Govt renames all army barracks

Dr Sekeramayi

Dr Sekeramayi

Herald Reporter—
Government has renamed all army barracks after the country’s national heroes. The new names were announced by Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi in Statutory Instrument 138 of 2017 published in the Government Gazette yesterday. The changes were made in line with Section 89 of the Defence Act (Chapter: 02). King George VI Barracks and Air Force Headquarters is now known as the Josiah Magama Tongogara Barracks while the Brady Barracks in Bulawayo is now called Mzilikazi Barrakcs.

Cranborne cantonment and old Cranborne cantonment are now known as Charles Gumbo and Kaguvi Barracks respectively. Karuyana Barracks has changed to Chitekedza Barracks and 3 Brigade has been renamed to Herbert Chitepo Barracks.

Chipinga cantonment is now known as William Ndangana Barracks while 4 Brigade Barracks has changed to Gava Musungwa Zvinavashe Barracks. Second Battalion has changed to Masvingo Barracks and Gutu Barracks is now referred to as Chinomukutu Barracks.

Andrew Louw School is now called Sengwe Barracks while Stamford Dzivarasekwa has been renamed Dzivarasekwa Barracks. Inkomo Camp has changed to Inkomo Barracks and Llewellin Barracks is now called Lookout Masuku Barracks. The Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru has been renamed Solomon Mujuru Barracks while the Umtali cantonment is now known as the Charles Dauramanzi Barracks.

Inkomo Camp (Mounted regiment) is now called Amoth Norbert Chingombe Barracks and Battalion Battle School Headquarters and Battalion Battle Training Area are now called the Rekayi Tangwena Barracks. Flyde Air Force Base is now called Jason Ziyapapa Moyo Air Force Base while the Royal Rhodesian Thornhill Air Force Base has changed to Josiah Tungamirai Air Force Base.

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  • Hatitye

    How about renaming Harare International Airport? We can’t let the shameful name of Robert Mugabe be the first thing international visitors see when they step off the plane on Zimbabwean soil, and we should see if the money earmarked for that new university can be diverted toward renovating and upgrading the rest of Zimbabwe’s universities?

  • Tot Decoy

    Ko, Robert Mugabe barracks irikupi?

  • Thug lyf

    This was long overdue

  • CaliKGB

    Pasi nemhaandu

  • Urimbwa Yemunhu

    are you sure ?

  • Nyika Mukanza

    After removing Robert Mugabe there must be a change in the way we do politics in Zimbabwe – whether in the ruling party, the opposition, councils, companies, NGOs Churches etc. The structure of power must be different; we must engender genuine participation of all people – the people must be heard and involved without coercion. Gundamusaira rinenge rehwiza ndiro ratisvitsa pano patanga tava marema nezvituta zvaMugabe. That must stop. Too much power in one man is dangerous. If we do not change then history will repeat itself soon.

    • mandevu

      and we need to drop the communist rhetoric – move away fro names like politburo, central committee and even comrade etc as these are symbols of failed communist states

  • Tendekayi.TE

    He was the man in the 1980s why didn’t we call it RGM International back then when things were better?

  • Tendekayi.TE

    We appreciate what he has done for our country, but he is like a visitor who has overstayed his welcome.