‘Harvest House’ cop killer strikes again

COURTTendai Rupapa Senior Court Reporter
A rogue vendor who operates at Harvest House, the MDC-T headquarters in Harare’s central business district, who allegedly attacked and killed a policeman during an illegal and violent demonstration recently, was back in court accused of assaulting another cop.

Barnabas Mwanaka (35) of 10181 Glen View 7, is facing an additional charge of defeating or obstructing the course of justice after he barred the cop, Constable Leonard Mugura, from arresting a commuter omnibus driver who had been caught breaking the law.

Mwanaka, who is already in remand on a murder charge, on Thursday appeared before Ms Victoria Mashamba. He was further remanded in custody to July 24 for trial. On June 29, Mwanaka and his accomplices allegedly stoned Talkmore Phiri (rank not given), and his workmate, Constable Concillia Gumbo, causing them to fall from a police vehicle.

It is alleged that the gang caught up with Phiri and further stoned him, before kicking and punching him leading to his death. On the fresh charges, prosecutor Mrs Idah Maromo-Mateke alleged that on July 8 at around 1pm, Constables Mugura, Chidawa, Ndlovu and Matingo were on duty in the CBD when they saw a kombi driver picking up and dropping passengers at an undesignated place.

Cnst Mugura, who was brandishing a spike, walked towards the kombi intending to arrest the driver. It is alleged he told the driver not to move his vehicle as he was now under arrest.

It is the State’s case that Mwanaka, who was standing close by and monitoring Cnst Mugura’s movements, charged towards him and clapped him on the face.

As he was assaulting him, Mwanaka is alleged to have said: “Mupurisa weZanu unofira mahara because wanga wandikuvadzisa nespike rako.”

Mwanaka, the court heard, further manhandled Cnst Mugura while grabbing him by the collar as he tried to pin him down.

Cnst Mugura’s colleagues rushed to his rescue, while the kombi driver took advantage of the scuffle to make good his escape.

Cnst Mugura ad to seek medical attention for his injuries..

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  • gede-think tank

    It is sad that police are hindered from performing their duties by some members of the public . We may have rogue police officers who are probably opportunists and don’t have anything to benefit society or the force but still this does not give anyone the right to manhandle police officers on duty. These misguided elements of society are creating a scenario of ‘ us versus them.’ and this does not benefit anyone amongst us. Evidence should be collected against officers abusing their authority and let the legal processes be enforced. This cop killing guy deserves time behind the bars and all such like minded including the bad among our cops. We citizens are part to blame for the rot in the police force .We gave them money for right of passage ,this so we could beat the system .Our greatest weapon is compliance to the given set of rules then one does not need to think of how the system is manipulated. Them kombi people have perpetuated corruption left right and centre and now its sour grapes, probably politics propping up some to develop radical views.Mapurisa kana munhu anetsa batai munhu .

  • Ray Mbada

    Murikujaidza imbwa iyoyo we can’t be reading about this dirty everyday as if laws have gone to sleep.