing here, I have every reason to be very afraid to be in Zimbabwe right now. The model has been “accused” of something and already people think she is guilty! Imagine if all the judges thought like some of the people commenting here? I don’t claim to know anything about this, but let the law take its course and justice be delivered.

  • Fred Muchena

    ndanzwa ropa kugwamba

  • Tendekayi.TE

    Do you know the facts of the case? You just heard a story and already you conclude she is guilty??? Perhaps you have never been falsely accused of something. I have, and trust me, I do not wish it upon anyone

  • Elton

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it

  • nadi

    amana pakadai onz nga abhadhare bheri bheri ye $50 amana ka .. mmm this woman do not deserve any bail but life imprisonment or #### sentence coz auraya kauyu

  • Truthfulness

    Kana nyaya yatove mucourt seizvi unonyora zvinenge zvataurwa mucourt chete thats what journalism is…. going beyond that you will be arrested for trying to influence the decision of the court.