LATEST: Alpha and Omega bomb plotter sentence Tuesday

Tendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter

Zimbabwe People’s Front political party leader Owen Kuchata (34) who tried to petrol-bomb the First Family’s Alpha Omega Dairy farm in Mazowe, will be sentenced tomorrow after he dramatically changed his plea of not guilty to guilty.

On Friday last week, Kuchata was brought before regional magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya for plea recording and pleaded guilty to wanting to petrol bomb the First Family’s dairy.

He said it was his idea to commit the offence.

Kuchata later took exception to the charge of terrorism and changed his plea to not guilty after arguing that Alpha Omega Dairy was not a Government property, but President Mugabe’s private property.

Prosecutor Mr Michael Reza maintained that terrorism charges were appropriate, saying the attack was not targeted at the dairy as an outfit, but at the office of the Presidency of Zimbabwe.

Details to follow….

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  • bodo_kwete

    Kufira rungire chaiko.

    • boutros

      this guy i think has been looking for any reason to go into prison, hence hatched this plan. The way he pleaded guilty suggests he cant wait to go inside. Could it be hunger or desperation pushing people into doing this?

      • Chii Ichocho?

        Desperation baba these little ones succumb to cheap politics and die for nothing.

      • Hacha Duke of Enkeldoorn

        Just an attempt at fame – he thinks he will be out in time to get donor funds

      • machakachaka

        No, it wasn’t his intention to go to prison. He is probably protecting some people out there. That’s why he just wants a quick trial, go to jail, then probably come out richer.

    • Saharawifoxx

      Akati James Cimombe ‘wofira rungireeeeh mufana kani’

  • Ray Mbada

    Some times cheap politics is addictive to the point where one would say I am a hero because I died trying something unique. These youngsters are vulnerable to commercial politicians who are in the habit of using the poor for personal gains and I blame this on poverty and the country’s commissariat which is not teaching our youth the background of Zimbabwean politics, where we came from, what we should be doing and where we are heading to.

  • Suppoter

    sentencing tomorrow, has the investigation been complete in such a short period of time. If it was Treason then investigations cant be complete in a week or two. There more than what meets the eye here I smell rat.

  • JSC

    Office of the presidency? The farm?

  • Acharike Gandanga

    Maybe anoda kunoita spy the jail conditions

  • Acharike Gandanga

    Kana kuti anoda kunodanana na-Femail Gadhi wepajere

  • Kuta Kinte

    I tend to agree. Please conduct more investigations and provide the sentence after more evidence and you will be surprised when more details emerge. The fake party mentioned is not his party and who constructed the bomb? I think jumping to the sentence without an effort to uncover more is exactly what was planned by this guy and his team.

  • Mangwende we Chinhoyi

    I do not think the sentence period is now due. More evidence is required and these are not issues to be fast tracked.

  • sky

    chop chop iyi iri suspicious

  • masvukupete

    Once in jail he will start revealing exclusively to the Herald how he was sponsored by the People First to destroy the First People’s property. This shall be kept until such a time when the People First become a real threat to the First People’s comfortable lives. Zimbabwe belongs to the First People.

  • masvukupete

    I have been reading a lot about the so called factional fights in Zanu. Interestingly according to the herald there seems to be 1 faction in Zanu, the “known as G40″. However it seems there is only one faction because on most reports we only read about the “known as G40″ but we do not read about any other faction. I will safely conclude that there is now a break away group “known as G40″. If we call it a faction it necessarily means there must be another competing group with clashing objectives. If there is another, elsewhere we have read it “known as Lacoste”. If for sure the two factions exist therefore in all honesty we should have a neutral faction or one I shall call First People (first family, first lady, first daughter, first son, I wonder if the the other son is still called first son or he becomes the 2nd son kikikikiki), first gardener, first C10, first soldier, first friend, etc. These Firsties belong to neither and are friendly to both and are seen as the custodians of Zimbabwe (Mafia Godfather style). We therefore have 3 factions. However from interviews and words that have been uttered in the past few weeks both of these are trying to endear themselves to the First People.

    • Kurura

      G40 is the an imminent breakaway from Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF is there to stay. Ndiyo iri kutongazve, do not forget that. And wait for tomorrow-the outcome of the politburo, man. It’s wrong actually to try and place the First family in these factions. The President, Cde RG Mugabe is the center of power, and that is no doubt. Not at all. So, Lacoste, obviously emanating from the logo of this clothing company which is the sign of a croc, and the G40, which is a figment of Jonathan Moyo and colleagues are all but imaginary factions because even if they were to come into power, would we really need a nation run on divisional lines? Mugabe is the unifying factor here and all this noise strengthens him. Mugabe will rule kusvika zvanaka. Wait for tomorrow!

  • Suppoter

    But honestly reading most of the comments that people post day in day out Zanu PF no longer have supporters. A lot of people including me are antiZanu PF where are their supporters someway in the farms, No Gents Bvuma yapera Zanu. Iphelile even solders are turning against it look at the guys who wanted if true to bomb First or Second Lady’s Dairy Farm, but I would call her second First was >>>>>> cant even remember her name but I don’t care. ZANU PF HAS FALLEN.