Hospital fees scrapped . . .

Medical fees for infants, senior citizens and pregnant women\nursing mothers at State-run hospitals have been scrapped as part of measures to increase healthcare access. This takes effect immediately.


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  • haiwawo

    You can make it free but as long as there are no supplies in the hospital for medical staff to work with or dispense then this is just a sham free medical access. We had that before when we had on paper “free health” but nothing in the hospital. Ndiwo maitiro eZANU PF aya.

    Those who are making these pronouncements go to South Africa for themselves and their families because they know they gutted the system.

    This is just cheap politicking.

  • Chamunorwa

    Not enough.

  • zimbotry

    Interesting as we have not been notified. Also what about the fact our hospitals have inadequete supplies and staffing levels?

    • Jeremy Shonhiwa

      At Parirenyatwa Hospital nurses are selling home cooked foodstuffs to patients. That practice should be banned.David Parirenyatwa should be moved from that ministry.President please bvisai munhu uyu ku Health Ministry.

  • Dr. Wamambo

    This is a very positive move by the President. That will go a long way for these vulnerable groups. Of course cynics will never stop complaining about this or that – why is the hospital not painted; why is the hospital still painted blue instead of white. Shame on you cynics. Rome was never built in one day. A journey of a 1000 miles begins with one mile. The Great Marshal Munhumumwe once sang ” kunyangwe ndiri muvengi wako chandagona bvumawo..” The president is not perfect but he is surely trying. Barely 3 months ago you were still paying a fee for the same “nothing in the hospital” with babies being detained for non payment of maternity fees. Now you want to tell me that this move will not make a difference? Shame on you for being opposition for the sake of opposing. Get a life. Thank you Mr President. The poor will benefit.

    • haiwawo

      Many populist announcements are typical. Not everything about hospital visits is about child delivery which in many places is done as home deliveries with traditional mid-wives in attendance. This is not criticism for criticism sake but because there has been a pattern of which the President has been part of for 37 years. No one wants perfection – just what is logical.

      This is been a mode of operation for the party to make populist announcements with little substance. As someone who has had to pay for everything from medication, IV bags etc. for a loved one because of being told there was none, this pronouncement rings hollow and it is putting the cart before the horse. Had he announced a simultaneous and immediate injection of funds into the medical sector, then it would be praiseworthy,

    • Eunice

      The man is trying . Babies being born for free. What is wrong with you people?

  • dr krieg

    As much as I don’t like Mnangagwa I have to applaud this move.. healthcare access is a right.. that unfortunately not many Zimbabweans have been able access

    • DK

      Good start but are there any investigative journalists in this country who can visit the big referral hospitals. We need these to expose the de-service patients are receiving.

  • toaw

    They have always been free for these people.

  • Simon

    Let us learn not to mix issues, what is the link between waiving payments for vulnerable groups and the inadequate supplies at the hospitals? Are we suggesting that these vulnerable groups must continue to pay for the “partial” health services until such a time there is adequate medical supplies?

    • Jerenyenje

      Every hospital needs supplies to survive. Otherwise things will be tough. They may go to hospitals for free medication but as long there is nothing to use in serving the patients then it makes no sense

    • Silo Samanzi

      Hawu ndoda, kusegcekeni lokhu, into zamahara will put pressure on the hospital finances and the next thing kuzabe kungela lutho ezibhedlela. Its not suistainable in this current economy.

  • musayigwa

    Good news, but remember’

    They bring their own bndages, gloves, food, drinking water, toiletries

    …and the doctors and nurses are either on strike or go slow.

  • theo

    All these negative comments are in my opinion very wrong , nobody says that the current system is perfect we all agree it is not ,but lets all agree that this is a start and is far more then we had yesterday. Yes we still have shortages of medication and some other inputs but lets all agree that scrapping these admission cost is a huge positive step in the right direction for the health sector.
    All the haters need to just back off and need to consider that all these small positive steps will add up to a positive future.

  • Sandura1

    This guy is riding on the crest of his father/brother what ever. He is not a politician, he is just a doctor, GP. He has to move and go back to the rural hospitals. He has got no clue besides his lookiee mouth stuch

  • Sandura1

    Samuel was the man , not this clown.

  • Madara

    i have also decided to make cold fusion power free.
    theres no such thing. but its free.