Homeseekers shun CABS project

B7e7_N1IUAAKhiRInnocent Ruwende Senior Reporter—
Harare City Council is concerned with the low uptake of houses at the Budiriro CABS Housing Scheme and is now considering leasing the houses after only 800 out of 2 879 were occupied even after scrapping the deposit requirement. The project was commissioned in 2014 with high hopes that it would help ease accommodation problems in the capital.

Deliberating at a full council meeting on Tuesday, councillors raised concern on the quality of work on the houses, some of which they said were cracking.

The councillors said the houses’ price was too high for the targeted population of low income earners.

Rugare councillor Peter Moyo said the houses, which cost between $21 000 and $27 000, were too expensive.

“CABS should revise the prices downwards,” he said. “We gave them land for almost nothing — 50 cents per square metre. We have a target to deliver 105 935 houses by 2018 under Zim-Asset and it is not helping that more than 2 000 houses are lying idle.”

Deputy mayor Councillor Enock Mupamawonde said the project had missed its target population.

“The houses were targeting low income earners, but the group cannot afford paying up to $400 monthly,” he said. “The people were also not pleased with the quality of work carried out at the project.

Some of the houses have developed cracks.”

Cllr Stewart Mtizwa said council and CABS should consider leasing the houses.

“We say no to compensation of CABS because it would be to the city’s disadvantage; we gave land to these people at a very low price they should consider leasing,” he said.

Cllr Girisoti Mandere also opposed the idea of giving more land to CABS. The Education, Health, Housing and Community Services and Licensing Committee noted that in spite of the efforts by council and CABS to motivate homeseekers to take up the houses, demand was very low.

Homeseekers cited high costs of units or they simply did not qualify in terms of mortgage criteria by CABS, which preferred bankable clients, formally employed or at least with consistent monthly incomes.

CABS gives a 10-year mortgage to qualifying beneficiaries, who will pay at least $200 per month depending on the number of rooms.

The smallest of the units consist of a bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, bath and toilet, while others have two or three bedrooms.

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  • Bibi

    The main reason why people are not buying is because the access road to the area is poor.

    • Goritoto LP

      The road is terrible to say the least. The last time i visited that area I was told Cabs had advanced City of Harare some cash to build a tarred road. I hope its now happening.

    • Kunyangadzwa ne CABS Project

      true, the road is very poor, kuita sekunge vaida kuisa mhuka dzisina mota, Old Mutual and city of Harare failed to plan well for this project, on top of that there are no schools….

  • Roland Khumalo

    Poorly built sub- standard and way too expensive for high density.A huge rip off not worth it.

  • chibhorani

    Do your homework well Ruwende. Who told you the smallest unit is that big? Does the picture you have supplied tell the same story?

  • vakanyangira yaona

    vakanyangira yaona

  • Tambai Mese Mujairane

    Not in line with the incomes of the target populace.

    The attitude of Cabs staff is also terrible, if you work contract type jobs with fixed term contracts,you will not even get a sit down with the bank staff.

    The pics seem to speak of poor workmanship too, if they are cracking already

  • muchadura

    low income my foot.we fought for land and yet we cant afford to buy just one stand to live with our families sometimes even with the extended relatives while these so called Councillors. mps, ministers and the president are in cahoots to reap us off the little we have for poor land.what different are they from the white colonialists who took the fertile land and gave us the dusty patches.we have let this go on for long with chosen people abusing offices.what is the government going to do about this?nothing because they are the ones at the top of these bank boards and they enjoy the immunity and protection they have from the makes me so sad and angry at the same time to be treated badly in our own motherland.maybe this is the liberation they preach to us about.truly surely how can a bank contract a building contractor who builds houses that crack and these are the same banks that are telling us to bank with them.i guess the building contractor will just say its the sanctions since this is every thief’s song in zim.low income low income whats low income about someone paying a monthly installment of $200 when its all that he earns monthly.lets not act as if we do not know how much the majority of people in zimbabwe are earning.beloved zimbabwe has become a country of thieves.thats what we have become.sodom

  • musiwechishanu

    The issue is that those little things are overpriced. How do they justify USD 20,000.00 for those little things? how exaclty did they arrive at such a price?


    kutaura chokwadi dzimba idzi dziri kudhura and ma zimba these days angwara. the best way out of this is kudzikisa price yavo