UPDATED: Masvingo bigwigs face Parly recall

Walter Mzembi

Walter Mzembi

George Maponga Masvingo Bureau
The Zanu-PF provincial leadership in Masvingo is set to recall from Parliament four legislators that were believed to be some of the foot soldiers of the G40 faction within the ruling party.

The recalls are expected to claim the scalp of former Foreign Affairs Minister Engineer Walter Mzembi.

Zanu-PF Masvingo provincial chairperson Cde Ezra Chadzamira said Eng Mzembi — who is the Masvingo South legislator — together with ex-Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Dr Paul Chimedza (Gutu South), former provincial political commissar Mr Jappy Jaboon (Bikita South) and ex-deputy secretary for transport in the Politburo Dr Daniel Shumba (Masvingo Urban) would soon be recalled from Parliament.

Mr Jaboon

Mr Jaboon

The quartet was expelled from Zanu-PF together with other members of the G40 cabal that were allegedly abusing their proximity to the then President Mugabe to foment confusion in the ruling party.

Speaking during a Zanu-PF provincial coordinating committee meeting in Masvingo on Sunday, Cde Chadzamira said processes were already under way to recall the four from Parliament.

Dr Shumba

Dr Shumba

“We have already made contact with Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri (Zanu-PF national chairperson) concerning the fate of Mzembi, Shumba, Chimedza and Jaboon so that they are recalled from Parliament since they were sacked from the party and something is being done about that,” he said.

Eng Mzembi had a very short stint as Foreign Affairs Minister until his ouster following the launch of Operation Restore Legacy by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Dr Chimedza

Dr Chimedza

Prior to that, Eng Mzembi served as Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister and had been Masvingo South legislator since 2005.

Dr Chimedza had a short spell as the minister responsible for Masvingo, a post he assumed following the death of national heroine Cde Shuvai Mahofa.

He was first elected Gutu South legislator in a 2011 by-election held to fill a vacant seat left after the death of MDC-T legislator Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro.

Mr Jaboon was elected Bikita South legislator in the 2013 harmonised elections, while Dr Shumba was elected on a Zanu-PF ticket to represent Masvingo Urban.

Cde Chadzamira said the ruling party was eyeing to retain all the 26 House of Assembly seats in the province.

He said the Masvingo party leadership wanted at least 72 percent of the anticipated 800 000 registrants under the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) system to vote for Zanu-PF in the 2018 polls.

“While we are generally satisfied with the number of people who have registered under the BVR system, we are still concerned over the low number of people who registered to vote in Gutu District,” he said

Cde Chadzamira said more campaigns would be held in Gutu to encourage more people to register under the BVR system.

He said the recent extension of the registration exercise was another window for Zanu-PF to make sure more people registered.

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  • haiwawo

    Herald mune jee – of all photos you had to select this as if he was the only one who would sleep when almost the whole cabinet would sleep during the parliamentary sessions including chief-sleeper-in-charge-whose-name-will-not-be-mentioned.

    Zvisinei,chiregai aende andonyatsorara kupurazi achirera huku.

    • Tinowaziwa

      Ko ‘teenage haircut’ yacho waiketa?

    • TruthHurts!

      Zvimwe, hamenooo but panenge paita kahukama apa! Zvarwaaaadza mhaaani!

      • haiwawo

        Far from it – just having a little fun,

        He is one who wanted to grab the only chicken-breading Banquest farm when he could not even run the one he had, and in the process threatening the livelihood of many workers, so why should I support the imbecility? And, it was precisely because we have had a sleeping cabinet or absent ministers that the country is in tatters.

        Having fun at his expense by making reference to his doomed chicken-breeding ambitions doesn’t make me hama yake. But even if i were, so what? Zvinonzi chakawana hama hachisekwi asi zvichinzizve kana mudzimu unotukwa. Kunyangwe iri hama, inorumwawo nzeve mujee kana yaikanya.

        • TruthHurts!

          Ndapabata. Ndangandati ura hwange hwabatwa ukamonyonorwa-monyonorwa nhai!

    • Cecil of Mosi-oa-Tunya

      They are only reminding all of us that our MPs are paid to sleep when in parliament. The other photos were not taken in parliament but otherwise the same sleeping pattern would emerge. We are wasting our money by having a parliament of crooks.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    kkkkk. Hanzi Happy Baboon. Apa I think I need glasses. Maziso edu achembera aya.

    • Tengenenge

      Yea you need them, its Baby Baboon

      • Pa Feya

        loooooooolest, musadaro veduwe. Gudo harirohwe rave kudzokera mugomo. mandisekesa guys!!! Moe_Scyslack2, une yese wangu

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Interesting. However let us now deal with the urban transport menace. The driving we see is appalling. Kombis and Mushikashikas are a menace and whilst we deal with our internal party issues let us deal with this national menace that has taken lives over the years. Clearly, this is a matter that both the minister of transport as well as that of local government have to deal with. Mzembi was one minister who has the energy and charisma but unfortunately, he played factional politics which had to see him leave his office. I will remember him for his cry for the drastic reduction of roadblocks which was costing us tourism revenue.

  • Major general

    Why did they not just drop all the G40 guys once and for all. You deploy and fire for 8 months is that fine? What do you think it tells us about the kind of leaders we have? Herald you can do better than this surely. Some of the things you write about are no news.

  • Chamunorwa

    How do these “recalls” help the average citizen? It is much ado about nothing as usual. Nero is fiddling while Rome is burning.

    • Godfrey Gomwe

      Ahewa Chamu, usadaro.. They must be recalled pronto, especially Hepi Jaboon. Ainyanya kuvhaira, kutaura seakasika nyika. Ko iyeyu Jeppy Jaboon ndewekupiko ? Burundi? Central African Republic kana kuti South Sudan?

      • Chamunorwa

        Saka kuvhaira is a ground for losing one’s position as an MP. That’s quite startling.

  • zimbotry

    Would it also be possible to spend some time running the country and fixing our economy please

    • haiwawo

      Good question too for the Herald.

      There is a word for people who switch like this. Just yesterday, figuratively, this paper was on fire about Muzembi’s failure in his bid to secure the UNWTO post – banging their journalistic drums in ire as if there was no tomorrow and as if the world owed it to him to give him the post. He was their blue-eyed boy. Now, because the top has changed, and he happened to be in the wrong basket, he is now the object of their ridicule.

      These are the least important issues given that elections are in a few months time. That money that will be diverted to the special elections and the energy expended in these purges would be better used to uplift the lives of people. He would have been out in a few months anyway if the people do not want him any more.

      But again, just like the selective “corruption” arrests, it is another distractor from the fact that little has changed materially. The paper does not want to engage in this kind of coverage of more pertinent discussions, but instead wants readers to focus on the inconsequential drama.

      • TruthHurts!

        The UNWTO was in the national interest as it would have benefited the country that is the reason why the sanctioning entities intervened.

        • gomo

          Vanhu veMasvingo matanga futi. Rangarirai taingotukana nokudzingana vamwe maProvince vachivakirwa maROADS, ma District HOSPITAL isu tichingoti hee nhingi anoda kuita president vamwe vachingoshanda. Gutu, Bikita , Zaka hakuna government district hospitals akavakirwa vamwe kuma90S isu tichingonetsana. Kana pane aresva ngaadzidziswe opiwa umwe mukana nokuti sokuziva kwangu tichadzinga mose nokuti hapana mutsvene.

          • TruthHurts!

            Sori blaz, ndiri muNdau chaiye-chaiye!

  • SlackJawedYokel

    ED & Robert, Lacoste and G40 – same WhatsApp group. He is doing exactly the same thing he fought against and what his predecessor was also doing