LATEST: Khama endorses Zim’s elections


President Mugabe and his Botwana counterpart Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama address journalists after their closed door meeting at the Bingu waMutharika International Conference Centre this morning.

BOTSWANA President Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama has made a major climbdown regarding the harmonized elections in Zimbabwe describing them as free and peaceful and a reflection of the will of the people.Speaking after meeting President Mugabe for a closed door, one on one meeting here yesterday, the Botswana leader who had been the odd one out after the entire Sadc region endorsed the harmonized elections, said his country now stood guided by Sadc.

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    MDC all alone now!!Pathetic party of opportunists,Finally Zimbabwe can focus once & for all!!!!

  • Agreed

    Well now its time to indigenise and empower

  • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

    Khama is an enemy of Africa, his opinion has no value.

  • Zulu

    Then what is left for Tsvangirai and his causus, especially the Westerners? I’m not Zimbabwean, but I’m so keen to hear from them because there were a lot of things being said on this issue. Were all that a falsehood? How were they so successful on peddling all these lies? What exactly was in stake?
    “Massive rigging exposed, Kuv recieved 10 million to rig the result, million denied vote, etc, etc, …”
    If all that we heard was really falsehood, I think it is better mr Tswanguirai and his company to publickly apologyse to Zimbabwean people. Do like the kids, they forgive and forget. Just be ready for next steps.

    • che guevera

      The Mdshit and Tsvangirai have always depended on lies, especially through their propaganda mouthpieces like the so called independent press in Zimbabwe… The western media namel the BBC, CNN, SKY and AlJazera have also played a big role in peddling lies in favor of the Mdshit….Using this tool together with the equally evil economic sanctions to armtwist the electorate these people almost stole the legitimacy to lead Zimbabwe, but alas, Nehanda and Kaguvi said a big NO!!!

      Secondly, unlike Zanu p.f. which has a lot of think tanks, Tsvangirai is surrounded with people who don’t think…Some of them are learned but they lack wisdom. To make it worse Tsvangirai lacks the most important evaluation and analytical skills…He always take everything he is told, all together with trash right to the podium, then he opens his mouth so widely….For example when he was asked to substantiate why he thought he was rigged, Tsvangirai said, ”Where did all those people who voted for me in 2008 go?” That is Tsvangirai for you…And he wants to lead Zimbabwe, the nation with the best educatin system in Africa….

    • Africa_need_no_link_to_USA_EU

      Khama is not so bad if he meets my President. I guess I could love him

  • underestimated

    Never ever underestimate Mugabe’s charm. Ask Tsvangirai how he changed his opinion of him after contact and was soon singing praises of him to the West

  • Fakmore Mthakathi

    Indigenise Indigenise Indigenise Kasukuwere Mliswa.

  • Mogiza

    Yohwe nhai mhayi! Ndinoendepiko? SADC kwaite ngwena!

  • chombo

    it seems like zanu was separate for botswana to be on there side

    • common sense

      No ,.not really…yoy know its very easy to say to a foe “pfutseki” from 100m away, but if you suddenly meet face to face and that enemy of yours then ask you politely kuti , ” ko nhai wanga uchindituka ndaitamsei…?” …unogona kuremerwa makubatisana ma realities pachena…..