Kwekwe MP strikes again . . . Matambanadzo, bodyguard batter party’s security chief

Cde Marco Msipa

Cde Marco Msipa

Munyaradzi Musiiwa Midlands Correspondent
Zanu-PF Kwekwe Central National Assembly Member Cde Masango Matambanadzo allegedly assaulted the party’s secretary for security for Kushinga District Cde Marco Msipa in Kwekwe on Monday, accusing him of being aligned to the party’s legal affairs secretary, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa.
The incident occurred at around 3pm at Amaveni Shopping Centre.
The assault came just a few weeks after Cde Matambanadzo was involved in a public fist fight with Zanu-PF legislator for Gokwe-Kana Cde Owen Ncube at the same shopping centre over allegations of fanning violence.

Amaveni residents were treated to free drama when Cde Matambanadzo and his bodyguard punched and kicked Cde Msipa while slamming his body against the wall of his shop.

Onlookers had to intervene to save Cde Msipa from further assault after he sustained a deep cut on his eye.
Cde Msipa said he was being accused of being aligned to Cde Mnangagwa and planning to tarnish Cde Matambanadzo’s name.

“He said Cde Mnangagwa was finished and I was wasting time backing him,” said Cde Msipa.
“Cde Matambanadzo and his bodyguard started assaulting me with fists all over the body and the two were hitting me against the wall in their shop.”

Cde Marco Msipa’s alleged assailant zanu-pf Kwekwe Central legislator Cde Masango Matambanadzo

Cde Marco Msipa’s alleged assailant zanu-pf Kwekwe Central legislator Cde Masango Matambanadzo

Cde Msipa said he reported the matter to the police before he was taken to Kwekwe District Hospital where he was still receiving treatment.
But Cde Matambanadzo refuted the allegations, saying Cde Msipa came to his shop and started insulting him and his bodyguard.

He said it was his bodyguard who had a misunderstanding with Cde Msipa which degenerated into a fist fight.
Police said they would give details on the case today.

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  • Professor of Law

    I applaud the Herald for reporting all this party news from the fiasco regarding the congresses and factional fights to how clueless Chinamasa is about the state of the nation’s finances. There is no doubt that Zanu PF cannot lead ZImbabwe anymore. It has made us the laughing stock. No person in their sane mind can condone this hullabaloo. There is no doubt that it was founded on the best ideals but its current state today is the personification of “Cry my beloved country.” We are all being held hostage by a few people obsessed with corruption and bent on getting richer and richer whilst our country bleeds to death. We were supposed to be the beacon of light on the continent, now even the likes of Rwanda and Mozambique laugh at us. My heart is heavy. What kind of people are you who are so insensitive to the plight of people you serve? Yet we all know what Smith once said and how it came to pass!

    • Judas Iscariot

      Now ZANU PF is the personification of Things Fall Apart” It has become a boiling pot where things fall apart.

  • kabhija

    What is the meaning of “Comrade”? And why do we still use it where battle lines are drawn? We used this term (also the Portuguese version of camarada) to instil oneness, friendless and combativeness.

    • Jambanja paSalisbury

      Comrades can also fight each other…..the catalyst being ‘disagreement’ on crucial matters!

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Gamattox uripiko, mhondoro yeZimbabwe vana vachapedzana wakatarisa. Gadziriya imba isati yawa.

  • Kujo


  • Mimi

    Blaz vakarohwa zvifight avo hey

  • Murenga

    Cde Matambanadzo vari kutamba neGamatox sechindumure. Vachahotsira havo manje manje. Mirai muone. ZANU-PF Chiwororo vakomana. Musatambe nawo madhaka iyo mvura ichinetsa kudai. Hehehe! Just patiently watch this space comrades. Muchanzwa…

  • nukite

    hei, munhu akarohwa mhen uyo, kuita fanika chipopayi kudai, hahahaha