LATEST: Crocodile mauls tourist

CROCODILEAbigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
A tourist was attacked and killed by crocodiles in Matopos National Park, Matabeleland South, on Sunday while another was seriously injured. Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesman Mr Tinashe Farawo confirmed the incident to The Herald today.

“John Bowman and Rosemary Mitchell were attacked while peddling in the crocodile infested Mpopoma Dam in Matopos National Park. The couple was on holiday together with their colleagues. The two were rushed to the hospital where Bowman died before arrival. Mitchell is in intensive care unit in Bulawayo,” he said.

Mr Farawo said the incident was regretted.

“The matter was reported to police. We encourage our tourists to stay away from wild animals. No matter how domesticated they are, they can be dangerous. It is unfortunate that they were using air pumped boats which are not permissible,” he said.

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  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Crocodile mauls someone? This is basically the 2nd time in a few weeks that a Croc has mauled someone. Last November it was some old dude and his talkative wife who got their just desserts. Eish

    • idi amin

      Asi chii newe????????????????

    • Roberto

      LOL …!!! hehehe !!!! Kwaaa …. you killed me ….!!!! THE BEST OF THE NEW YEAR !!!! Laughing my head off !!! Kkkkkkk !!!

  • Munya Murombe

    Sad, very sad!

  • Chiramwiwa

    There is need to educate tourists that animals will remain animals and need respect.

  • Chamunorwa

    Were they “paddling” or “peddling”?

    • Generation 50

      As long as you get the import of the message Mr Spellchecker!!

      • Chamunorwa

        Kkkk. I am not a “spellcheker ” because that word does not exist. I could be a spell checker. On a serious note I could not understand the story properly. The use of the word “peddling” suggests that they were selling something.

  • Vangodza

    take measures to protect our tourists pliz. someone slept on duty here.shame

  • Worried Citizen

    how did they used sir pumped boats that are not permissible.Someone negated his duties.

  • Piankhi

    This is what white people do. They think they can change nature. Nature always win. They have this desire to do dangerous ###### Jump from mountains and airplanes for fun. Swimming in dangerous water with sharks and other animals of prey. This is their nature to do stupid### and call it fun. We tell the animal they are wrong. They are being their nature and people intruded on their home. So you get what you get.

    • Mr Arcadia

      Don’t know whether one could they are daring or plain stupid or both.

    • Bert

      Haha ah Piankhi, ever the racist pig. The Kenyan Masai tribe hunt lions, are they white? African people die every day trying to protect wild animals. You are so blinded by your hatred, you need Jesus.

      • Piankhi

        Your white Jupiter/Zeus can kiss my black A**. The Masai kills lions to protect their live stock. White people kill lions and other animals for pure sport. Let’s get real you ##. You have nothing to say about Africa culture period. You are not from this continent. Only descendants of your retarded Euro Ancestors that have placed Africa in Chaos. The blame the victims for the knife you put in their backs. No blacks in Africa have ever hunted animals for sport. Only for survive based on need. White people come and create hunting expeditions for money and just to hunt for fun and trophies as you say. Then you kill off large populations of animal species included African people and then you come in and say you want to save the wild life from extinction and your people are the very ones that put them at the brink of extinction with your fun and game sports. Then blame black people after you have created this madness. Your games are done. Your killing our our animals and people are over. Your time on this continent is over, your chaos you have brought and left on our continent is over. Your race is over. Nature is taking care of your hybrid demon race and now your Euro race is the fastest dying race on the planet with a negative birth rate. We do not have to kill you off. Nature is doing its job to rid you parasite off this planet. Your time is ticking and you have very little left. So what my black people and family will do now is to cure ourselves of madness no brought and left our people. It will take some time. But we will washing our body and minds of the poison your are. Have a good ## life Bert. Your time is over.

    • SlackJawedYokel

      What about the many black people killed by crocodiles crossing rivers or fishing? Are they also stupid?

      • Piankhi

        Black people that were killed doing this things did so no having fun. But survival. All these whites think it is fun to defy nature. Blacks have live within nature all our existence and respected nature. Whites are the only race on the planet that have enslaved every other species for their amusement and financial gains. From animals to human beings. Taken things out of their natural environment just because for their amusement and monetary gains. And at the same time killing the nature all they displace. It is just the nature of whites to create chaos where ever they have put their feet. Not racism but facts of their existence even to present day. Nothing but trouble makers.

    • musayigwa

      You are right BUT…

      They jump off planes, because their once “stupid” dream of flying lead them to invent the aeroplane in the first place. Curiosity is what made them invent weapons they used to dominate us and take our resources. Stretching the limits is what sent them to the moon and today we pay billions for using their satellites.

      Who knows what they will invent from tragedies like this? Maybe crocodile repellent gadgets and guess who the biggest customers will be?

      • Piankhi

        White people did not create airplane. Our black ancestors of Kemet created aero flight. This is the great example of white supremacy writing in their books of history of what they created but actually stole what blacks created that makes this world function. You need the facts not His-Story. Look at what we created. Including the light White have created nothing. Their language and life was given to them by blacks. That taught them to read, write, and even how to bathe. Black people taught Europeans these things and more. Get the real truth and stop giving praise to predators. hav

    • Kevin Fynn

      Racist nonsense. Fun is available to all races which sometimes involves the need for courage, stretching oneself…and living. Wild animals potentially kill any race if found in the wrong place at the wrong time! What stands out here is not the standard actions of wild animals but your blatant racism, which stinks!

      • musayigwa

        I bet if we had proper emergency response services and trauma centres the poor soul would have been with us today.

      • Piankhi

        Yes I am racist. For my race. The same thing you cave dwellers have been living for your race for centuries at the expense of other races. You think now you want people to believe after your white people have raped, robbed and stolen across the globe we are somehow now all brothers. What crock of sh*t. You want to be one now after you taken advantage of all those you conquered. You must think blacks will be fools forever. Your races blatant love your race is great. Now black will practice that same stance for our people to move forward. If that rubs you the wrong way, to bad. I have no hate for whites. Its just I love my black race first. You know how that is right white boy.

    • Generation 50

      So daring…they went to the moon…they came to Africa….ini ipapa kunzi enda kuMasvingo ndoramba…I know noone there ko ndikarasika….Black people we are risk averse…..bottom line is we discover nothing because of fear of the unknown…..!!!!

      • Piankhi

        They never went to the Moon. You just believed their lies as usual to them to create an image of superiority. Blacks are not risk adverse. It does not take a rocket scientist to let you know you do not get in a plastic boat and cross a crocodile ridden river and think the crocs will not have you for dinner. Nor think you can sleep on a reserve were lions live and think you will not be their dinner. That is called common sense. And the reason white people are the principle idiots getting killed, is because we know whites have no real sense of reason. Only action. Black already know you cannot live with carnivores and think your not taking a risk. That is the #### white thinking that has given black people nothing but pains. You can discover anything you want in life if you use your mind. But a fool thinking he can just run with the lions and sail across the river with many crocs and think they will not be their nature is just plain stupid.

    • bob

      Well at least they don’t blame it on a mermaid hahahahahahahaha!!!

    • Moe_Scyslack2

      I’m black and I’ve done all these activities above. What do you say about that? Your ‘assessment’ is mug.

      • Piankhi

        I say just another #####follow white chaotic behavior. This reason our people are still retarded. Following White foolish thinking it is fun. Doing things outside of black culture just because your oppressors says it is good. Chasing their lifestyle, their culture their Gods and look at what black people have now. Nothing. So keep pursuing your fun and good times with white foolishness. I am sure you will get your desired effects. Good luck with that.

        • Moe_Scyslack2

          The reason your people are retarded? Following ‘reasoning’ from fools like you. You are a real moron who time passed you by. We’re in 2018 in case you are still holed up in that cave of yours.

  • VaMhofu

    Theses are acts of economic sabotage by the G40 cabal led by the exiled Jonathan Moyo.They want to tarnish the image of the country’s tourism industry.They want to link this to the legendary crocodile ED

    • kkkk

      kkkkkkkkkkkk very sad and stupid comments from u.but ndaseka hangu .hauna kukwana hako

  • vance

    crocodiles are dangerous, they hide in water, there are always warnings from elders to keep away from

    • Clayton Kudakwashe Munemo

      They are very very dangerous and sit still in waters waiting to pounce. Its unfortunate and sad to lose lives in such circumstances. May his soul rest in eternal peace and speedy recovery to those injured.

  • Wendy Newhouse

    Geezzz ….. most of the people commenting on this are really not nice and have a sordid way of thinking. Stats prove far more blacks get taken by crocs than whites … but why does this have to be a black/whits issue? Whoever, whenever, wherever … meets such a terrible fate … is someone’s brother/sister/son/daughter/mother/father ….. whichever ….. someone lost a loved one too soon. How sad.

    • Clayton Kudakwashe Munemo

      Yes it has nothing to do with color. Crocs kill and they dont care if you are in water or on land. It has nothing to do with race. I dont blame the person who wrote the comment, i blame the ones responsible for moderating these comments. This is a national paper and its online being viewed the world over and to allow racist comments on such a platform in this day and age is really absurd to say the least….

  • Generation 50

    When I first read the headline I was like ” I thought he was pro- tourism and FDI….” then it dawned on me that this was a real attack by a real crocodile!!

  • Tendai Magadu

    Are these Croce in captivity or what? It says in the article a Mr Farawo warned people to respect animals and that no matter how domesticated they are implying the tourist got a false sense of security.

    BTW if I had my way I would shoot each and every crocodile and make nice bags and shoes. Nasty animals they are

  • Eileen B Zhou

    People who come to Africa especially the Western Europeans tend to think dangerous like baboons, monkey etc are cute. When the guides and booklets tell them do not do that or go there or worse do not feed them they do it anyway. Where did the tourist get float from. And where there checked by the authorities. It’s sad when something like this happens, it tarnishes the image of the tour company and the authorities of the park.

  • bhinikwa

    “We encourage our tourists to stay away from wild animals.”

    Very bland response from a National Parks official…..Tourists come to Zimbabwe specifically for these wild animals…& we earn serious forex from that. Whats is to stay away from Wild animals…..Trophy hunters, game sight seers, Nat Geo filmers come to ZIm to do wild animals so that comment bewilders me. Rather say follow safe regulations when in areas with wild areas. Blacks & White people are different hence our capacities….our national parks were created by & for white people…we now nothing about these things…..yes while in their endevours they get caught up & perish. We pay lots of monies for Nat Geo & wild life channels filmed & made by such white people. National Parks up your game & be a match to your tasks.

  • Tambai Chinemavende

    Very sad indeed. A speedy recovery to the injured and a peaceful rest to the departed. However, to us who have never had such a tragic encounter, black, white, yellow, brown, pink, whatever colour we are, ndivo maitiro aro garwe. Ndiko kutonga kwaro! Try and stay as far away from it as possible!

  • Janet

    The discussion has diverted from the main thing which is to challenge the relevant officials on the safety of any persons coming into the park. How did tourists get into the water with an inflatable boat? Surely with such danger lurking close by there should be a fool proof system that protects anyone. Officials let’s take responsibility and deal with the slack staff members.

  • Sonono

    Nxaa. Why has this become a discussion about race? I thought we wanted to attract tourists?
    The lady who survived is Zimbabwean and well known in Harare, even amongst us blacks, as she has represented Zimbabwe at sporting events The guy who died was equally Zimbabwean – and 93 years old.