Husband in dock for infecting wife with HIV

aidshivTendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A 42-YEAR OLD Hatcliffe man is accused of deliberately infecting his pregnant wife with HIV. It is alleged the man told his wife and her family that he concealed his status in order to save his marriage. Yesterday the man appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe charged with deliberate transmission of HIV and was remanded out of custody to February 19.

Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira alleges that on December 18 last year, the man’s wife went to Hatcliffe Polyclinic where she tested HIV-positive.

A family meeting was convened sometime in February this year to discuss the issue.

It was there, the court heard, that the man admitted to concealing his HIV status from his wife as he feared she would leave him. It is further alleged that from then, the man assaulted and insulted his wife while bragging that he had achieved his mission of impregnating and infecting her with HIV.

He later chased his wife away telling her to go back to her rural home.

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  • Mimi

    Shame on this man. His downfall was bragging about having infected his wife HIV and impregnating her. And why go on to assault the pregnant woman anyway. Or is because the woman was now refusing to have unprotected sex with him. Hey, she is not the only woman in this predicament, so many other women are having to suffer the realization of having been infected intentionally by their husbands. Courageous woman but check this paper no charges will be brought against this man.

  • Hemp

    Life in prison. He knowingly and intentionally infected her with the virus AND he lacks remorse. Life is highly appropriate and if this is a common occurrence, then life must be handed out as standard deterrence.

  • joemuda

    the husband should spent no less than 5yrs in jail, he is very cruel. My sympathies to the infected wife.