Illegal stand allocation backfires

Municipal Reporter
Chitungwiza Municipality will fire workers fingered in the illegal allocation of stands in the town. This follows an audit initiated by Government which revealed that more than 14 000 residential stands allocated to home seekers in Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural District Council were illegal.

Of these 8 260 are in Chitungwiza, while 6 200 are in Seke communal lands under Manyame Rural District Council.
Some of the stands are on spaces reserved for clinics, churches, schools, cemeteries, recreational activities and roads, while others are under electricity pylons.

In Seke rural, some people were allocated stands on grazing lands, wetlands, and other lands not suitable for housing.
“The employees who were fingered by the report to have been active in the illegal activities have started receiving letters of dismissal,” said a council employee.

Another worker said those in the audit department were also being fired because they are being accused of not stopping the illegal transactions.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Deputy Minister Biggie Matiza said he had met with Chitungwiza municipality officials over the issue.

“We met officials from the council and we discussed several issues concerning the report it is up to them to do what is right,” he said.
Chitungwiza town clerk Mr George Makunde could not be reached for comment as he was said to be on leave.

Efforts to contact Chitungwiza municipality public relations manager Mr Zephania Mandirahwe were also fruitless. The audit team recommended the arrest and prosecution of land barons who are mainly housing co-operatives, councillors and village heads after it emerged that they looted and illegally sold 23 074 stands that did not belong to them, pocketing more than US$20 million.

United We Stand Multi-Purpose Co-operative, which is believed to be run by some councillors and other influential people in Chitungwiza, was singled out as the chief land baron both in Chitungwiza and Seke.

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  • Mimi

    Very good indeed. And what happens to those implicated in the Seke Manyame Rural District Council’s allocation of illegal stands nhai Honourable Deputy Minister? The Seke rural people deserve their grazing lands back and there is need to flush out these illegals, most of who have houses in Chitungwiz. This is plus a good move..

  • Observer

    I sincerely hope that despite the illegality of the actions of the land barons, the Municipality will take a position that will have the interests of its residents. I am aware that this development didnt happen overnight, it has been happening for years (note that some houses were built and completed years back), so the Council was aware but did nothing to protect its interests and its residents. Second, the failure by the Council to provide housing stands to its residents, despite the availability of lots of land within and around Chitungwiza, significantly contributed to the problem. Homeseekers had no choice but to buy what was available, most probably believing that everything was above board. Therefore a middle-of-the-road solution would be the best, noting that should the homeseekers decide to approach the courts for redress, the Council would perhaps be the 1st respondent, apa iyo kanzuru yacho haina mari. Lets not be emotional about this. Just thinking.

  • Mbanda

    Let’s hope it will end well without involving some suicide and murder cases because such cannot be a little boy’s work. Vakuru vakati “kuchera mbeva ringa mwenza” Izvi zvinoreva kuti kana nzira dzacho pasina, mbeva dzakapedzwa nenyoka uye ndiyo yave kutogara imomo. Taidzidawo tinototenda kuti takadzishaya.

    Asi nhai imi vatsvagi vemhosva< basa renyu nderekungo tarisa zvinhu zvichishata mozosunga vanhu here kana kuti munotsiurawo nekurambidza zvinenge zvawonekwa kuti hazvisi pamutemo? Ibasa here ramurikuita kana kuti ndezve-matongerwo enyika? Zvinoita kuti nyika iyende mberi here kana kuti zvinodzorera nyika mumashure?

  • s shumba

    This report has not mentioned a single name of an official, land baron, councellor, or headman – VERY SHALLOW REPORT

    Head line reads “Illegal stand allocation backfires” – so what is bakckfiring to who who

    • tozvidura zvose

      Reporter was supposed to say Fredrick Mabamba of the United we Stand Housing Cooperative, Mbavha Huru yeland muChitungiwza

  • Batai Munhu

    It is so interesting that our parent minstry is trying to curb corruption but infact they are fuelling it. There is an interesting development that we as local authorities are being forced into. The ministry has just come from nowhere and said all councils have to starndardise on a single software to be used for billing. We are told that SAP will be used without fail and will be supplied by a company called TTCS. Even timelines were and are being choked into us. what worries us as councils is that this is a multimillion dollar project that has just been awarded to a single vendor in town without going through tender process. How was this company chosen? what is the relationship with the government. the company once invited us to meetings where they were just forcing things on us through the minjstry. I did research on the company and found that it is even struggling internally. todate, they have not paid salaries for october 2013 todate and the same is entrusted to handle this multimillion dollar business. what a risk are we being put at. Essentially the company is broke. evem a mere lunch facility has been withdrawn from the staff. At times they cant get drinking watter in offices. As a councillor i believe going to tender we get the best price and conditions. international bidders can come in and there will be competition. I urge all councillors to stand up and refuse to be bullied around.
    SAP is the best software but how did one company just get the node to do so without a tender process? Is anti corruption still there???
    Can the ministry not look at these petty issues on stands and focus on real issues of corruption. maybe a probe on how this company won the deal that has not been taken to tender. favouritism. Regai Mai Mujuru vakati batai munhu! Apa ngapabatwe munhu!!