Kwekwe terror groups must be disarmed

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
FORMER Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa reportedly sponsored a Kwekwe based terror group al-Shabaab that attacked his perceived opponents in Midlands province with machetes. This came out of the Midlands provincial coordinating meeting on Wednesday.

“This group should be disarmed now that the person who has been giving them immunity has been fired. They have been going around Kwekwe killing and assaulting people perceived to be enemies of the former VP,” Kwekwe Central legislator, Cde Masango Matambanadzo, told the meeting.

Mnangagwa fled out of the country soon after he was axed by President Mugabe this week. Provincial commissar and Minister of Sport, Arts, Recreation and Culture, Cde Makhosini Hlongwane and Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister, Cde Jason Machaya, who were also in the meeting concurred and confirmed having received the chilling reports about the Kwekwe based al-Shabaab terror group. Cde Hlongwane said the group should be disarmed.

“We have heard about people being attacked with machetes and at times dying. In this day and era it is unacceptable and something should be done. We cannot have a situation where people go around terrorising people in a sovereign nation,” said Cde Hlongwane.

Cde Machaya said he once issued a statement pleading for peace in Kwekwe after people attacked each other with machetes. He urged party youths to remain united and shun violence.

“President Mugabe has taught us to be a peace loving people. We can not have people going around killing each other. Let us go back to the drawing board and work in unity as a party.

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  • Cde Chaurura

    So the person who was threatening others with death only yesterday taught you to be peace-loving people really? Ndaseka zvangu mwana waChitova!

  • Cyclone Tambudzai

    The President clearly articulated it in Bindura that the thieving Professor had categoriacally expressed his hatred to Mnangagwa soon after the Tsholotsho debacle which is the reason why this man is now being persecuted!! ronically, it is very sad that the G40 is actually coming to him with ED being a diversionary. You will tell me once Cyclone Grace assumes the Vice Presidency and once she acts as the President when the old man has travelled to his usual far East journeys, she will make sure that he returns in the coffin and automatically ascends into power! Wait and see where this is leading and the G40 will then topple her and take over the nation!! That will be the end of the story…. Mugabe’s demise is right under his roof and Mnangagwa despite his evilness is the last to have such a treachery project as is being orchastrated by Jonso!!

  • Kitsiyatotata

    “President Mugabe has taught us to be a peace loving people. We can not have people going around killing each other”
    True particularly when he said “nyika yarwirwa nepfuti haitorwe nepenzura”

    Is it amnesia or stupidity?

  • Jonah15

    Why didn’t some say something about it early on instead of waiting for his expulsion.

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    “…now that the person who has been giving them immunity has been fired”
    I have always stated that ZANU-PF gives immunity to criminals. Here is their own admission

  • Joe Blow

    Al-Shabaab in Kwekwe? Really?

  • James Dada

    if the so called terror group was allowed to operate in Kwekwe then it means we are lawless and that needs to be taken care of once and for all. Rule of law is crucial for any meaningful development to take place. Too much power corrupts!!!

  • Chibaba Chacho

    al-Shabaab …. hahahaha.. Herald just made my Friday. Nice one. Where do u get these names from? 24!

  • Quantum

    This is true but the headline of the story should be Disarm ZANU PF TERROR GROUPS COUNTRY WIDE. More so the immunity to arrest to such is shameful to country that preaches democracy and peace loving

  • Ray Mbada

    When things fall apart, some people’s minds tend to follow suit. How in this world of today you write about a terror group armed as if they have guns? Calling them al-shabab as if they share the same needs with the murderers of the forest? We have a fully armed police force and the N.N.A. at our guard and I wonder what you mean if not only to register your contribution in the war to ouster Mnangagwa.

  • zimbotry

    I see this paper is now scared of people commenting on the 4 in trouble for booing the First Lady

  • James Dada

    Wanzwisisa zvandanyora here cde. I am sure you did not . Read again my comment pamwe unganzwisise. Thank you

  • Barney

    Nhasi makubvuma kuti there is a Zanu terrorist group called Al Shabaab in Kwekwe.