Keep your aid, Uganda tells West

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

KAMPALA. — Uganda shrugged off yesterday foreign aid cuts and international criticism of its tough new anti-gay law, saying it could do without Western aid.
“The West can keep their ‘aid’ to Uganda over homos, we shall still develop without it,” government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said in a message on Twitter.
On Monday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed a Bill into law which holds that “repeat homosexuals” should be jailed for life, outlaws the promotion of homosexuality and requires people to denounce gays.

The signing of the law came despite fierce criticism from Western nations and key donors, including US President Barack Obama, who has warned that ties between Kampala and Washington would be damaged.

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday compared the “flat-out morally wrong” and “atrocious” law to anti-Semitic legislation in Nazi Germany or apartheid in South Africa.

In a speech after signing the law, President Museveni warned Western nations not to meddle in the east African nation’s affairs — and that he was not afraid of aid being cut.

Some donors were quick to punish Kampala by freezing or redirecting aid money, while Sweden’s Finance Minister Anders Borg, who visited the country on Tuesday, said the law “presents an economic risk for Uganda”.

The Netherlands froze a seven-million-euro subsidy to Uganda’s legal system, while Denmark and Norway said they would redirect around six million euros each towards private sector initiatives, aid agencies and rights organisations.

But Opondo said Uganda’s government was not worried.
“Western ‘aid’ to Africa is lucrative and (a) profitable trade, they cannot cut off completely,” Opondo said.

“Slave trade, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, and exploitation, Africa must stand up to Western domination.”
The passing of the bill was largely a popular move in Uganda, where President Museveni — in power for 28 years — faces re-election in 2016. — AFP.

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  • soxx

    I aint no homo/gay but the reality is that Mma Uganda these guys/gays/lesb/homos are here to stay

  • harare

    With aid
    ? those horse food they give us .

  • Mhandu

    President Museveni in power for 28 years, remind you of anyone? Wonder how far NIKUV tentacles have spread?

  • Hombarume

    They can hold all the aid to 98% of Africa. We better be right With God than right with Man. GOD will make a way for those who stand by His Word. Roman 1.
    They did that with Zim and where is it now, people are still alive. There would be a way and now they want to re-engage Zim.
    Moregay Tsvangirai’s fall was when he supported gay laws in Zim. We are GOD fearing above all.
    USA and EU needs African resources to support their money printing machines, disguised as economic performance.

  • mafirakureva

    haa cash yechingochani haite ramba Yoweri ramba