Kapfupi’s rags-to-riches story

Kapfupi shakes hands with President Mugabe

Kapfupi shakes hands with President Mugabe

Problem Masau Arts Correspondent
AT the turn of the millennium, Freddie “Kapfupi” Manjalima virtually made Harare’s First Street his second home. Dressed in rags, he would spend most of the day entertaining people. He is one of the people who revolutionarised street theatre. Who can afford to forget this line “Ndadaira ayini Mai Bhoyi?”During those days, he virtually lived off from the well-wishers pocket. Those who were impressed by his act would give him a few dollars out of benevolence.

Fast forward to this day, Kapfupi continues to write his own from rags to riches story after becoming one of the established sungura artistes in the country.
For a man who started off as a farm boy, to main street theatre actor and only recently to be a musician, to board a plane for a performance in London, his fortunes have been on gradual rise, something that he says he never imagined would happen.

Kapfupi is even more excited with the progress he has made in his career so far.
The former street theatre performer has chronicled his life struggles in a song “Nhoroondo”.

The song narrates the comedian’s life story from the time he was in street theatre to this day where he has made fame and fortune through music and hard work.
Referring to the time he was a street theatre performer, Kapfupi sings: “Taiita kunge marombe, makata anoshura mawere . . . zvinhu zvese zvine nhoroondo.”
Fortune seems to favour the brave and this appears to be true for Kapfupi.

Ever since he released his smash hit “Mai Nga”, Kapfupi has never looked back.
The musician now claims space in the fast lane with his BMW.

He started to satiate his penchant for wheels with a modest Nissan Pulsar and dumped it for Mazda 323 before making a giant leap to the BMW.
As if it was not enough, Kapfupi opened a bar in Epworth in 2011.

Kapfupi even has bodyguards on his payroll.
Born 36 years ago in Ruwa, Kapfupi attended Raymondale Primary School, where his passion for acting started in Grade  Four.

This was to continue in high school at Domboramwari Secondary School in Epworth, where he unfortunately dropped out in Form Two and had to take up menial jobs that included acting and sewing.

In 1998, he teamed up with Jeffrey “Aphiri” Chikwesere to form True Vision Drama Club.
The two later went their separate ways when Kapfupi added live music to his act leading to the formation of the band Orchestra Ndoozvo.

This picture collage shows (clockwise, from the top, Freddie manjalaima shows his comic side while wearing a “baby jumper”, with his wife at their Epworth home,  shaking hands with President Mugabe and posing with a member of the Royal Mounted Police in London

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  • dziva

    A good story but stay away from Vakadzi and usamedze kutsenga uchada, usararamire kuonekwa otherwise everything will be short lived!

    • Soko

      He is a very humble man.I dont know why youre saying “usararamire kuonekwa ,from what i know he is one of the humble musicians in Zim.He doesnt show off

  • Tamuka

    Mwari varambe vachikuitira nyasha mwachewe!!

  • Popiro

    He should get medical aid….

    • Evans Mutandwa

      where is this coming from Popiro? Asi haana?

    • Soko

      You get it

  • Japana Hapana

    An inspiration.

  • Fact

    What rags to riches when the guy still lives in Epworth??????????? The editor did not tell us what BMW model he drives. For all we know it could be a 1995 3 series which i am sure majority of Zimbabweans could afford if they wanted it.

    • Cde Manesi

      Not every man in a small town is a small-town man!!!

      • makwavarara

        asi uri mukaranga?

    • Ingo Beckenbauer

      Jealous down!

    • wezhira wezheve

      Fact, come on, imagine the street theatre actor he was, and now he is in London, imagine him boarding a comby or walking, and now driving a BMW, whatever series. He is an inspiration, who say he has reached his celieng, tendai zvinenge zvagonekwa

      • makwavarara

        hwereketa hako mwana wekumusha chete vamwe vedu vaneshanje nekungodakugodora vane zvipo zvavo zvavari kushandisa. uyu munhu ndiye akagona kushandisa tarenda rake kuti apunduke, haachina zhara neshuku ava mufumi chaiye kana takatarisa upenyu hwavazhinji vedu munyika muno. ramba wakadaro kafupi

  • Nicholas Utaunashe Makumana

    keep on riding God will reward you at the end.You have inspired me vaManjalima.


    cde kapfupi,

  • makwavarara

    Kapfupi namdhara dhumadhuma