He didn’t pay lobola, family disowns executor

Court Reporter
A Chitungwiza family last week disowned their son-in-law in court and questioned his appointment as the executor of his wife’s estate because he did not pay lobola. The late Pamela Mujuru’s brother, Charles, told the court that his brother-in-law, Wilson Tashaya, only looked for his sister each time he wanted to have a child with her.

Pamela died three weeks ago and left behind three children, with the youngest being three- weeks-old.

“Our sister was single,” said Charles.

“We never received lobola from Tashaya. He only looked for her when he wanted to sire children and then disappear.

“He is based in Botswana and we don’t know whether he has another family there or not. He never contributed towards the upkeep of his children. Pamela was independent. She did not die in his hands. It was a customary procedure to allow him to attend the funeral because they have children.

“We were ill-advised at the death registration office to indicate that she was customarily married. Our grandchildren will be destitute if you allow him access to the money. He stole money from our sister and is irresponsible.”

Charles told the court that when his sister died, Tashaya sent some people to collect all important documents from her house. In response, Tashaya said he did not understand why his in-laws were disowning him.

“When my wife passed away, I was not around and I asked my father to give them a token informing them of the death,” he said. “They accepted the money and asked me to provide relish.

“My father provided a cow and after the burial, we went together to get the death certificate.”

In his ruling, Chitungwiza magistrate Mr Takunda Mtetwa said the family dispute would not help the children.

“Although the in-laws are not appreciative of the relationship, the three-week-old baby is an indication that the couple understood each other,” said Mr Mtetwa.

“The death certificate indicates that she was customarily married, therefore, the surviving spouse is hereby appointed executor of the estate.”

The estate was not disclosed in court.

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  • sky

    Zveroora ngazvichi pera seku pera kwaka ita musenga bere

  • Stuart Chihona

    Pane bag, pasina unongosiyawo.

  • Ray Mbada

    The problem we have is that our judiciary system is based on Western culture, the recommended text books are borrowed from a variety of cultures and our children who graduated with degrees and Diplomas from the so called developed countries abroad are given first preference of employment in our country due to the old and stereo-taped management system that was groomed and placed by our enemies from the West.

    Through those puppets who were trained to follow the western ways, we have destroyed our culture. We are placing people who have negative religious beliefs in sensitive positions. Their influence is finding it’s way (infiltrating) into minors and very soon we will be naked.

    Why feeding the whole nation on halal meat, to please who?
    Why having foreign-minded people in law-making set ups? Look, we are told to desist from discrimination but we are discriminated upon.

    Look the colonialists taught us to be nice, they taught us to live the Christian ways and never to be cruel so that we accommodate. They taught us to shun war but they are the most trigger-happy people.

  • T.C

    Tsano varikuda kudyira mukwasha bonzo…

  • Madara

    lol, no one i know paid lobola. thats just a silly culture thing. nothing to do with the law. if you are married on paper thats how it is

  • chunks

    akatadza kubvisa tsvakirai kuno nhasi azowana mombe yekubvisa parufu nekuti paita inheritance, shameless greedy fools

  • itai steady

    no, the inlaws declared that she was customarily married, they are only crying wolf because of ignorance. they didnt’t know that the father will be made executor of her estate.

  • Shelz

    in all fairness , if this gentleman failed to prove that he was married to this lady it effectively declares the lady a single mother who was sleeping around and in this case ,she favored Charles more than the other clients.

    If he claims to be married to this sister of theirs , they should give him the 3 week old baby to look after and also the other two .

    They should not be found to be too emotional enough not to punish this greedy idiot .

    He did not marry , mupei vana vake achengete kana achiti akarora .