High Court stalls new curriculum challenge

Minister Dokora

Minister Dokora

Mashudu Netsianda Bulawayo Bureau—
The High Court has dismissed an urgent chamber application filed by Dadaya High School School Development Committee challenging the newly-introduced school curriculum. Parents with children at the school accused Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora of imposing the new curriculum, without consultation. In his ruling, Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Nicholas Mathonsi said: “There is no basis upon which this matter can be allowed to jump the queue. I, therefore, refuse to deal with it on an urgent basis and accordingly the matter must proceed by ordinary application.”

Dadaya SDC through lawyers — Mutendi, Mudisi and Shumba Legal Practitioners — last week filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court citing Dr Dokora and the school headmaster as respondents.

The parents sought an order suspending the use of the new curriculum at the school until proper consultations had been done. They argued that as key stakeholders, they were not consulted by the minister and they want the respondents to be permanently interdicted from effecting curriculum changes without consulting parents.

In his founding affidavit, the SDC chairperson, Mr Leopold Mudisi, argued that the implementation of the new curriculum compromised the education delivery system. He said the new curriculum was “an ambitious” project, which would unnecessarily burden teachers and compromise the future of learners.

“The overhaul of the curriculum is impractical. The learning time for conventional subjects was always not enough and thus to introduce new subjects is ambitious and sounds myopic. There are no qualified teachers at the school to teach the new subjects and inevitably it will affect the pupils’ performance,” said Mr Mudisi.

The parents said there was no way curriculum changes could be implemented without consultations since they were responsible for payment of school fees and the future of their children.

They also argued that it would be cumbersome for Dr Dokora to facilitate the school to acquire qualified teachers with requisite skills and knowledge overnight against a background of a huge Government wage bill.

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  • Von Ranke

    Zimbabweans cant cease to amaze me with their negative energy.Do you know that the curriculum that was in place was obsollete and could not help graduates to succeed in life. School is not about craming and doing useless subjects.I urge you to be impartial and critically analyse the new curriculum from a training and development stand point.

  • dm

    if the court approves reverting back to old system in August this year, what does that mean nhai $15 Billion?

  • gkw

    i heard Dokora is a ** ?,if that so then what should we expect …trouble

    • theheraldonline

      gkw, we wouldn’t really like to block participants here on the basis of failing to respect other people’s religions. Kindly stick to your argument and refrain from insulting others on the basis of their religion.

  • Drogo

    I hope every SDC will take a cue from Dadaya and lodge urgent applications in every court in the country from Murombedzi to Mbembesi. Dofora must fall!

  • John Galt

    Sometimes u just have to whip people in line. I commend Dokora for this bald move, he probably deserves minister of the year award. This move was long overdue, our current curriculum isnt helping us move forward at all as a nation. It is not applicable to our local context and the challenges we are facing as a country. We should be breeding scholars who have the ability to apply their education to address the challenges we are as a country. Presently, we have been doing a very great job at grooming exam takers and job applicants who have zero knowhow on how to apply their acquired educational skills. Now whats needed is to support this man, in his endeavors by availing to him all sufficient resources to make this transition a success. As a country we have to start somewhere, and this is a start…

  • sm

    actually they did. i am a parent and we were all consulted

  • Wilson Magaya

    Education is an urgent matter that requires urgent attention anytime it is raised, especially by parents. It is time to take the people seriously. This issues urgent reconsideration and reflection. WHY WAS the curriculum changed?? There does not seem to be a clear vision as to what we educate our children to be ready for. I am concerned by the lack of vision of what the world 10 years from now let alone 20,30,50 years from now will look like and so what type of person what education will ready a person for that world. Lest we forget, “Nyika Vanhu, Musha Matare” Its not my place but this is not a matter to be dealt with lightly…

  • Gamba ReManyika

    I like your argument but am confused on how that works. To be an entrepreneur you need the education that we have always had. Tell me, is there a school, college or university anywhere in the world which produces employers? It will be a first in Zimbabwe. Employer, entrepreneur or job-creator is what you make of yourself after using the curriculum that we have always had since before independence in 1980. Ngatiregei kunyeperana naDr. Dokora. The whole world is moving into the manufacturing and the services industry and we want to school-train our children to be welders, sculptors, vendors, etc, which they can choose to become without Dokora’s curriculum. Are we, as adults, regretting the education we got? That’s our problem but let’s not force on our kids what we never tasted ourselves. Therefore wider consultations are proper before implementation.

  • ZackieBwerawa

    And on the same token, Dokora is the Minister of Education – whether he consulted is another thing!