LATEST: Human trafficking victim in suicide attempt

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A human trafficking victim from Zimbabwe is reportedly battling for life in a Kuwait hospital after she attempted to commit suicide.

The victim is said to have failed to stomach the abuse she was going through at the hands of her ‘employer’ in the Middle East country.

This emerged during a bail hearing for James Tungamirai Maroodza (30), an employment agent accused of recruiting the woman and trafficking her to Kuwait, among other victims.

The female job seekers were lured to Kuwait on the pretext that they would secure employment, only to be sold as slaves and forced into prostitution and other menial jobs.

Details to follow…..


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  • karombe

    lets fix our economy if we do not want our people to be subjected to these inhuman conditions

    • Masimba Musodza

      Let us also keep in mind that this sort of thing does not generally go on in other places that Zimbabweans migrate to in search of greener pastures. Only in the Middle East, and only with Africans and Asians as victims. At some point, we need to face the fact that some parts of the world are less civilised than others, and treat them accordingly.

  • yowe

    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait have massive human rights violations. Many foreign workers have been beaten, beheaded especially in Saudi Arabia. Sadly these countries are very very wealthy nothing will ever be done to them

  • silent chikanda

    What you are talking about …yah.. that was during the industrial revolution, not when Cecil John Rhodes set foot to Africa..check your notes.