LATEST: Gvt to create four towns

Innocent Ruwende Municipal Reporter

Government is set to create three new towns near Harare and one near Bulawayo that collectively should deliver more than 150 000 houses as it moves to reduce the housing backlog.

Over 1, 5 million people are on councils housing waiting lists countrywide.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, said Government would capacitate and give Urban Development Corporation (Udcorp) State land to develop.

Beneficiaries will be drawn from the Government and local authority waiting lists.

Minister Kasukuwere said this while announcing the new Udcorp board.

“We will be tabling the matter in Cabinet. We want Udcorp to work with financial institutions in delivering houses. Housing development is currently one of the most corruption prone areas of development in Zimbabwe.

“We want Udcorp to be transparent and honourable in its activities. Let the corporation be seen as a reliable investment opportunity for home seekers, financiers, partners, donors and other developers,” he said.

Details to follow…

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  • Mqophiso W Sibanda

    But you should stop destroying the party of the people by removing those who sustained it over many decades!

    • Fred Muchena

      too late……………..

  • Tapfumaneyi

    Four new towns, to be built by who? New infrastructure for extra dams, water, sewerage, roads, electricity, etc etc, financed by new loans from our look East friends who’ll insist on supplying everything including imported labour, payable by exclusive
    rights to all mineral exploitation for the next 100 years?
    Of course Minister Kasukuwere will prove he’s not greedier than previous Ministers by limiting his cut to the habitual 10% of project contracts under mandatory supervision of Udcorp ……., how about 99-year leases for new houses?

    • Topdog Machalaga

      Towns are a product of population growth around economic activities guys. He should be clamouring for economic growth and resourcing industry and resuscitating dead entities like SMM and Ziscosteel. These will then create towns and cities.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    I start laughing when I see any headline that says, “Government to…”

    • Fred Muchena

      who is government?

  • Mister Arcadia PhD.

    Kkkkkkkkkk,you can’t resurface,roads,supply water and electricity ,build clinics in the existing towns and you are dreaming of building four new towns ? Kkkkkkkk ahh Hehehehe

  • Collin Mackenzie

    Fix the current towns and cities first !
    Talk and promise to much, clean up the current mess please and stop lying

  • Rawboy

    How about encouraging people to move to less densely populated places in the country by improving the infrastructures there? Harare and Buluwayo shouldn’t be the only places getting all this funding.

    • Harare

      it takes industries for people to move people dont just move for the fun of it , they move when they get jobs elsewhere , giant company create towns.

      • Rawboy

        I agree people dont like moving just for the hell of it.However if juicy incentives are dangled in front them,like cheaper more spacious housing. a better quality of life etc, I certainly would jump at the chance. Isn’t it daft expanding places like Harare and Bulawayo which are already creaking at seams?.Why not encourage people to set up businesses in the smaller provincial towns and help develop those too?.In this day and age of fast almost instant communications you don’t necessarily have to be in a big metropolis to be successful surely?That in turn leads to more developed transport links which benefit everyone.

  • i want house now

    Duh! say no more

  • Tengenenge

    Whoever thought of the headline is cruel

  • good initiative but udcorp corrupt,how many years have they been auditing councils and concealing the rot in collusion with council employees

  • haiwawo

    Kupenga ibasa.

  • Tinovaziva

    Imi makutopenga chete! With all those potholes and black outs you want to create four new towns when you cannot even build a new parliament for yourselves?

  • Sober

    Did anyone understood the story? The minister did mention that the funding of the houses will come by working with banks. So Tapfumaneyi, Mister Arcadia Phd etc. be informed well.
    It is very unfortunate that some Zimbabweans have mastered the art of criticism even when it is not necessary. This has blinded many to real facts in each story.

    • Harare

      sober uri dofo, you of very limited intellect. why would the banks give unemployed people money where is the guarantee, which industries are going to prop up those towns

  • yowe

    Haiwawo mapenzi aya anoiwana kupi mari yacho??? Nxaa tibvirei apa u cant even fix and maintain the towns aripo acho makuda kuvaka mamwe zvine sense izvozvo? After maputsa dzimba dzevanhu u have the nerve to announce this hamunyari here??? Nxaaa

  • Difficult Munetsi

    Ko iyo New Harare yamakati murikuvaka ku Mt. Hampden makatopedza su?

  • my zanupf


  • Simbai

    i really really concur with you….very surprising indeed…towns without economic activity!!!

  • Blessing

    you are very right , infact towns follow an economic activity , e.g towns follow mines (Kwekwe) , plantations(Chiredzi) and natural wonders (Vic falls).Goverment doesnt create downs, then mould up already existing developmants into standards.

  • Eliphas

    Zviroto zviroto ngazviperere mudzimba

  • Kabija

    But what you mean by beneficiaries from gvt? Who are these, have they been on the waiting list, for how long?

  • Harare

    you will also bring clean water into our homes, uninterrupted electricity, medicines to clinics, new roads , cover potholes, create employment blah blah blah…………… yeah right

  • Japana Hapana

    Dzangofuma dzichiwawata zvadzarota. Tikwanire iwe Kasukuwere. Tanga wambovaka village one tione ukaikwanisa. Siyana nezvisina basa rese izvo

  • Murewa Keep Up

    Murewa Rural Council is well managed. The place is smart. I wish they are the ones managing Harare City Council.

    Keep up with the good work

  • Isac Hunt

    build four towns and destoy one country.