Gumbura trial: woman testifies

hmcourt1Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
A Harare woman now based in South Africa yesterday testified in court how Robert Martin Gumbura, the founder of Independent RMG End Time Message Church molested her 25 years ago until she contemplated suicide. The matter came to light recently after the investigating officer Superintendent Ndabezinhle Moyo found a letter the woman wrote to Gumbura expressing her disgruntlement over the attempted rape, which was among documents recovered at his office.

Gumbura is charged with 10 counts of rape.
The woman yesterday narrated how Gumbura attempted to rape her in his office until he ejaculated on her thighs because of her resistance.

She told the court that Gumbura taught her in Form 1 and Form 2 at Regina Mundi High School in Gweru.
“I joined his church when I was 16 and my former teacher became my shepherd,” said the woman.

“I recall one Sunday in 1988 that after a church service I went to see my pastor (Gumbura) for counselling sessions. He then proposed love to me.

“He asked me to come behind the desk where he was and started caressing and fondling my breasts.”
The court fell into a deafening silence as the woman narrated how Gumbura forcibly laid her on his office table and attempted to rape her.

“When I realised that he was about to have sexual intercourse with me, I covered up my private parts with my hands and he ejaculated on my thighs,” she said.

“He drove me around in his car telling me not to tell anyone about the event because it would destroy his image in church.
“He said he had plans to marry me. By then he had one wife.”

The woman said that on a different occasion she went to Gumbura’s office to inform him about her boyfriend who wanted to marry her as per the church’s doctrine.

“When I got into his office he started fondling and caressing me again,” she said.
“When I realised that I had no one to tell because of the church doctrine which did not allow us to report anything against the pastor, I thought of committing suicide.”

The court heard that Gumbura continued to ask for sexual favours from the woman despite the fact that she was married with three children.

The woman said she later confided in her husband about the sexual abuse, adding that the husband turned a deaf ear and refused to leave Gumbura’s church.

During cross-examination by Gumbura’s lawyer Ms Rekai Maposa, the woman said she did not report the matter to the police because she wanted to forget the painful experience she had gone through.

The trial will continue today before regional magistrate Mr Hoseah Mujaya who is hearing it.
Harare area public prosecutor Mr Jonathan Murombedzi and Mrs Kudzai Chigwedere  are  appearing for the State.

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  • zim2

    This guy must be locked up.This is saddening.What if it was his sister or child narrating this story how would he feel.People like this are not needed in society…pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zeroes

      guys guys,after someone tries to rape you @ 16 and u resist then u continue going to that church and introduce your boyfriend to e same pastor and u have 3 kids and continue to go to that same pastor and u report to o husband and he doesn’t listen and u continue in the same church,@ first I was believing these stories but now am beginning to have doubts or maybe these women were enjoyin it

  • Whistle Blower

    A great job well done by our efficient Police. The Police nabbed the biggest snake here. Your catch sent shivers to the other smaller serpents. You will catch up with them, no doubt. Gumbura cannot point fingers and blame law abiding citizens for his dimise. It was just a matter of time, he lacked vision and foresight. The fact that he’s been in this filthy game for over 30 years without being caught gave him a false sense of safety. One just imagines the number of lives of under age girls and women subjected to rape all these years by Gumbura. At least this very good work by the Police has ensured that future under age girls and more women will not face the same monster. I just hope his other little accomplice monsters will not grow to be like him, that is if they are left at large.

  • max

    You board a car belonging to a man who wanted to rape you ummmmm missing details there

    • Wolves Witches and Giants

      She was 16. How clever were you socially when you were 16.

      • george

        Aaah aizvidawo uyu ,how can you be driven around and continue to visit an abusive pastor alone,and surely can committing suicide be easier than reporting to the police or yelling your own mom or sister aaah this is cheap fabricating.Madam you are not worth being a married woman because you are dangerous,keeping such a ‘secret,”ummm ,hauite nhubu chaiyo

      • truth

        She went on to get married by the same pastor and stay on to get 3 kids in the change until her bi polar condition overwhelmed her and Chitsinde is manipulating.

    • harare

      this guy ia an expert knows his stuff

      • Rusunguko

        The charismatic Jones, an ordained Indiana minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), established the “Peoples Temple” in San Francisco in 1956. His primary recruitment targets were the poor, mostly people of color, and idealists who sought an egalitarian community of economic justice and spiritual fulfillment.

        Jones promised a utopian society that provided for the common welfare of its members. But like most cult leaders, he became a tyrannical leader, and he exercised that power in a dangerous megalomaniacal way.

        In 1973, an increasingly paranoid Jones moved Temple members to Guyana and named the Peoples Temple compound in honor of himself. Once free of U.S. law, Jones became a brutal dictator in his isolated and heavily guarded compound, where he controlled his devotees’ lives.

        Jones employed mind control techniques, including blaring his constant sermons and speeches on loudspeakers day and night, interrupting normal sleep patterns. He physically separated married couples, controlled the community’s diet and banned communication with the outside world. He required long hours of hard labor in the tropical heat and humidity, and no Peoples Temple members were permitted to leave the jungle compound

      • Rusunguko

        While Jim Jones banned sex among Temple members outside of marriage, he himself voraciously engaged in sexual relations with both male and female Temple members.[99][100] Jones, however, claimed that he detested engaging in homosexual activity and did so only for the male temple adherents’ own good, purportedly to connect them symbolically with him (Jones)…………SOUNDS FAMILIAR….Hanzi unofana kuva neConnection neMfundisi wako, kunwa mukaka wemakwai…….

    • Tamuka

      Rapist, are very cunning and patient. Victims end up blaming themselves most of the times!!

  • Chief

    I think the prosecution must bring the young girls and nail Gumbura on statutory rape charges. All these other charges wont stick. Some of the women are saying stuff that happened 18 years ago and didn’t tell anyone, not even a close friend. How does that happen? If it continues like this I’m afraid the pervert will be acquitted

    • Tamuka

      This demonstrates the environment our sisters and mothers live in this country? They have nowhere to run to or hide!!!

    • truth

      The police tried to force young virgin girls to say they were raped and they refused. Went to all his churches from harare, kadoma kwekwe and gweru and came up with nothing. The man bankrolling these like Chitsinde himself raped a relative of Gumbura and was meant to testify against Gumbura but he chickened because he would have left witness box in handcuffs and leg chains because society would realize they have the wrong man incarcerated. But like all bullies in the school yard he is a coward. Well mama taught us never to cry but to punch a bully in the mouth.

  • Common

    “When I realised that I had no one to tell because of the church doctrine which did not allow us to report anything against the pastor, I thought of committing suicide.”” People, please, God gave us brains to reason. Lets use them. What are looking for in such overtly evil cults???? How can you be fooled and hypnotised like this??? Stay away from bogus pastors, prophets, apostoles and their cults!!! Lead a normal decent life. There are lots of genuine deep rooted Christian churches that have been there for centuries and milenia out there. You are being fooled by bogus people who only habour the selfish interest of enriching themselves at your expense, not to mention also abusing you. Please use your brains people!!!

    • Esco

      Very true common. This is really a matter of common sense. People are not using their brains.

      • ZVAZVIRI

        The truth is that if brainwashing is done in the context of religion it’s an unbelievably powerful tool…remember the Guyana massacre whereby people intentionally drank poison coz the sect leader directed them to?!

    • Kavhu

      Genuine deep rooted Christian churches, my foot ! What of now that the same are now preaching homosexuality all against the gospel as established at Sodom and Gomorah ? You should ”The Lonely African”, a book published in 1962 written by one white man by the name Collin M Turnbull to find the roots of Christianity in Africa. Or even better, King Leopold of Belgium’s brief to missionaries going to the Congo. Turnbull’s assessment was that the white man found the African with a religion that was by far better than the Christianity they sought to supplant it with, as if that was not enough, he goes on to say that of all the missionaries he met during his research for the book, 80% of them were either homoes and other social misfits who were not wanted in Europe. Food for thought ? I am glad I have no wife or daughter who goes to any of these satanic churches.

      • jinda ramambo

        Thank you Kavhu, you have hit the nail where it belongs! Christian churches are all dubious and very questionable – its pure brainwashing into hopelessness. I have heard these stories from a young man who later moved out of this very church, 13 years ago. His girlfriend later fiancee and then wife, was raped at all stages of their love life, it was only when they were really married and he got suspicious that she confessed to him and guess what, she told him that the majority of women in that church were on gumbura’s hit list. this guy decided to mobilise his fellow worshipers to put this to an end….but lol when brainwashing is all complete…it is like a virus on the computer…
        The reality is all these churches where families get cars bought for them by pastors, prophet this prophet that, where the priest is not supposed to be married belong to the same cohort! some writer up there who must be christian turns to try and blame n’anga, well I am yet to hear of a “n’anga” who gives such advise and the fool who takes it! This, whats happening is pure christianity, remember David and Uria…pure wickedness!!
        Worse still I do not hear a single word coming from the NGOs that pretend to stand for women!!! where are they, do some of them belong to gumbura? We are better off with our own spirituality, it is the original way of life among all indigenous people. Since when, in our own culture do young brides get counselling from a man, a man who is not even related to them,….what happened to our family values? Go to Asia, Natives of South and North Amerika, Australia…people have always believed in Family, the Ancestors, Nature and the Creator….yo! I would advise the court to set gumbura free! yes, because if those people in that church cannot think for themselves, another gumbura will still rise again!

        • Observer

          It is women’s rights groups/NGO’s which fought for this issue to come out in the open, ichida kutsikwa as usual. They can not make public comments coz case is sub judice (in court).

  • chailingoma

    This agent of the devil must first and foremost be castrated and they give the rest of the judgement as they wish. Taking advantage of innocent girls. I would like to warn all church members and particularly ladies all doctrine must be from the Bible an the moment it dissects then you must know that it is a doctrine of the devil. No amount of intimidation must keep you in a church whose leaders pervert the Word of God. Any other gospel besides that i the bible is from satan .DO NOT BE THREATENED that if you report them bad luck will befll you .. resist the devil by exposing his evil ways and he will flee. Ndapota madzimai let your faith rest in the power of God and not in mere mortal humans. This is one reasin why you should desire teaching more tha preaching in chuch as the former groundsyou in the Word ofGod and you can not be tossed about by every wind of doctrine.I am a Pastor and have realised how ladies can quickly be sweyed by Pastors. As a lady rather make your husbad the first Pastor inyour life esp if he is born again(he is the household priest anyway)

  • munhu mutapa

    Am I missing something how on earth can you write a letter and go for counseling to the same person who tried to rape you.The guy is a sexual pervert for sure but I don’t buy the allegedly victims stories.

    • Tamuka

      She went for counselling and the guy attempted to rape her during the session.

      • truth

        Yea right go tell your story to a 2 year old. Then she decides to stay and have 3 kids in the church and let the same pastor officiate her wedding. What planet do you think we are from ? Pluto. This sister us bipolar and obviously now suffers from menopause,

    • inini

      me too….dont buy it. Kana usiri kuda hausi kuda

  • dhodha

    gumbura wandigumbura

    • truth

      Come to court and you will see the Chitsinde conspiracy being exposed. The bully is terrified to testify. Like all bullies they are terrified when confronted.

  • dhodha

    Gumbura wandigumbura, unogumbura fani Gumbura

  • Observer

    Asi Gumbura nechurch iyi vaita zvembashto? I understand the husbands knew about their wives being bedded but were “turning a deaf ear”. The irony is they are all somehow turned out to be financially well to do people – nemalinks ekuchurch. And how can someone with 11 wives keep a compound full of church women he would bed at will…it all sounds suspicious, makati hapana zvikwambo here apa?

  • JZ

    Women have no where to turn to especially in these days of dire economic straits and social dispersion. The only hope they have is church where they can lay down burdens in their soul, share and fellowship, unfortunately some false prophets and pastors see cries of women as an opportunity to brainwash vulnerable individuals (society has a duty to protect). it is irresponsible and this scourge of corrupt church leaders is rife within our Zimbabwean society across the globe (we used to read about such cults in other societies and never imagined we could witness this in our own society). It’s up to church members to be vigilant and make their leaders accountable for everything they do.
    Also isn’t it a source of temptation for male church leaders to go into the bush at midnight with women, if people pray during daylight will God not listen to their prayers?
    People have come to believe personal suffering through rituals, sleepless nights and fasting is a source of righteousness whilst they still keep sinful thoughts of adultery, anger, abuse, greed and neglect. Churches should focus on teaching people values that help transform character instead of focusing on a religiosity of symbolism, instant wonders like quick fix miracles or intepretation of dreams. Real religion is about doing what is right now to prepare your mind for the hereafter.

    A cancer of religious fantasism has struck the core of our society, we need a regulated religion checked by written standards or we will continue to have churches run by criminals who escape scrutiny because they set infallibility laws to protect their indulgency. “Thou shall not worship the name of the Lord in vain.”

  • Concerned Informer

    Herald , why do you keep on deleting my comments. Asi muri kutengwa na Innocent Gumbura here?

    • truth

      Shephard Madzingira they are deleting because you make wild unsubstantiated accusations and because they see the defense lawyers exposing the false witnesses as liars suffering from menopause. You need to be arrested for being stupid like mukomana we kumombe and we know kuti you are an srb. For wasting gvmt resources you should be jailed.



  • Concerned Informer

    All children born in this church from 1984 to present should undergo DNA testing to prove that they are not Gumbura’s children. As an ex-member of the church I have it in good authority that a significant number of people that were born between the period of 1984 to present (including some of his wives) are Gumbura’s biological children that were born out of the abuse and rape he was meting to the members of the church.

    Guys , this is a SAD , SAD , SAD story of RAPE , ABUSE , INCEST, CULTISM, ZVIKWAMBO and what the courts are hearing are just tips of massive icebergs. Would you believe that this Gumbura guy actually used to go kun’anga. Maybe that is where he was told that for him to have power over the church he has to sleep with everyone in the church.
    Ko nyaya yemaSLAVES and under age boys who are working at Gumbura’s farms – Are the authorities pursuing it as well. I can’t believe that in this modern day and after our hard fought independence there is a man like Gumbura who practices SLAVERY all in the name of christianity

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    These churches dziri kungonyuka nyuka hadzina musoro. They must be banned particularly pentecostal churches. Fake pastors, rapists and thieves. But Zimbabweans being Zimbabweans are gullible and vanongoti zee nezvese zvese kuteera fake ndimi. Iyezvino kamwe kambavha kaakuda kutizira lu UK kanzwa runyerekupe rwe kudzoka kwe Zimdollar , kamwe kacho hanzi gold shall rain in zimbabwe. Twumbavha twevanhu.

  • peny

    makes me sad ….was once a member of the chrch when we were young tikazobuda…i know he is capable of doing such things its so sad……