Hubby, wife use separate bedrooms

nyundoProsper Dembedza Court Reporter
A woman yesterday made  stunning revelations in court when she said the couple has been sleeping in separate bedrooms for the past four years.
Lona Mushara said her husband Linas Mugariwa was not buying food for their children. This emerged at the Harare Civil Court where Mugariwa was seeking a protection order against Mushara whom he said was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing him.

“She is in the habit of physically and verbally abusing me with obscene words in the presence of our children,” he said.

Mugariwa said he was living a horrible life in his own house since Mushara was in the habit of denying him access to food despite the fact that he is the bread winner.

“I am trying my best to take care of my family, but she doesn’t appreciate it at all,” he said.

Mushara denied the allegations saying they are always fighting because Mugariwa was failing to provide for the family.

Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Barbra Masinire granted the protection order which barred Mushara from verbally or physically abusing Mugariwa.

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  • Dan

    How old or mature is the reporter? There are many reasons why couples may decide to sleep in different bedrooms. Sometimes love is still there, at other times not, in which case couples may elect to stay in the same house to raise their kids in as near normalcy as possible. In fact, the reasons are just too many. Grow up.

    • Hurungudo

      Are you saying the reporter should not have described what was said by the lady in question as “stunning” revelation? I don’t see where the reporter wrote that they should have been sleeping in the same bedroom. Neither do I see anywhere the reporter mentions of love or lack of it between the two. I think its YOU who should grow up not the reporter. Or are you an old fool?