Jabu confesses to VP Mujuru deals as he confirms extortion allegations

Cde Sibanda

Cde Sibanda

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter—
ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association national chairperson Cde Jabulani Sibanda has all but sensationally confirmed that corruption and extortion allegations being levelled against Vice President Joice Mujuru are true, legal analysts have said. The analysts said Cde Sibanda effectively admitted that the allegations are true in an interview with NewsDay yesterday when he was reported to have said it was wrong for the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe and other Zanu-PF officials to publicly criticise VP Mujuru for “crimes” which were allegedly committed by her late husband Retired General Solomon Mujuru.

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This, analysts have said, was a telling even if tacit confirmation that Vice President Mujuru’s hands might not be clean after all, since they were running a family business with her husband where she would be conversant on how equity would have been acquired in companies in which they had a pecuniary interest, and since she has inherited the late General Mujuru’s entire estate.

“If President Mugabe does wrong, l won’t insult Grace Mugabe.
“So you can’t insult Joice Mujuru because she is not Solomon Mujuru who they accuse of all those things. You can’t attack MaNdlovu my wife because of my wrongs,” Cde Sibanda was quoted as saying by NewsDay.

In an interview last night, respected Harare lawyer and legislator Mr Jonathan Samkange said what Cde Sibanda was saying constituted a confession that what VP Mujuru was doing was not consistent with the law.

“Yes, it is a confession of wrongdoing by the family,” he said. “If she did not agree with what was done by her husband she would come out in the open to say this is what happened and dissociate herself from such conduct. She had that opportunity to dissociate herself, but she has up to now not done that.”

Another Harare lawyer who preferred anonymity for fear of jeopardising his chances in today’s interviews to be considered as a High Court judge concurred with Mr Samkange.
“What Cde Sibanda is simply telling us is that his principal, which he so adores despite her inevitable fall, was equally guilty by association,” said the lawyer. “It is common cause that this was a family business and Vice President Mujuru would obviously know that people were being extorted and she has not distanced herself from that.”
Political analyst Goodwine Mureriwa said what the First Lady said against VP Mujuru could not just be dismissed as baseless.

He said the allegations had far reaching implications if people were to go to the bottom of the matter.
“These allegations should be taken seriously,” he said. “There are serious legal implications. That is why the Politburo wants Cde Oppah Muchinguri to give them a report. Cde Sibanda should allow party organs to handle them.”

Amai Mugabe has levelled allegations of illicit diamond dealings, extortion, and bribery against VP Mujuru, saying she had been extorting 10 percent shareholding in several companies.

VP Mujuru has also been accused of fanning factionalism in her bid to oust President Mugabe in office.
In his first public comment on the diamond fever that gripped Zimbabwe in 2007, President Mugabe said key players in the precious stones saga were the same figures behind machinations to nudge him from office.

In an interview with ZBCTv ahead of his 83rd birthday in February 2007, the President said he disapproved of senior Zanu-PF members involved in the diamond trade, saying it was an industry where “suspicion could easily be raised.”

“They joined (diamond mining) openly, they said yes, we have shares. But you see, it is the sense of doing it, kuti unozosvika pakuita izvozvo uri member yePolitburo kunobatana nemabhunhu arikutsvaga mari, zvamboita sei (How do you become involved in this sort of thing when you are a Politburo member, partnering white businessmen, why?).

Although no names were mentioned, the VP’s late husband, Rtd Gen Solomon Mujuru was the only Politburo member who was then known publicly to have an interest in diamonds.
Apart from having an interest in Africa Consolidated Resources (ACR), the late Rtd Gen Mujuru also held a significant state in River Ranch Limited through his Khupukile Investments, on whose board the former army general sat.

His legal counsel at River Ranch Limited was George Smith, a retired judge who served under both Ian Smith and President Mugabe as Cabinet secretary.
Smith was appointed to the bench in 1984 and was the only white judge left on the bench when he retired in 2003.

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  • Boss Shabaaz

    Herald is a pathetic paper. Mai Mujuru is very corrupt indeed, she wants had a section of a mine in Chiadzwa named after her breast. What I find disturbing is that, the Herald seems to try to make us belive that only Mai Mujuru is the corrupt one out of the ZANU PF outfit. I beg to differ. *. No one is untouched every ZANU PF *

  • kay-h

    pathetic reporting

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    You mean there is someone in the other faction who is coordinating this continuous onslaught? I agree with you. How else can you explain the claim that a listed company is FAMILY business – please be serious – am quite angry for being taken for a fool.

  • felix

    Well, mai Mujuru is involved in this and that. Tazvinzwa. Asi who drove thousands of people from the Mazowe valley black people for that matter for her own selfish gains. Who confisticated large tracks of land in Hre and some of it belonging to a school, not a white person. **. vakoma we want a blanced story here. Ku Kwekwe who took-over all the companies and brought them to their knees and surrounding farms some of which were very productive dairy farms and are now ghost farms. guys lets be objective. Tiri kuzviona. One day you will pay for it. Sa Chombo ngaanyarare zvake.

  • Tati

    Even lawyers can be stupid. The reasoning shown by Jabulani is better than that of this so called prominent lawyer.

  • thula

    How on earth can j.sibanda confess on behalf of Honourable Dr J.mujuru, and there is no line in the interview where Sibanda says THE mujurus are corrupt, he used there words “allegedly’ committed. Sibanda can sue Herald for defamation.

  • haiwaiwa

    Amai Mugabe we respect you because we love and respect our President, your husband. But I think vanaOpa, madzakutsaku nezvimbwasungata nemaopportunists are feeding you with poison. they want to soil the legacy of our father the President. Long live our beloved zanu pf, long live our Zimbabwe

  • Dambudzo Nyoka

    And Mnangagwa’s hands are clean? How kids and wifes does he have? How much ** has he **from Chiadzwa ? Ko to Kwekwe and see Mnangwangwa ** at play. He owns all the farms there

  • Team Mai Muj

    The herald has become so one sided and disrespectful. It is wrong and should be illegal the way the herald is bash the Mujuru’s you no longer have a story because opah and grace have been silenced, now you are fishing. You are behaving like bullies now.

  • anon

    Botswana just had a quiet election. The economy is growing, they use diamond assets for people-centered projects and they are not ruled by squabbling thieves. We could be like Bots…

  • hondo

    kkkkkkk headline iyi yakapenga manje

  • wezanu

    Dai wasiya chimfana chiya Themba. He’s a leech who has worked for nothing in his life and is very disrespectful to peers and seniors in the party. He has been protected a and fingered many times in criminal activities, some of which are not befitting of a leader.

  • freedom_fighter

    Kunyeba uri munhu wa mujuru from the day you werw born. Ku supporter corruption haunyari

    • chinoz

      Unoenda kubasa here iwewe??

  • freedom_fighter

    There is enough evidence to implicate jabu is just an icing onnthe cake

  • freedom_fighter

    Then we may start calling for more than a resignation

  • freedom_fighter

    Nhari rebel what goes around comes around. How many has she persecuted?

  • freedom_fighter

    Dont speak for us hatidi corrupt leaders isu

  • freedom_fighter

    Ngavaende kwa marangeMunhu anobva ku mt darwin woita nzvimbo ku manyika inonzi mai mujuru.

  • freedom_fighter

    Ndivo vari pedyo ne ushe so she must be scrutanized. Akazoita Prez she can easily be blackmailed so in the interests of national security she must resign

    • Mapfupa evakauraiwa

      but at the end of the year we shall hear the news tah we wanted mnangwa strategies which the president wanted are going to be revealed watch and see but wy is the that the senior officials are not even sayin anything rega uone gore rino

  • freedom_fighter

    She admitted she said she is not perfect ndinotadzawo.

    • Tazviona

      You must be insane. You got time to reply to each and every comment that appears to be pro-Mujuru. I guess you are being paid for all this.

      • freedom_fighter

        Gladly exposing the corrupt extortionist for free

    • chinyichacho

      so exactly what does that mean? iwe hautadzi? Grace haatadzi?, Bhobho haatadzi? And what did she go on to say?…’Zvandisingaiti handiiti musandipomera…’

  • freedom_fighter

    Kana mai mujuru vabva

    • Chinoz

      Sekuru hamuna kukwana. Saka munofunga kuti Mai Mujuru ndivo vakasunga economy here. She is not the president or minister of finance. Iwewe tanga wabva pauri ipapo uende kunotamba negedhe. P ano ndepe anhu akuru. You are so immature.

  • Munya Mutasa

    Eish, Herald is such a disgrace. Shame on you

  • Truth seeker

    What’s important is that we get rid of the one who is being backed by the whites…(capitalist scum)…

  • Nick

    Editor you are very wrong in your anslysis. How do you know that whatever Sibanda is saying is true? And how can you call that confession by Mujuru. If there is anything amiss like corruption, why is the Police not being called in to investigate? Mr Editor the rubbish that you are putting in your paper is making Dr Mujuru more popular. And this will catch up with you one day. If you think The President is going to accept your rubbish, then you are day dreaming.

  • thedreada

    apa mhofu munenge mava kushaya nyaya mubandiro renyu renhau. chimbotorai vacation.
    The editor needs editing

  • jabu

    leave J Mujuru alone she is just a women . any way who is not corrupt among us .

  • lesly

    You can defend her all you like but that doesn’t take away the fact that she is corrupt , why can’t she just come out clean about her dealings to put the matter to rest . If anyone has anything against the President and his family about their dealings they must come out and say it in the open . The benefit for the Herald is more sales since it is a hot topic .

    • anon

      A whole lot of horse manure. If she is corrupt and they have evidence to that effect, why do they not have her charged then? Even a child can see through these attempts at a hatchet job.

      As for Jabu, what war veteran? He is scrambling to save his bacon because he knows he is fake “veteran”.

  • kuzi

    nhai hako iwe

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Zvowotitangira mabasa iwe. Hapana chinorondekedzwa muZimbabwe, kwangove kunzvenga. Dai paine mutsvene angadayi akapotsera ibwe rekutanga. Vakuru vese vakadzura. Hapana kana mumwechete angamire pamicrophone akati ini handina kudzuru. Asi vamwe vakakwanhura, kwamhura ndivo vanzi imi manyanya.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Not iwe munyori, ramba uchimwaya gamatox tiwone kuti rematox nezvipfukuto zvinosvitsana kupi.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    If you own over 51% you can have control of a listed company unless in the articles there are provisions that could prevent you from rightfully doing. If my family owns a controlling interest them it becomes my family business.

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Ungatumira mapurisa kunosunga munhu anonzi akaita chitadzo iwe uchitadza kupotsera ibwe rekutanga sei?

  • Tarries

    Jonathan Samkange…”Yes, it’s a confession by the family…” Which family member has made a confession regarding these allegations. It just is not sticking and the ordinary people out there can clearly see thru the evil machinations at play.



  • Zimbabwe United

    Samkange is an active ZANU-PF member and so we should draw a line between what he says which is legally helpful and what is politically motivated.

    25 June, 2012 Zimpapers
    “Prominent lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange has appealed against the decision to bar him from contesting in Zanu-PF’s Mudzi District Co-ordinating Committee elections and says he is ready to put his legal career on ice in pursuit of politics.”

  • Zimbabwe United

    I cannot say the VP is clean or not, but it is absolute nonsense to say that Cde Sibanda has confirmed the allegations. His remarks are in the context that if it is the General Mujuru who is accussed of committing crimes, where does the VP come into all this.

    Last week, Cde Charamba pointed out that it is wrong to accuse the President of complicity in the statements the First Lady was making because the First Lady spoke representing herself as a separate individual. Does that logic apply to the VP’s case assuming the late General Mujuru indeed committed crimes alleged?

    In any case, did the VP actually share ordinary matrimonial life with the late General? Can Samkange confirm this?

    I have nothing to do with the VP. My interest is to defend the truth. Just check my comments to the VP’s statements after she criticized Prof. Jonathan Moyo for splashing in the media the salary gate scandals. I had no sympathies at all for what l considered irresponsible statements by the VP. I still stand by my criticism of the stance she took with regard to salary gate.

  • Zimbabwe United

    Spot on. See my comment above hoping it will be posted by the Herald. Cde Sibanda has nowhere confirmed anything as the Herald would want its readership to understand.