Govt to abolish dual citizenship


Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter—
Government will not seek to re-align the Citizenship Act with the new Constitution, but will instead move for the amendment of the supreme law to abolish provisions allowing dual citizenship. This was said by Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede while making a presentation on the Constitution and dual citizenship to the Zanu-PF parliamentary caucus at the party’s headquarters on Wednesday.

The new Constitution allows for one to hold dual citizenship and Mr Mudede said this posed a number of security challenges to the country.

“As the Ministry of Home Affairs, we have decided that we are not going for realignment (of the Citizenship Act to the Constitution), but for amendment,” he said.

Mr Mudede said some of the challenges that the dual citizenship posed included cases of tax evasion, evasion from justice, involvement in cases of human trafficking, international terrorism and problems in immigration control. He said Sections 36, 37 and 43 of the (new) Constitution had to be amended.

Mr Mudede queried why provisions requiring foreigners who acquired Zimbabwe’s citizenship to take an oath of loyalty were removed in the new supreme law.

“We need to amend this (new) Constitution,” he said.

“You cannot align the Citizenship Act to this (new) Constitution. The question of loyalty is a serious one; anybody who takes citizenship in any other country subscribes to the oath of loyalty. That provision was removed from the (new) Constitution and now we have somebody who is being given citizenship when they did not subscribe to the oath of loyalty.”

In his response, Zanu-PF chief whip Cde Lovemore Matuke said the party supported the intentions to amend the Constitution.

“As a party position, we are going to support you and make sure we defend this position when it comes up for debate,” he said.

Dual citizenship is one of the issues that were included in the new Constitution as a compromise, despite the majority of people speaking against it during the Constitution making outreach.

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  • Chikichat

    So why change the consitution

    • African Conservative

      Exactly… The nation voted for this new constitution… And now you want to amend it? So what was the point?

  • Ndini

    This is so unfair, which majority spoke against it and if so why was it included then in the constitution in the first place when it was known so well that people did not want it? This is so expedient and self serving

    • Marufu Chihwandire

      Why do you, yourself, want dual citizenship?

    • max

      which majority supported this?…was this not an elitist compromise?

  • Collin

    Atotanga **uya zve rigging ipapa, nxaa mhani. Why did the govt embark on the constitution process in the first place if it was going to go against the wishes of the people in the end. This is utter nonsense to say the least.

  • Ijaha leMzinyathini

    This is quite interesting given the fact that the children of some of these CHEFS actually hold dual citizenship. I am now a citizen of RSA and I am asking myself if I wwill lose sleep over losing my Zimbabwean one

  • mafia

    Constitution means nothing to some in power, they just do what they want, when they want

  • Zarura Zimbabgwe

    Overstayed your usefulness cde!

  • Jonah15

    Sad that they come up with negative reasons against dual citizenship, yet developed countries and those with emerging economies are using it for social and economic prosperity. In this global economy Zimbabwean politicians must think beyond their noses and tummies and allow easy movement of its own citizens.

  • Common Sense

    So amend the Constitution to include an Oath of Loyalty… don’t reverse the whole part that was agreed…. short sighted people…

    And the arguments you use are weak… we can see an ulterier motive to keep foreigners out so you have a control over your voter base… terrorism?! nonsense, security?! nonsense….

    Your parties policies have pushed over 2 million peopl out of the country, so immigration will not harm this country…. it’s made up up of immigrants from all countries anyway (black and white),

    You can’t stop what the people really want

  • Widzola

    kkkkkk mudhara uyu achiriko? Riggington yatotanga

  • AquaEngines Teranga

    This dual citizenship is for the Zimbabwean born citizens acquiring citizenship of another country . We have many Zimbabwean who have acquired the RSA , UK , USA citizenship by the choice but still want to maintain their Zim Citizenship.

  • Matsimba

    The very audacity of a public figure strutting, unashamedly that he will amend the supreme law is the beginning of the end of this nation. How can it be correct that individuals are allowed to undermine and sideline the whole democracy? Why is amending the constitution so easy in this country, given the blood that was shed just to have the Lancaster House Constitution, inadequate as it was, and had to undergo almost 20 surgical procedures to serve the aspirations of new independent state. The general feeling was that post 2013 constitutional dispensation, we would all embrace the charter in its current format and where challenges arose, we would then revert back to the people, the real owners of the law, to consult comprehensively to alter provisions therein. It is not good for democracy and good governance, when individuals, despite their station in society are seen to override the will of the majority.

  • Masvukupete

    Can anyone or the law remove my right to citizenship of Zimbabwe by birth and ancestry. Is it even constitutionally possible to deny anyone the right to citizen by birth and ancestry.

    I do not see how its possible to deny a Zimbabwean born Mutasa, Moyondizvo, Gushungo, Nyandoro, or Chirandu his Zimbabwean citizenship.

    How will the government know that someone has dual citizenship especially those who are natural citizens. Under what circumstances would a born Zimbabwean be able to be stripped of his Zimbabwean citizenship. I am not a lawyer.

    Hapana nyaya. Or is this preemptive that Nkosana Moyo wants to run for President. They may know he has dual citizenship?

  • agh

    these are jokes! we are living in a fast paced ever increasing globalized world. This is why the majority of people for instance, didn’t vote for Donald trump and now the UK is facing grave challenges after Brexit. Patriotism is paramount but we as a nation need to be more flexible to be able to shape a better future for tomorrow. I bet there are more Zimbabweanswho travel to Nigeria than they are Nigerians who travel to Zimbabwe. The people who will benefit at the end of the day are Zimbabweans because we are the ones who intend to travel and gain a stake in other countries as a means to pipe line development and cash back home. It may have been a compromise in the constitution but it was a good compromise. Instead of slapping legislation each time there are challenges with said terrorism and immigration control, gvt should be working to implement and improve the systems they have to handle the change in land scape to be more effective efficient and also even more pan African with engaging out neighbours. Instead of chasing those Zimbabwean who chose say a US passport together with the Zim one, why not find an incentive for these guys to say hey, if you pay a set amount, we have special packages for those dual citizens and this money will be injected in infrastructure development and the like. This can only be a benefit in the long term anyway.