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Cde Sibanda

Herald Reporter
ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association chairperson Cde Jabulani Sibanda has come under fire from fellow war veterans who accused him of faking allegiance to President Mugabe after he failed to attend even one of First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s highly subscribed 10 “Meet the People” rallies countrywide.
Cde Sibanda was conspicuous by his absence even from the three rallies held in Matabeleland North, South and Bulawayo provinces.
He told The Herald yesterday that he had his Zim-Asset programmes in universities and colleges that were running parallel with the First Lady’s rallies. Ironically the First Lady was quite scathing on the programmes that saw some party officials claim to be explaining Zim-Asset in the provinces to mask their factional activities.


Cde Sibanda said he had his programme in universities and colleges known as the “African Liberation Identity and Indigenisation in the Zimbabwean Context” which he rolled out before the First Lady’s rallies.

He said other programmes in the country should not stop because the First Lady is having rallies.
“Did you hear the First Lady complaining about my absence at her rallies? I was busy doing my programmes in colleges and universities and these are also party programmes. With this programme I have to follow the calendar of the colleges as and when they are free with their students.”

Cde Sibanda said he did not even attend President Mugabe’s rallies during last year’s harmonised elections and queried why it was now an issue.

He said the party was aware of what he was doing adding that his programmes complemented party programmes.
War veterans who spoke to The Herald yesterday rapped Cde Sibanda saying his behaviour smacked of appalling hypocrisy.

Former ZNLWVA national chairman Cde Patrick Nyaruwata said they were disappointed by the uncouth behaviour displayed by Cde Sibanda and would be seized with the matter.

“You cannot say I love the husband and not the wife,” he said.
“The wife of the President cannot be separated from the President. As war veterans we were supposed to be with the First Lady. We do not expect such behaviour towards the First Lady because the President is our patron.

“We are expected to be seen supporting programmes of the First Family. The training that we got during the liberation war is that we should respect our leaders.”

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Cde Nyaruwata said he was a senior liberation war fighter and would not tolerate such behaviour.
“We are senior war veterans and do not expect youngsters to behave like that,” he said.

“As war veterans we are very disappointed about that.”
Outspoken war veteran and Buhera South legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba said it was unheard of that a chairman of ZNLWA could afford not to attend such meetings without even giving reasons.

“That never happened during my tenure,” he said.
“He (Cde Sibanda) is moving around talking rubbish instead of advancing the cause of war veterans. He is known for commenting on anything about President Mugabe and Zanu-PF and now I cannot even comprehend why he is this quiet.”

Cde Chinotimba said it was unfortunate that of all the organisations affiliated to Zanu-PF, it was only the ZNLWA that had not publicly endorsed Amai Mugabe.

He said Cde Sibanda was pushing for the formation of the War Veterans League – an equivalent of the Zanu-PF Women and Youth Leagues yet he was not respecting the leaders of the party.

“Amai Mugabe is our mother and now I hear some people are saying that they were angered by her speech but I say she is our mother and we should not challenge her.

“If you were doing what she said then you have to stop it forthwith and I must say as war veterans we are fully behind Amai Mugabe.”
Zimbabwe National Liberation War Collaborators Association chairperson Cde Pupurai Togarepi whose organisation came up with initiative to elevate Amai Mugabe said one person cannot sway the thinking of all the freedom fighters and the party.

“We are not concerned with one person,” he said.
“If there is any freedom fighter that is not happy with our decision, that person cannot change the direction of the revolution.”
Cde Togarepi said he could not speak on behalf of Cde Sibanda adding that he might have his reasons for failing to attend the First Lady’s rallies.

The Zimbabwe Ex-Political Prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees Association (Zeppdra) chairman Cde Panganai Kuretu said he could not speak on behalf of another organisation.

“I cannot comment on that,” he said. “I cannot speak on behalf of another organisation.”
Other speakers who spoke to The Herald said Cde Sibanda had even failed to step up to the plate when the principles he claimed to espouse as war veterans leader were being trashed by some Zanu-PF leaders leaving Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa to intervene where a war veterans leader should have.


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  • http://www.mabhunumuchamama.com rasta_pasta

    so if you don’t attend Grace’s rally, you hate the president. Where is the logic? It’s his democratic choice to choose which rallies to attend or not! Mind you grace is just a card-carrying member. She hasn’t been elected yet!

    • tafamutekwe

      This Nyaruwata guy’s bizarre logic is that if you love the President then you should also equally love all his ministers, whether they are corrupt or not. So its now witch-hunt time with the Herald acting as the new “Tsikamutanda.” Zimpolitics has firmly regressed to the long forgotten era **.

      • dick

        bull dust man

    • Makusakatara


      That is where you are making a serious mistake. By virtue of being the wife of the President, who is there every time that the President is addressing rallies and sometime being given the chance to say one or two words at such rallies, Amai Dr Grace MUGABE is even above a VP. Thus, the “card-carrying member” sticker does not stick.

      She is a senior member of the party and that is why there is no controversy on her being elevated to the Secretary For The Women’s League. There is no debate in ZANU-PF as to whether she should START from the cell upwards because she is way above ALL the positions in the party except that of the President.

      • Wezanu

        You’re a deluded and clueless person. If you are truly a ZANUPF supporter, you’re most likely the lowest ranked and less than a supporter… Possibly slightly higher than a bench.

        I have never heard anyone say something like that. With all my dislike for him, I place Tsvangirai above you.

      • African

        So by virtue of your flawed theory, should the president decide to substitute wives, she she should immediately receive the same platform. Please test your theory. Why do you not see this happening elsewhere, when we elect a president we elect single figure, not a couple. Hakuzi ku church uku.

    • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

      Reminds me of a novel about Shaka Zulu I read years back. When his mother Nandi died, Shaka killed anyone who failed to show proper and due grief for the mother of the King. When I read this tale I thought it was a fable as it appeared unbelievable that someone would be killed for not grieving enough for a person who they are not related to or may never have met. Now that these grown up people in ZANU PF are enacting this sycophancy and tearing at each other for not showing enough allegiance I feel an urge to read that book again – but I forget who wrote it – Rider Haggard or someone else? Help me.

      • Tendai

        Yes I remember that as well. A very interesting book to read but it has long been rubbished for painting Tshaka as a cruel Zulu dictator chief. In the book it is alleged that he ordered some pregnant women to be killed so that he sees what the baby was like in the womb. I think the book is long out of print! It was a reference book in Anthropology at University and I think you may just get a reserved copy in one of South African Universities.

      • ian

        i would love to get hold of this book! Sounds like quite a tragic story.

      • mpengo

        Is it unbelievable because it is Shaka? Do you know your history?
        How about Stalin who’s presence sometimes demanded continuous applause that made weary old men drop with heart attacks.

        Or the Germans in the era of Hitler where unspeakable acts and experiments were performed on them.

        Even our own oppression under the colonial regime. Many despicable and evil acts were performed.

        Its more unbelievable that you don’t know that real tyranny is and what evil humanity is capable of.

        It may be difficult to confirm but its not unbelievable

    • Mamvemve

      First it was Prof Moyo, then Min Mutasa, Dep Min Chasi, Kaukonde and now Jabulani Sibanda. Why are all these people expected to endorse the First Lady? Maybe they do not want to and there is no law in ZanuPF that says everyone should support the First lady.

  • Observer

    Saka the expectation was everything comes to a standstill for the duration of the rallies, zvatichapera tese kubvunzwa kuti maivepi?

    • Cde Gabarinocheka

      War veterans swore that they will never support anyone without liberation war credentials, so Sibanda is right. he would be betraying his fellow comrades to endorse Mrs Mugabe.

    • Judas Iscariot

      When Oppah was elected to the same office how come cabinet ministers didn,t accompany her everywhere she went? Now i do understand why all these cabinet ministers felt compelled to attend.

    • Makusakatara


      Not at all; but Jabulani, as the leader of war veterans, should have at least issued a statement. Why wait to be asked by journalists for you to clarify your position?

      And in any case, if we were to follow these addresses that Jabulani is talking about, we may end up discovering that there was never a single programme of his that coincided with the First Lady’s rallies.

      Moreover, of all organisations affiliated to ZANU-PF, ONLY the War Veterans Association did not endorse the First Lady and that speaks volumes about the leaning of the leader of the organisation. He has to come clean on this one!!

  • lovefreedom

    For all the blind and outrageous bootlicking done by Sibanda for Zanu, today he is rubbish. Welcome to the true colour of Zanu PF. There are no permanent friends just permanent interests. The only interest right now is Grace, if you dont tow the Grace line right now Zanu PF will spit you out and they have control of state media, they will bury you.

    • Makusakatara


      ZANU-PF is not involved in this. Why lie?? These are fellow war veterans questioning the stance of their leader. I do not see how and where ZANU-PF is coming into the picture.

      The people who raised interest on this issue are the journalists, who then asked fellow war veterans to comment. What is coming out is that they do not agree with what their leader was doing and are not satisfied with his explanation.

      FYI, the spokesman for ZANU-PF is Cde Rugare GUMBO. Did he say anything about Jabulani attending the rallies when he himself did not attend a single one?

      • siyaso

        Not being truthful. In Zanu pf it starts this way. Some insignificant member is quoted and then the fire spreads. That is how it starts. Look at even the elevation of Dr G, some little known organisation in the structures of Zanu pf initiated the elevation and then everyone else had to sing the same tune. Just wait for tomorrow’s news this whole week will be dedicated to JB’s absence from amai’s rallies.

      • Mudzidzisi Ticha Benard

        Zanu will kick sibanda out like a ball Ngwena is working overtime to fight the other faction. mira uone

  • Dick

    majaira kuvharisa musika and bus supporters to rallies nxaaa.

  • mpengo


  • Sandura1

    Supporting Mugabe is not supporting Grace. He is just being himself with his attitude. He knows wat he believes in.

  • Sandura1

    Jabulani does not answer to Grace. The patron of his organisation is Robert. Nothing wrong with him feeling differently.

    • Makusakatara


      You are bringing a wrong and distorted dimension to the whole issue.

      Jabulani himself did not say, explicitly or impliedly, that he “feels differently”. He clearly explained that he had a programme that had been running well before the First Lady’s rallies.

      Although this is questionable, this does not imply that he has a different feeling as to which programme to attend and which not to.

      • siyaso

        keep on spinning. Jonso did it and ended up with an egg in the face

  • mr lee

    As a war Veteran ndanyara comrade Nyaruvata JB akapedza 4yrs ari kutsvaga rutsigiro remember Masvingo, Manicaland. you never complained nhasi vave kuti dayi akatevera Dr Mugabe Chinotimba Matractor edu aripi nyaruvata uri Mupenyu? Zexcom yakafamba sei nhasi moda kupinda mu Association nenewspaper for your own information comrade mavhunga a female war Veteran was there KuMazowe and she gave a speech on behalf of all war veterans JB angaasipo but check pa briefing kuti pangapasina ma Warveterans here? Ko President zvavangavasipo havachadi mukadzi wavo here ? ma comrades tiitireyi mushe imi Makaitireyi Macomrades zvamanga muri in power Remember Oppah is a war veteran imi ma warvet asiri mu Association muno shupa Takavhota ku Mount Darwin stop ndati stop it

    • ian

      Well said Mr. Lee. Some people do not think at all!

    • Cde Stop It!

      Stop it, ndati stop it! Ndafara hangu Cde! kkkkkk

  • Tatenda S Makopa

    Dr grace for what, if she thinks she can rule Zimbabwe, forget you zanus.That wil never happen.

  • Zvipfukuto v Gamatox

    Ko iye Mugabe wacho makambomuona pama rally emudzimai here? Manje munhu ari stupid like Jabulani akazononzwa nonsense ya grace anotobvapo ave kudhunya big time ka.

  • vitalis

    What dribble. Who says you have to love the wife? One was “elected” the other was chosen.

  • Cde Gabarinocheka

    its a fact they dont owe her anything. Pastor Chris said if you are married to a man of God it doesnt mean you become a woman of God as well. in the same vein if married to a war veteran that doesnt make you a war veteran. of all we know at independence Grace was only 15, its doubtful if she was ever a chimbwido.

    • Fogmaster

      kkk, what Pastor Chris says and do are to different things Gaba!
      he s the one who anointed Anita Reverend.

  • Mkwati

    Hapana nyaya apa!

  • Ngoni

    Some people have forgotten that the totem of ZANU-PF i jongwe. There can only be one jongwe at a time. All deputies since Muzenda have been hand picked by jongwe, including Mujuru, but now a clique of chickens wants to group together and present their own list, irregardless of the jongwes stated preference. It’s open rebellion and I forsee a great purge coming. War credentials only matter when you are advancing the interests of jongwe, otherwise they mean nothing, ask the likes of Dabengwa, Tekere, Makoni and others. Ignorance of this fact and the true nature of zanu-PF is fatal to one’s career in the party.

    • mpengo

      ndochii ichocho?




  • kgwamz

    Dear Herald.co.zw admistrators, this is an age of multi-tab browsing so your “Copyright infringement” message when I right click a link takes us to the stone age! I just want to load many articles and read them!

    • chinyichacho

      kikikiki taura hako.kuti uti hudofo or what hameno.

    • lanth

      Thanks for highlighting that. Opening the pages one by one lengthen the time for browsing. Please adjust if possible.

  • tichatonga

    iwe uri faction yaani,toda kuona kuti December muchati chii,fake freedom fighter

    • http://www.mabhunumuchamama.com rasta_pasta

      fake? ndakarwa hondo ini. commander vangu vanga vari CDE SOLOMON MUJURY. Bring December. muchaona fire.

  • tichatonga

    fed up with this witch hunting newspaper,one sided,one faction newspaper

    • chinyichacho

      ndiwe here waimbonzi G Tichatonga?

  • chamu


  • maita

    As war veterans the are happy to see their fellow war veteran Teurai Ropa being taken kutsime handiti?

    • chinyichacho

      kikiki by a non-vet futi

    • Makusakatara


      Leaders are not supported on the basis of being a war vet but on principle.

  • cde factmore marange

    Hehehe chris mutsvangwa to intervene ,to what effect???,,,he has no influence as a junior minister, no influence as a war veteran,, no influence in the provincial structures hapana hapana apa

  • Ndareva

    Not all War Vets are Zanu. Besides its not like she was creating jobs at those rallies was she?

    • Godonga

      The Herald is an embarrassment coz of Jonathan Moyo. Amai Mujuru ndizvo!

  • chiwoo

    Zvonetsa kuisa chair **. Panoda ** chaiye

  • ishumairai

    l thought the purpose of the rallies was for the first lady to thank the province and women in particular for nominating her to lead the women’s league. So when and how did it become compulsory for other none league members to be in tow? in terms of party structure what is the rank of the women’s league chair? Remember this is a mere nomination she is yet to be appointed and currently she is a mere card carrying member who joined the party through the Harare provincial structure this month how and why she has become the end and beginning of the party i.e alpha and omega of the nation (no pun intended) beats me. If you love the husband you must love the wife since when boss wangu haazi boss we spouse yangu and my best friend is not my spouses friend. We elected the President not his wife or family
    . Ana chinoz

  • Chimurenga

    Jabulani was quite right to keep a low profile. Politics dzinomedza vana vadzo. Even ZANU PF Spokesman did not comment on Dr Grace’s utterances.

  • uhruru

    bizzy asking about y Jabulani Sibanda was not ther but His Excellence was also absent so what really is the big deal

  • cde factmore marange

    PHD Politics Hadzidi Dzungu ,muchaona December zvenyu

  • Mike Madluphutu

    Hey who is Grace MUGABE why should Jabulani Sibanda attend her rallies she is just a first lady for christ sake ..not even a member of the politburo…

  • Mike Madluphutu

    Grace Mugabe is just a pawn in the game of chess…we know who the real horses are.

  • aaronmthombeni

    I heard one friend describing Cde Jabu’s public lecture at MSU as very intriguing and insightful! He was definitely on national duty! He described how we all need to be proud of being ourselves. This really complements Amai in all respects. Even Cde ED was aware Cde Jabu was on duty! Pamberi naAmai. Pamberi naVaMugabe!

    • bhobho chari

      you are a confused moron

  • Hoko

    it is simple Jabulani Sibanda is not happy with the controvesial rallies of Amai. Amai was insulting and threatening people ***.

  • lanth

    Cde Chinoz said that never happened during his tenure. This reminds me of one of my remark titled “Events”. Then my question is…..Are the events happening now very similar to what happened a decade ago?

  • Mazivanhanga

    Cde Chinotimba, it never happened in your time because never in the history of this country has there been star rallies for political nominees, and worse still a first dear lady including the current one.

  • Mazivanhanga

    Even The President, her Husband, did not even bother himself to attend any of the rallies.

  • widzo

    Jabu is busy organising another million march for amai, hindava kumhanya,kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Mudzidzisi Ticha Benard

    war veterans will never salute anyone who didnt go to war. jabulani can not leave pressing issues to attend rallies. ndosaka nyika yaparara yu concentrate on useless issues like this

  • Dark_Child

    But I thought Mr Charamba said the rallies by Dr. Amai Musgabe had nothing to do with His Excellence the President! So why now say Mr Sibanda has faked allegiance to the President because he did not attend Amai’s rallies? This back stabbing and public humiliation of fellow country-men in ZANU PF is turning out to be a party of men with no honor! For real man, with this, all the honorable values are washing away.

  • Cde Stop It!

    Haiwa tichazvitora zvese izvo! Imboshainai tisati takuzvuzvurudzai mutara!