Green card could scuttle Mutharika’s candidacy

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

BLANTYRE. — Despite the US Embassy in Lilongwe clearing Democratic Progressive Party leader Peter Mutharika that he is not an American citizen,a legal expert Justin Dzonzi has said Mutharika’s candidacy for the presidency need to be challenged in a court of law basing on his holding US green card.
US Public Affairs officer Gabriel Hons-Clivier told the Weekend Nation that Mutharika does not hold an American citizenship.

“I checked with the embassy, and I can respond that Prof. Mutharika is a green card holder, not an American citizen”, Hons-Clivier said.
Dzonzi, Justice Link executive director, said the court needs to give interpretation on the matter, arguing that legally, the green card is the US permanent resident card which is issued under the Homeland Security Act 2002 as an identification card attesting to the permanent resident status of a foreigner living and working in the United States.

He told the Weekend Nation that the Malawi Constitution and Section 80 (6) states that a person does not qualify to stand for presidency unless he or she is a citizen of Malawi by birth or descent and has attained the age of 35 years, while subsection 80(7) (d) further states that a person who owes allegiance to a foreign country is also not eligible to stand for presidential elections.

“The fact that a person has been issued with the green card does not mean she or he is a citizen but it is the first step towards becoming a naturalised citizen. The holder of a green card owes certain allegiances to the United States of America such as payment of taxes and maintaining a permanent residence in the United States,” said Dzonzi.

“This may require Prof Peter Mutharika to take up residence in the US for periods of not less a month per year. So it is possible for people to challenge his candidacy based on this fact. It will be up to the courts to define whether the term ‘owe allegiance’ covers this situation or not,” the paper quoted Dzonzi.

“It is clear that Prof. Peter Mutharika remains a citizen of Malawi by birth and unless he expressly renounces his citizenship under the Malawi Citizenship Act, no one can deprive him of this status.”

But Mutharika has always insisted that he has no dual citizenship but that he has a 10-year multiple entry visa for the US through the green card and a 15-year multiple entry visa for the United Kingdom. — Nyasa Times.

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  • Mimi

    Hmmm…… and why should Mutharika be holding on to an American Green Card if he is for the people of Malawi? These are some of the Africans who are always not sure of themselves and need a backup service of some sort if things hot up in their countries of origin. I certainly would not vote for such a guy but let’s see what the Malawians have to say about this issue if that allegation is true.

    • zondi

      Like Mutumwa Mawere……….????????? He says “I am a Zimbabwean but a South African citizen…….No “I am a South African but and I want to be a citizen of Zimbabwe only to vote in 2013.” Or No ‘I am both.??????????

  • Tendekayi Machivenyika

    Citizenship issues have become very complicated, and the interpretation is always based on one’s needs at a particular moment. Europe and America will give you the right to stay in order to have access to your intellect although it is not clear how some of these people use this to benefit their original countries (whose citizenship they claim).

    I wonder which status Mutambara had when he joined our Govt. Could be the same as Mutharika’s.