Keep your Bryan Adams, we keep our Warriors

GO WARRIORS GO . . . The Warriors have finally come of age at the ongoing African Nations Championship in South Africa, where they have defied odds to reach the last four

GO WARRIORS GO . . . The Warriors have finally come of age at the ongoing African Nations Championship in South Africa, where they have defied odds to reach the last four

Tichaona Zindoga My Turn
Writing this, I have been pretty excited about last weekend.
The guess is right: it is because of the senior national soccer team, the Warriors, who have done what we all feared to be the Houdini by qualifying for the semi-finals of the ongoing CHAN tournament in South Africa.
I am one of the millions of Zimbabweans that support football and in particular the national team.
The Warriors have not been able to reward the Zimbabweans adequately.

They have at times – most times in fact – been a disappointment and outright disgrace and a scandal. They have been the Worry Us.
Some of us grew up amidst a reality of Zimbabwe being the nearly boys of African soccer.
They would go so near but fail to go any farther.

Years of barrenness have followed.
Until this.
It does not matter that CHAN is the second tier continental tournament reserved for players that play in comparatively impoverished leagues and economies and that it has had problems getting recognition from FIFA and clubs.

Yet Zimbabweans are excited all the same.
It is our Nations Cup and World Cup.
Zimbabweans can believe again.

Today they look set to cruise past Libya and book a berth in the final.
The Warriors have the capacity to deliver.
They should deliver the silverware.
Yes, Zimbabwe can achieve great things; especially on its own.

Which brings in the second aspect of this piece, namely the bizarre show by, or events around, one Bryan Adams this same past week.
Bryan Adams is a musician from Canada.
He used to be big.

He no longer has currency, being generally played in slots dedicated to old music by white musicians.
There were issues around Bryan Adams who performed at the Harare International Conference Centre on Friday night.
First, tickets for the show were mysteriously sold out in a few hours and ended up almost exclusively in white people’s hands.
Three thousand five hundred people, of whom 99,9 percent were whites according to one statistic, attended the show.

One of the few blacks that attended told me he could only see one other black soul about.
One commentator believes that if a bomb had detonated at the HICC we would have lost about all of our white species in Zimbabwe.
That would have been such a pity, wouldn’t it?

Here is how one newspaper editorialised the saga: “It was the secrecy surrounding the concert that has left many ordinary Zimbabweans shell- shocked as there was no pre-publicity or details on where people could purchase tickets.

“The million-dollar question is how the 3 475 people, almost all of them whites, managed to know about the concert and buy tickets. Even the media was surprised at the announcement that Adams’s tickets had already sold out.”

The paper tells us the tickets “were sold underground, most of them to the white community”.
It compares the charade with the Harare International Festival of the Arts where all races are brought together in song and dance.
The paper ponders all this: “And you tend to wonder — which year we are in?”

That is a loaded parting shot.
It can only be answered one way.
Here is what a weekend paper reported Adams to have said: “He said the audience at his Friday night show certainly made him wonder whether he was really in Africa or Europe.”

It is clear that the show was never an African thing in an African country called Zimbabwe.
It was a Caucasian thing organised, sponsored and ultimately held by and to serve the white interests.
In fact, this brings the valid observation that whites in Zimbabwe are generally not part of Zimbabwean life, culture and processes.
They have their own places where they live, which they flee to when they see a growth in the number of black faces.

They have their own shopping malls, bars and clubs where they do what they want including homosexuality.
They flee the black man like he has leprosy.

Some of them left the country at Independence, which we all thought was the best thing to happen after nearly a century of colonialism and near slavery.

Most of them had killed black people in the land of black ancestors because the white man envied our land and gold.
Those that stayed put hid themselves in their suburbs and farms and exclusive clubs.

The land reform programme in 2000 knocked some of the last vestiges of white exclusion.
Some of them decided to fight back.

They for the first time in years started to participate in national life, namely via elections, which they had never done.
They hoped to wrestle the land back from three million blacks that they, the under 4 000, had had almost an exclusive claim to.
The local whites have been helped by their kith and kin in Europe, America, Australia and Bryan Adams’ Canada.

In fact, some elements in Canada did not like Bryan coming here, as they reasoned that this would “legitimise” the current Government led by President Mugabe.

What they did not expressly say is that they feared that such a supposedly big concert would show the world that Zimbabwe is not a place where whites are killed and eaten by a “monster” called Robert Mugabe.

The horror stories have been a careful plan to justify Western intervention in Zimbabwe to topple the heroic Mugabe and replace him with a puppet called Morgan Tsvangirai, failure of which scheme today has brought grief to Tsvangirai who is set to be shunted aside like a used something.

The whites, most of them of the genus we call Rhodies, as well as their exiled kith and kin, are supposed to reap the fruits of the suffering and emasculation of the black Zimbabwean.

They wait. They pray.
The decolonisation remains incomplete.
The whites of this country should be reminded that, if they do please, they can keep their Brian Adams and we keep our Warriors.

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  • Tara

    Warwadziwa neyiko iwe? Hazvina musoro, pamunozara kubhora hamuone rhodies bcs havafariri bhora and you can’t force them. Just accept that we’re different and we like different things, that’s what makes the world go round..

  • Chachacha

    Nhai nhai chakunetsa chii ipapa? Can we be footballer fanatics all of us? Enjoy urside whilst I enjoy mine. Unogwara musoro une zvipusha iwe.

  • king faro

    nonse dzaadms dzadzisiyiwe tinoda kufarira vakomana vedu kuS.A

  • Hmmm

    I’m white, and the first I heard about the Bryan Adams concert was that it was sold out. No problem. I don’t like Bryan Adams music anyway and would rather spend the time watching football (warriors included)
    Maybe the author should be careful about generalizing . As for whites grouping together, the phenomenon is common to minorities throughout the world.

    • josie

      your tone is not English hausi murungu iwe

      • lastborn

        it’s to become a prophet. silly

    • zimbabwe our land iur country

      you should be carefull

      • sQu

        “Is your land” where did you get it from?

  • J.Touch

    Isu tanga tiri kwaMacheso Pamuzinda…zvana Adamsk izvo ndezvavo….kwanga kusina kana murung one kuPamuzinda

    • Shosho

      Loool wandipedza adamski loooool

  • james

    who are you trying to please? Zimbabweans, hurument, or your boss. I a black mwana wevhu chaiye but can i ask, who is brian adams? What does he do? Wher was he born? Is he black or white? Where does he live? How much was the ticket? Did you have money to buy the ticket? We have our own musicians who are playing in empty auditoriums, unenge uripi iwe? Soccer and musician zvapinda papi?

  • tichaitonga

    Jonathan Moyo bata munhu!!!

    • murambinda

      who is not a racist, all of you?

      • mushongabvudzi

        I am a PROUD WHITE ZIMBABWEAN born & bred& so are my children! They went to multiracial schools in Zim & are better human beings for that fact & the fact that we all have good friends, black & white. Although we now live in New Zealand where race & colour is not an issue, we miss Zimbabwe very much. We are not here by choice & I would very much like to return to do what I know best, farm. I was in Zim for a visit in 2010 & the experience was humbling! ALL my black mates greeted me like a long lost son! I found it difficult to leave when the day arrived. I felt relaxed & truly at HOME! I suppose what I am trying to say is that I am once again humbled by the response to this ill written article by a misguided idiot! I am looking forward to my next visit in April. PAMBERI NE ZIMBABWE!

  • Trymore

    Don’t mix issues. Guess you really wanted to attend the show….via a free ticket.

    • charles charingeno

      This article is pregnant with the truth guys let us not be hypocritical for nothing. If this concert was done in Zimbabwe it is meant for Zimbabweans, white, red, black or blue, you understand? So it was supposed to be. Zvekutengesera matickets mumukoto to avoid the black people is absolute nonsense, endai mundoitira show yenyu out of the black country

      • Shosho

        Nhai Charles, dai yang a iri koffi olomide concert you would buy for your whole family.. Whether they are white or green, they are Zimbabweans… Like there isn’t a black market for everything… Usadaro heaps a ku avoidance black ppl if they wanted to avoid black people they wouldn’t live in Zimbabwe then ! Simple

        • hdjhshhzla

          try get one of their daughters and you’ll see how racist they are master shosho

          • Ndaneta

            hdjhshhzla, you are confusing someone who prefers same culture with someone who is racist. There are many mixed race couples in Zimbabwe so thats really just nonsense. why would you consider someone a racist because they ar used to their own culture? You are being quite ignorant for sure. If blacks and whites did not hook up, how do we have a coloured community? we are all so very tired of the “blame the white” after 34 years.

  • nobe

    Dont compare two different things soccer and music.

  • DontLieToUs

    I think leave the warriors out of this, and we tired of white, black, coloured, cream etc

  • zeky

    Good comments fellas.we don’t wanna hear about some parrot politicising sport.Thiis is about our Warriors and not someone trying to get a mileage by politicising that which cannot be.Dear “mr Journalist” please do the right thing and report accordingly.

  • Sir Nige

    What if you’re black like me and you like Bryan Adams AND Warriers?What do I stand?

  • Guest

    I’m black. This piece is racist . Don’t know why The Herald would publish such. Just at a time our opinions of you guys was changing (because of the corruption exposes) you proved us right.

    • cgbg

      you white dont say you black . saladi

  • Chaitemura

    You are a sour loser, you wanted a free ticket, which never came. Shame on you, ploiticising everything, even soccer? Shame, shame, shame!

  • Inc

    Tichaona Zindoga you are a Fool! If you don’t have anything to write just keep quiet. I am black and i am a soccer fanatic and i also like Bryn Adams music. Having more whites at his show is neither here nor there. We have had a lot of whites coming to watch the warriors especially during the time of Fabisch, then our team were really the warriors. We have had other celebrated musicians such as Don Williams who came to perform in our country and his show was attended by all and sundry. Those who did not attend Bryn Adams’ show could not care less or could not afford.Mugabe and Tsvangirai vapinda papi in this article. Or are you one of those people who expects freebies all the time and this time wakalumila. I bet you were looking forward to seeing Bryn Adams in action and your are now just bitter. Think before you take pen to paper idiot.

  • concerned zimbabwean

    I am black and i attended his show with a number of my white friends, this is unbelievable reporting… he must get his facts correct. Wasn’t the concert advertised on the morning the tickets went on Sale in the independent? This is the first anyone heard about them. Anyone could of joined that queue for 8 hours to get a ticket. Why does color always have to come into everything. So what are white people not allowed to support the Warriors. This country will never progress with people of this nature

    • JamicanZimbo

      I so agree with you. I am white brought up in Zimbabwe with many close black friends that I met at school and still visit them on my return. I live abroad now (in the Caribbean) with many black, white and asian friends only because I would hate to pass this kind of racism on to my children. I miss Zimbabwe, but when I see this type of reporting I am thankful that I live in the Caribbean; where people can live in unity, even though their forefathers were indeed slaves!!
      Zimbabweans like Tich need to get over it… Move on! Why so much hatred for whites? Tich needs to figure out why he has such a chip on his shoulder and look within. This type of hatred will only eat away at your own soul and make you more narrow minded!! Zimbabweans need more influence from great men like Obama/Mandela … and a lifetime of forgiveness!! That war was last generation! Time to move on Tich…lest history repeats itself in the other leg..

      Oh and by the way, my favourite musician of all time is Henry Olonga … of course I only get to see him in England … In exile!! Imagine if he was able to sing at the stadium!!

  • The Observer

    Tichaona Zindoga you stupid buffoon, illiterate moron, hope Prof Jojo fires you. You write this article like prudish man lurking in a cave.

    Why are you being such racist, in this era you still play the race card, you are shallow boob.

    Racism is there but being a journalist you should be the bigger man and use the craftiness of your tool to pen down words that bring hope and healing between the rift.

    • brie

      this is not south africa, we call a spade a spade muno

      • The Observer

        what does South Africa have to do with this article or my comments. Yes a spade a spade the article is out write racist.

    • chimo

      Well SAID!!!

    • jjs


    • sadzimbo

      very well written perhaps you should be the one writing the articles

  • joo

    You sir are a racist.
    Also why are all the sentences on a separate line and the paragraphs so short, was it supposed to be poetry? Or just really poor writing?
    I say well done to the warriors and to zim for hosting a successful international artist concert, look at some of our other failures to launch in recent years with artists not pitching, starting late, only playing a couple of songs etc.

  • Zeena

    This is a very racist article…’….if a bomb had detonated at the HICC we would have lost about all of our white species in Zimbabwe…’ Please Herald editor why allow such articles. To be black doesn’t give you the right to be racist to whites. Yi Zimbabwe yethu sonke le.

    • hjsjah


  • The one

    What a clown. Think before you wright. If you were a good journalist you would of known about the concert. There was a page on facbook, it was advertised in the paper and there was a que of over 3,000 people outside car gaurd in Borrowdale trying to get tickets for 8 hours.

  • Shosho

    What an idiot! This article shows that racism is not just white against black it’s black against white in this case! I’m black and I’ve never been more ashamed… What a poorly articulated article… Was this on the sports section? Music section? politics section ? Or what? Because he went in on all topics.. If he badly wanted to go, he could have found a way.. If white people like Bryan Adams so what? They queued for 8hours! Get off your backside and queue up then? A very very poor article coming from someone who is angry, bitter and very racist! Go and hang out at all those white places then…what is your problem? If there was a sign that said NO B LACKS ALLOWED then that would be a different issue… Stick to writing about football, if that is your speciality, leave the music and politics to those that understand it, are not biased and those that have common sense which you are clearly lacking! Do you need a degree to be a journalist at the herald? Or can anyone just get the job? Because my 10year old niece would have written a far better piece.. Unity is what I yearn for in Zimbabwe not this racist bullsh.. Because of idiots trying to highlight something that is all in your head….. Grow up and stop trying to make an issue of race, because there is no issue anymore! Peace and love to you all

    • Lynx

      Brilliantly said Shosho, thank you! Racism is only kept alive by people who choose to see things in terms of race. When will people realise that unity is the best way forward?!

    • Lynx

      Brilliantly said Shosho, thank you! Racism is only kept alive by people who choose to see things in terms of race. When will these people realise that unity is the best way forward?!

    • Mike

      Great words – the chap who wrote this article is an imbecile. I love Zimbabwe and its people and I am white!!

  • makonya

    This sparks of inferiority complex.Marwadziwa nei tsano.You cant be forced to queue for somethjing you are not interested in.Next time you will be complaining that a kwaito show was full of Ndebele people.So what?

    • Shosho

      Lol kwaito

  • Anonymous

    I stood in the queue for 6 hours to get those tickets – and I heard about the concert the day it was announced via the media! there was no secrecy or underground shenanigans surrounding the sale of the tickets. Tickets were limited to 6 tickets per person, and was managed very well. There was just a very long queue and some patience involved in getting the tickets! So perhaps research facts before making unsubstantiated comments, generalisations and writing completely irrelevant stories!

  • LOL

    You my friend are an absolute idiot who deserves to be fired! i am certain there are better journalists who need a job. how you can even compare the two is beyond me. i am black and a proud zimbabwean but this is sinking to the lowest level.

  • Proud murungu

    I am a MURUNGU. I was born in Zimbabwe. My ancestors had nothing to do with Colonialism nor were they even present in Zimbabwe at the time. Yet I am still judged for being the “wrong” skin colour, I am still prejudiced because of the colour of my skin. White people in Zimbabwe are accused of being racist, yet this article has shown me one thing: the reverse is most definitely true. There is so much hate in the heart of the person that wrote it, and in so many hearts of the Black people of Zimbabwe. But good luck to you, don’t you realise you are the reason Zimbabwe will never progress? Two words: reverse apartheid. I love this country, it is MY country too. And guess what? I will keep my Bryan Adams, and MY WARRIORS TOO.

    • Fuck you Tichaona

      The most meaningful comment to date. Proud to be of the “white species” too

    • bhiza46

      Reverse aparthied??? No such thing. .aparthied means to separate it to keep apart. If blacks ate doing to whites or vice versa. .. It is still aparthied.

      • Anon

        I beg to differ.
        Apartheid: racial segregation; specifically : a former policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa

        Apartheid:(Afrikaans: “apartness” or “separateness”) Policy of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in South Africa.

        • Whatever

          It is what it is regardless of the name given to it!!!

  • Pg

    Brian Adams nema warriors zvinoenderana papi nhai shamwari yangu? Whites or no whites hapana kana nyaya apa.

  • ZimKim

    There is so much of this article I’d like to respond to… but I won’t. I’ll address the issue of the tickets being sold ‘under ground’ and in ‘secrecy’. I don’t even live in Zimbabwe and came across advertising for this event – albeit digital advertising, but that’s the age we live in so not surprising really!

  • Curlytop

    What a complete waste of DNA… And then people wonder why Africa doesn’t move forward?? 2014 and “educated” people still write and publish drivel like this?? Add to the list ANOTHER reason why the only time I come “home” is to fish on the Zambezi and I do it by entering thru Zambia…

  • Disgusted

    This is the most disappointing, hateful piece of writing I’ve seen in the Zim papers in a long time and I find it difficult to believe that this is considered ethical and professional journalism. The fact that you find it ok to sarcastically state that 3,500 people being being blown up “would have been such a pity, wouldn’t it?” because those people you refer to are white is despicable and racist. You infer that blowing up 3,500 people would be a good thing due to the colour of their skin, yet you then hypocritically state that the white people in Zimbabwe are the racist ones. Colonialism ended over 30 years ago and the majority of the white people now living in Zimbabwe were not even born during its time. Stop using history to excuse your disgusting words and start taking responsibility for the way Zimbabwe is now.

  • warren

    The Aurther of this article is an absolute joke!!!!!!

  • gerald

    keep your racism, i’ll keep my zimbabwe

  • Dupzet

    Unbelievable that racism is mentioned bringing 2 different topics to hand.. Out of any African country, Zimbabwe has always been united in my life besides a few stupid people who try to destroy it like yourself, but when I see this it seems some people are bitter and still have hate. If you learnt to hate people by the color of their skin then surely you can be taught to love. If people like you still exist then I think the world has no hope. I do not and never look at people skin color and always have the best friends black and white from zim no matter what. I pity you bra! Hopefully zim can be reunited once more and hateful people like you are not around.

  • Chimo

    This is a disgusting piece of writing, it does not classify as journalism. I have never read such an irresponsibly written article by a ‘supposed’ reporter. To the Herald – allowing this article full of hatred and gross inaccuracies – you as a News Paper have sunk to a new low. Shame on you. I am however, so very happy to read from the public – a joining together from all sectors, regardless of differences in race, sports or music interests – that the majority of responses have been outraged and disgusted by this written rubbish. This piece says more about the unhappiness of the writer than anything else.

  • Mark

    The person that wrote this article is an idiot. So racist towards white people. The blacks have already stolen from us and killed us and still you complain after raping our country. The reason why Zimbabwe is the way it is simply because of black ruling not whites. We built the infrastructure and made Rhodesia the best country I’m the world then your father took over and look at where it is now. The best thing I could have done is moved to London away from you racist pigs.

  • Mutongi Gava

    Tichaona Zindoga,How do you sleep writing all this HATE?Is this how you earn your Supper,Am afraid Zimbabwe is still backward,i read a lot of hate filled articles,full of anger ,come see even at the Chan how white Zimbabwean residing in South Africa are proudly waving the Zimbabwean flag.

  • Chirandu

    Tichaona, Keep your racist views and we will keep our diversity.
    Obviously you didnt put much thought in this, to think you actually thought you were speaking for all Zimbabweans, trying to hijack our leaders’s well mearnt rhetoric for your own myopic racist thoughts. Your writing was in bad taste and insults the very fabric from which this nation was founded, which is, liberation from the oppressive rule and the spirit of reconciliation emanating from that. You should apologise to all Zimbabweans, and by this I mean Black , white, etc. Zimbabwe is a rich nation, and will not be made cheap by such chauvernistic tendencies. We are better than this, we are mature enough to know that peoples interest are different. Do you actually know that we have more than one National team, rugby, cricket, volleyball etc, to you soccer is the world to some its Bryan Adams. Tough it up if someone’s meat is your poison.

  • Nick

    Tichaona Zindoga you make me sick to my stomach with this inaccurate rhetoric aimed at politicizing “the beautiful game”. Your lack of relevance between two very separate events and issues is embarrassing.

    Those in the field of journalism have the obligation and responsibility to ensure that they report accurately and not to just spew their own thoughts into an opinion piece which carries many accusations and veiled threats. This is a national newspaper not your dining room table.

    Have some respect for all the people residing in this country and allow them the freedom to go about their daily lives attending whichever event they please. The availability of tickets to any event is finite. Racial stereotyping of people based on their event preference is pathetic, it is possible for individuals of any race or gender to enjoy the Warriors as much as it is possible for individuals of any race or gender to enjoy the music of a Canadian musician.

  • Diligent English Teacher

    What an illiterate idiot. You and your story belong in the waste paper bin along with the other crap that is too pathetic to be considered to be news. Wake up and get real you stupid little boy. This is worthy of a 12 year old in school, not a report with the national newspaper.

  • Mr Jokes

    guys guys shame be reasonable maybe this author was just mad because he in fact did not get a brian adams ticket!!

  • true zimbo

    Dear Tichaona what was and is the purpose of your article?one is not inspired by it nor is it to be applauded for it is against all senses and wit of the year 2014.please tell me why you write such backward stories,giving an opinion is not reporting please do research and present facts not dreams you have in that coconut of yours where you wish to see the lighter skin under you and then call you baass(boss).HISTORY my dear friend is what brought us here let us appriciate that.To go back is ill adviced,may you be forgiven for the folly that you have done and humble yourself and stand corrected.

  • Jezebel

    Mr Zindoga, you my friend are a knob.

  • Guest

    This is a sad article, it honestly shows the deep seated resentment that is still held by those in positions of influence against whites in Zimbabwe. The concert and ticket sales were advertised using a public forum for all to read and know about. How then does that constitute secretive and mysterious circumstances? I am white and born a proud Zimbabwean, having studied abroad and made the decision to come back and help make a difference, our country has been through a lot and still has many uncertain days ahead. Petty articles like this do nothing but incite division and resentment and I hope that those above this uneducated and bitter author will have the decency to remove this article and rather focus on publishing informative and thruthful articles.

  • Colin

    Im not even going to give you the response that you are so obviously craving, its sad to think that this what you think of your countrymen, I myself (a white species) as you so eloquently put, am very excited about the warriors doing US proud, but clearly you stand steadfast in your choice to put your fellow people down, very sad!!

  • GILE

    My dear man, if you had removed your head and for that matter your inflated ego from your proverbial backside then you may have been able to see where to buy tickets!
    Instead what you have done is waste time making a comparison between a second rate soccer team and an aging pop star and attempted to manufacture a racist slant…..the result is a thoroughly second rate piece of writing……yes writing, not journalism!
    The next time you aimlessly wander into your place of employment, take a moment to look around and ask yourself the question “Is this really for me?”. If the answer is “No” then you have miraculously arrived at the correct answer, congratulations in advance.

  • WenaTsotsi

    You race-baiting, unintelligent fool. Wow, this is a new low.
    Honestly, who is letting these people write?
    As a Black Zimbabwean, I am hype for the warriors, Kirsty, Luke Steyn and anyone who flies our flag high. I am happy when we can bring international acts to the country: whether it be Akon or Bryan Adams.

    Why would you be upset that a group of people came out to support something they enjoy? When Tuku came to the US, hell yea, best believe that place was filled with African folk and some friends; nobody sees that as a particularly racist agenda!

    Only a low-life racist, reaching for relevance and trying to spark problems would see it your way. I’m disappointed that this came out in our national paper

  • John

    Who is this idiotic moron with a big inferiority issue? Get a life in another country, Zimbabwe doesn’t want scum like you.

  • ZIMBO-CHETE !!!!!!

    Wow – well done my fellow Zimbabweans !!!! You have no idea how proud I am to see us all pulling together against this mental midget !!!! Yes we are all different be it colour , creed or race but at the end of the day we all bleed red and we are ALL ZIMBABWEANS !!!!!!!!

  • ZIMBO__CHETE !!!!

    Well done all – i am so proud that all have pulled together against this mental midget !!!! When the rubber hits the road we are just ZIMBABWEANS regardless of colour, creed or race !

  • Hawkeye

    Well what has Zimbabwe come to. I left Zim 14years ago for the betterment of my family and with attitudes like this I have to thank God I did. My children have grown up to never see the difference in the skin of another but to accept all man kind for what they are. You sir are the lowlife of society and should never be allowed to write an article for any media. I am a very proud coloured, born and raised in Zimbabwe. Now I live without people looking at me and wondering if I am white, black, brown, yellow or from Mars. Damn and to think I was hoping to return to the land of my birth for a holiday. Maybe my US$ would be better spent somewhere else.

  • Mary

    Believe it or not, i understand what this writer is trying to say. Yes, he could have articulated this a lot better but his point is one to consider (if the facts are true) – how did the audience at a concert in Harare end up being almost exclusively white? I agree with approx. 30% of this article.

    • BonyongoDestroyer

      Mary – is there a law that says that any event has to have a certain racial make-up???? Does this mean that we should introduce a quota system on crowds….? really?

      On the plus side – if you only agree with 30% – it means you disagree with 70% off the article. Most commenters are going with the full 100% – but this is a democracy… ;)

    • WhiteSkinAfricanSoul

      Dear Mary

      Please click on the following link to see exactly how the event was publicised. Anyone, any race, any age, could’ve got tickets if they so wished.

  • Chimo

    This article has now gone viral across the world – if the ‘powers’ (ie The Herald and this idiot writer) think for a minute – about the damage this racist poison has caused – The Herald should send out a retraction and apology. This incomprehensable irresponsibilty has backfired on the certain idiot writer and The Herald – both parties are responsible for deeply hurting Zimbabwe and it’s people. When Zimbabwe does not receive the much needed outside investment into our economy – consider how this acticle has contributed to it!!! Think too of this – as someone said yesterday – IF this article had been written by a white journalist – the headlines in the Herald Newspaper today would read – ‘WHITE JOURNALIST ARRESTED FOR RACISM’. Again ….. shame on you!

  • As It Is

    Shamwari Tichaona, what a racist opinion you’ve just aired on a national paper! It just shows how myopic you are. So what if whites where the majority in the Bryan Adams concert? Have you ever heard whites complain that the majority of the crowd at a black musician’s concert. People have different tastes and you should not rush to label things on colour lines on a whim. I stay in Joburg and I pass through many restaurants and other establishments that have predominently white patrons. If I had your view, I’d be bothered why there are no blacks there. But as a level headed person, I have come to see that people group according to likes and tastes and noone is stopped from going where they please. I don’t deny that racist establishments are there, but then don’t go there if you feel you’re not welcome. I don’t know if things have changed since i left kumusha, but all concerts are sanctioned by the powers that be and would not be allowed to go on if they had reservations on the demographic that would be attending or the racist nature of the choice of patrons. Unless you are suggesting, in a government controlled paper might I add, that the powers that be allowed a racist incident to happen without verifying how patrons were going to get access to the concert…. Watinyadzisa wena. there are far greater problems in our country that made us go across the border that surpass the small incidents that we now blow up pasina substance. Ko tambopedza nzara here nekuvaka zvipatara zvatave kunetsana nevarungu vatakadzinga kudhara?

  • Proudly Zimbabwean

    Mr ‘Journalist’ – you seem to have missed the whole point of being proudly Zimbabwean. We can ALL keep OUR Warriors, OUR cricket team, OUR Kirsty Conventry, OUR Peter Ndlovu, OUR Tuku, OUR Akon concert and OUR Bryan Adams concert. And YOU sir, can go back and think what rubbish to write next. Shame on you.

  • Fedge

    Wow! gobsmacked… where to start with this propaganda which became so spittle flecked towards the end…

    I didn’t realise that white people were a separate ‘species’ to the human race (homo-erectus)!?

    I think that the more we try to unite via our similarities rather than our differences (ie. colour) the better for Zimbabwe and the World in general.

  • Isac Hunt

    If a white person wrote this crap he would be jailed, without question.

  • Scoop

    Never heard such rubish in my life …move on you amateur and report stories that actually effect peoples lives like the poverty and economic disgrace this country is! oh i forgot you are not allowed to because your paper is censored by a dictated government. You are the only racist trace of the concert , FOOL AND CHILD!

  • Illuminate

    This reporter is obviously pissed off, but playing the race card is never acceptable, i only found out about the show that morning when it was in the papers asshole, how can that be classed as underground, do only whites buy papers, and like shosho said people qued for over 8 hours, hell i was there for more than 10, i personally witnessed an African lady stop in her car and ask what we where queuing for, she found out and promptly drove away.

    Also how about we leave the past in the past, cos thats where it belongs, why cant we focus on making our future here in zim better, you have single handedly embarrassed your self and your nation.

    I am white, and i have many black friends, most of them very close, and i would trust them with my life. I will not stand at being called a racist simply for attending a show.

  • Friendly

    Dear Mr Zindoga,

    As a white that grew up in the Rhodesian days, I am probably one of the people that you have the least respect for. I would be happy to meet you for a beer and chat about our shared history. You may walk away with a ‘I knew they were all evil’ attitude but I am am willing to bet that you would probably have a few in-sights and a new mate.

    Leave your email address and I will send you my phone number. The beer is on me if you end up less happy and on you if you feel better!

    No agenda, no tricks… just an offer to talk.


  • chickers

    The Hell is wrong with you bro you have a problem bru

  • K C

    glad to see black and white Zimbabweans see through this rubbish and both dont support this nonsensical writing. I grew up in Zimbabwe and the blacks and whites got along very well and they still do. my white teachers loved me and i loved them back. Only stupid people tried unsuccessfully to create hatred among Zimbos. This writer obviously thinks he is pleasing somebody.

  • Hilarious!

    After reading this ‘article’ I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically at the sad imbecile who penned it or add my vitriol to the growing comments section responding to what can only be termed as disjointed, sub standard, pathetic drivel written by this so called reporter. That it passed the Editors desk and was published in the national newspaper is frightening to say the least and is indicative of the sad state of our current education crisis in Zimbabwe. Have your opinion by all means Tich but for the love of God at least learn how to write in the English language before submitting a non-sensical, poorly structured, wandering piece. Otherwise you deserve every jibe you receive in response. I for one choose not to take offense in the face of your ridiculous racial remarks, they are tired and quite frankly boring allowing amusement for only small minds in my opinion. I choose to take the advice of Mark Twain who once said: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

  • sadzimbo

    it is unfortunate to see such writing in our media i thought this kind of behaviour was at an end in this country. The writer seeks only to encourage racial tensions…. perhaps we are no longer welcome in this country we call home…. i myself was born here and have lived here all of my life….. perhaps we are destined to be refugees…. i myself do not know what went on between our ancestors but i know this, my age group is not one of racial biase…. and in fact i was at centurion in town last night watching the warrios game,supporting the country i hold close to my heart, with my fellow zimbabweans. I did not feel out of place but instead welcomed…. this particular article saddens me deeply…. although i know 90% of our country does not hold such extremist views….. this is why i love zim

  • gus

    Surely this guy has to be arrested for inciting violence and terrorism. At the very least I would expect the author to respond as well as the Editor of the Herald who is clearly not proof reading any articles.

  • munashe

    Give thanks Tichaona Zindoga for the Knowledge. Nuff sed

  • Miss K.E.N

    what a racist article! such nonsense!

  • cta1207

    Tinchaon Zindoga’s article on Bryan Adams’ is subjective and lacks credibility. The article reflects poor research skills and borders on ‘tabloid rubbish’.

    His further description of white people appears to reveal a person who has little exposure to global journalism, or objective robust research methods. The article seems to be subjective and motivated by personal racism. Tinchaon appears to be the representative of a poor ill-educated racist journalist. In addition, I would be surprised if Tinchaon had an IQ above that of a deceased maggot!
    The article should be retracted and an apology made for its blatant racism

  • Lorraine Tobin

    Tinchaon Zindoga’s article on Bryan Adams’ is subjective and lacks credibility. The article reflects poor research skills and borders on ‘tabloid rubbish’.

    His further description of white people appears to reveal a person who has little exposure to global journalism, or objective robust research methods. The article seems to be subjective and motivated by personal racism. Tinchaon appears to be the representative of a poor ill-educated racist journalist. I would be surprised is Tinchaon’s IQ is that above one of a deceased Maggot!
    The article should be retracted and an apology made for its blatant racism

  • ZimGirl

    As a Zimbabwean, born and raised, I have to say how horrifically ashamed I am by not only the content of this article but the actual writing! How is it, that someone who writes so badly is allowed to publish articles on a national newspaper’s website? As so many commentators before me have said, it’s racist, it’s bitter, it makes absolutely NO logical sense and it is really and truly very badly written.

    Please stop allowing such people to represent our country. It is shameful and disappointing.

    If you are going to be a national reporter then please:
    1. Get your facts right.
    2. Write about what you are writing about (How did a piece on the Warriors become such a hatred-filled rant about a concert?)
    3. Support your country. This article completely diminished the success of the Warriors because it become so twisted and bitter and ended on a completely unrelated note to the Warriors. I know HUNDREDS of white people who were just as excited about the Warriors success as any one else. The Warriors have simply been used as a way to start an article which has nothing to do with them really, and abused in their success when we should be celebrating them.
    4. Write a BALANCED report. There is nothing balanced about the above.

    And finally, please, please, PLEASE learn how to write! How this piece got through an editor I have no idea.

    I am completely ashamed that such work is coming out of Zimbabwe.

  • sQu

    Well my comment wasn’t published although there wasn’t any insult. Anyway I hope this Tich guy has read the comments and can judge and reflect from those comments. Thank you.

  • TH

    Disgusting article. I’m embarrassed to say that someone from Zimbabwe even wrote this. The only people keeping racism a live are people like this. You should be ashamed. Appalling journalism and a appalling human being in general.

  • Barry(An Ex-White-Zimbabwean)

    Hahahahahaha such little people with such little problems.

  • Ashamed to be Zimbabwean

    I quote from Shosho below “A very very poor article coming from someone who is angry, bitter and very racist!” Well said Shosho!

  • Chakachata

    To hell with you all. So u are saying there is nothing to question when a concert in Zimbabwe is attended by virtually all whites? It means if you accuse Zindoga of being a racist, then the concert itself was a racist project

  • dangerous speech

    This type of article is exactly what the law regards as “hate speech” or “dangerous speech” for which people have prosecuted for. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) states that “any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law”. The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) prohibits all incitement of racism.

    In South Africa, hate speech (along with incitement to violence and propaganda for
    war) is specifically excluded from protection of free speech in the Constitution. The Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, 2000 contains the following clause:

    No person may publish, propagate, advocate or communicate words based on one or more of the prohibited grounds, against any person, that could reasonably be
    construed to demonstrate a clear intention to―
    -be hurtful;
    -be harmful or to incite harm;
    -promote or propagate hatred.

    The “prohibited grounds” include race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital
    status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability,
    religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.

    To prevent dangerous speech, perpetrators must be held accountable. There are
    legal precedents for this, including the International Criminal Tribunal for
    Rwanda, where prosecutors found members of Radio RTLM guilty of calling
    “explicitly for the extermination of the Tutsi ethnic group.” The International
    Criminal Court (ICC) is currently dealing with its first case of dangerous
    speech, involving Kenyan radio broadcaster Joshua Arap Sang.

    Given the paper’s level of influence and the fact that this article could be understood as a call to violence, given the social and historical context, this article seems to fit squarely in the realms of dangerous speech. The Herald needs to take responsibility.