UPDATED: Chombo, Chipanga remain in custody

Dr Chombo and Mr Chipanga

Dr Chombo and Mr Chipanga

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Court Reporter
Former Finance Minister Ignatius Chombo, who is facing a litany of corruption charges, and fired Zanu-pf youth leader Kudzanayi Chipanga yesterday had their bail appeal hearings postponed to today.Chombo and Chipanga were arrested following the political stabilisation intervention code named “Operation Restore Legacy” last month, targeting “criminals” around former President Robert Mugabe. Justice Edith Mushore deferred the appeal hearings challenging the magistrates’ court decision last week denying the duo bail pending trial, after the prosecution requested for sufficient time to make its response.

This is the second time the court has postponed hearing the two appeals. Last week another judge Justice Clement Phiri deferred the hearings to yesterday at the behest of the prosecution. Chipanga is facing charges of making statements undermining public confidence in the military.

Among the serious charges Chombo is facing are violating Section 4(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Chapter 9:16) by allegedly conniving with Psychology Chiwanga, Rejoice Pazvakavambwa, Iben Fransisco, James Chiyangwa, Theresa Chenjerayi, Elias Choto and Lazarus Chimba to forge documents used to transfer a Glen Lorne, Harare, property from the Harare City Council to Alois Chimeri. It is the State’s case that the duo acted in connivance with Chombo, Chiwanga, Francisco, Chiyangwa, Chenjerayi and Choto.

Prosecuting, Mr Edmore Nyazamba alleged that on a date unknown to the State, Chimba wrote a memo dated June 13, 2008 to the City of Harare, indicating he had no objection to a double transfer of a property in Glen Lorne to Chimeri.

He also did not object to Chimeri being given title deeds to the said property, which had been acquired illegally and sold to him by Chombo. According to the State, Chimba also influenced Harare City Council to illegally get compensation for the said piece of land, which had been sold by Chombo.

Pazvakavambwa, it is alleged, authored another document on June 25 the same year addressed to the City of Harare confirming the property had been sold to Chombo. Pazvakavambwa, who is the deputy director of valuations and estate management in the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing and Chimba (70), who is the registrar of valuers, have since been arrested as Chombo’s accomplices.

They are accused of facilitating the transfer of council property worth over $900 000 into Chombo’s name. They appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Josephine Sande on charges of violating Section 4 (a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Chapter 9:16).

They were granted $300 bail last Friday and remanded to December 8. The pair was advised to report twice at Machipisa Police Station and not to interfere with State witnesses.


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  • eliah

    Why when every knows that there are going to be bailed ,you did not want to say the obvious that you are granting them bail after Chombo wrote that letter of congratulations, come on.

  • pakaipa

    zvakunzwisa tsitsi….ingomupaiwo 3 months sevamwe nhai

    • Chirimuhanzu

      Let them rot in jail

    • GireChaturobe

      Tsitsi hangu handivanzwiri. It is unfortunate that they are just bent wasing sacrificed for reasons known by the powers that be. The other issue is that ndiwo ma occupational hazards ebasa ravo. Corruption in Zimbabwe kupera, uuh maybe after the second coming of christ. Lets watch from the terraces zvedu. If operation restore legacy was serious about corruption, taitovaka majeri because vanhu vacho vanofanirwa kubatwa vakawandisa but surprisingly, vamwe vakatopinda basa. Its a sad scenario. Tingadiiwo hedu. Tongotarisa zvavanenge vafunga kuitirana pachavo ivo vatongi.

    • Mela


  • Sandura1


  • general

    let justice take its course….BUT DONT FORGET ZIMRA there is corruption which stinks how can a parastatal have 300 managers with vehicle and housing fuel benefits .some managers have 3 officers kkkkk .this is very funny.i pray HE ED and minister Chinamasa clean Zimra as a matter of urgency.

  • Chirimuhanzu

    Haa…. Keep them in custody even for 2 years. Vaiba tichitambura

    • normanngwenya

      inga muchiri kutambura wani even when the 2 have been put away!

  • general

    some are saying ZIMRA BOARD OWNS THE COMPANIES that are importing FISCAL GADGETS and Tracking devices kkkk nhaka.one officers said Zimra stole pensions for about 400 employees ,hanzi it was Pasi who did it with the help of CIO Chimbera a lady recruited on sexual favours.kkkkkk So these pple must be smoked out and see how much they stole.Corruption at Zimra is so pathetic that an employee with 5 yrs can be a manager ahead of those with 30 yrs kkk

    • GireChaturobe

      Haisi Zimra yoga vanhuwee. All statutory bodies. Ko? Mauniversity? Kunobiwawo rough? Sekwedu kuMidlands uyu ari ku ecta ari kutora zvokuenda. Handiti akatodzoka kudiaspora audzwa kuti kunodyika mari easy pane kuMzanzi kwaange ari pikinini boss. All system across the country are rotten.

  • Kimberly Mangwende

    Dr Chombo and Mr. Chipanga. Strange how titles of ‘Cde’ are ripped off when you are no longer in the correct basket!

  • musayigwa

    Some instructions are being issued from some offices to make these guys suffer

    …either way the conundrum is do we celebrate when their rights are being tempered with just because they were notorious in denying ours?

    • Freedom Fighter

      Yes we celebrate big time. Chombo has brought misery to many families and has destroyed marriages through extra-marital affairs. Zimbabwe haina tsitsi naChombo. Look at his looting when he was MOLG and when he became MOHA. Police spikes were Chombo’s brain child and police collection targets were his evil idea. How much money was found at his home when ordinary people queue for a paltry $20? Let him rot in jail

    • Madara

      we must set an example so that others do not to the same as him. let him rot in jail

  • gilbert bere

    Restore Legacy Operations was not about these two only.There are some very big cunning fish which needs to brought to book. Chombo, he may temper with your investigations but as for Chipanga,some few slashes will do,cognisance that he has already apologised and has a your family also.

  • Kwangwari Gwayendepi

    “Chombo and Chipanga were arrested following the political stabilization intervention code named “Operation Restore Legacy,targeting “criminals” around president Robert Mugabe”.
    Let’s get the facts straight here. If operation restore legacy was about arresting criminals around the president,Grace would have been arrested as well. Mphoko wouldn’t be roaming our streets freely since he was recalled for obstruction of justice,he stands accused of protecting the same criminals around Mugabe.According to our constitution,police instead of the military would have been responsible for the arrests. The fact that the military didn’t force Chihuri to resign means thy have faith in his leadership as police commissioner.Operation Restore Legacy was for one reason and one reason only,force Mugabe out of office and help ED’s ascension to become the next president. As soon as this mission was accomplished,all the soldiers were ordered to go back to their barracks.

    • Yowe zvangu

      there is a secret behind chombo and chipanga’s arrest itori nyaya hombeeee..they knew abt the deal to kill chiwenga and atha generals by the israelites soldiers who were to be paid that 10million yakazoonekwa nachombo..thts why u c chipanga akazoita manyawi achitaura mastatementa ekupenga agnst army izvo aitembaka masolider akange a-hire-iwa namugabe kuzorwisa the zim army..ndoyavari kufira iyoyo..chombo akanzi aburitse mari iyoyo 10million akaramba kut haana apa magafa akanga akatotipirwa kut mari yacho iri muceling..

  • Madara

    lol, his name is Psychology?

  • Mimi

    @ Pakaipa zve tsitsi chaiyo for the likes of Chombo, Chipanga, Kasukuwere and many more other big fish still out there hapana plus is not worth it. Operation Restore Legacy should act the China way of dealing with looters and criminals for it to have a semblance of credibility. Operation Restore Legacy should send a clear message to all looters and criminals that crime does not pay – otherwise Zimbabweans shall not be amused. A clear message should be sent that there are no sacred cows. Go the Tanzania Magafull way. Zimbabweans are still struggling to get their monies from the banks: and X-mas is just around the corner. Let be the 1st joyful X-mas that Zimbabweans have yearned for for years. Tired of being held hostage and abused in our own country. Much more still needs to be done to send a clear message to thieves and looters. And time is of the essence.