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Cde Goche

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GOVERNMENT prioritises the welfare and conditions of service for civil servants and will soon start implementing strategies to improve their income in line with the Zanu-PF election manifesto, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Cde Nicholas Goche, has said.Salaries of Government workers have remained low over the past five years as the defunct coalition government failed to address their grievances, insisting that it was bankrupt.

Minister Goche — who has served in the same portfolio before — said Government workers had been neglected for a long time and something needed to be done.

“This is one of our major priorities and the President, at different platforms, has always said that their salaries and conditions of service should be improved because civil servants did not get anything in the last five years despite their dedication to duty.

“What is worrying us is that even those whom they were supposed to negotiate with were not available. We need labour for Government to deliver and to effectively do that, the workforce should be motivated hence the need to improve the conditions of service.”

Civil servants failed to get a meaningful salary increment during the tenure of the inclusive Government, with the then Finance Minister and MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti repeatedly telling them that Government had no money.

The civil servants also failed to engage Government over salary negotiations as another MDC-T Minister, Lucia Matibenga, who superintended the Public Service portfolio, snubbed them and they accused her of being “arrogant” on the few occasions they met.

Minister Goche said he would work closely with Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa to ensure some of the challenges civil servants were facing were addressed as a matter of urgency.

He said views and proposals from civil servants’ representatives would be welcome.
“We are going to work in consultation with the Finance Minister to see what can be done for the workers,” Minister Goche said.
“We also have to consult, get views and proposals from the various civil servants unions and see what we can do for them now depending on what will be in the coffers.

I am coming from the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructure Development, but I am not new in the ministry as I have served in that capacity before and I am here to see what we can do to labour as well as bringing social services to the people.”

Civil servants, who are paid a minimum salary of US$297, need their salaries to be reviewed in line with the poverty datum line.
The PDL is over US$600.

Workers’ unions have welcomed President Mugabe’s appointment of Minister Goche as their minister, saying they had once dealt with him and would not have difficulties in airing their views.

“He is not coming in for the first time and we hope that he will use his experience to ensure that we get a meaningful salary that is above the PDL,” said Zimbabwe Teachers Association chief executive Mr Sifiso Ndlovu.

“We believe in dialogue and we are glad the minister has expressed his wish to listen to our proposals. We are looking forward to working with the new Zanu-PF Government as we had suffered for long.”

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general, Mr Raymond Majongwe, has since hailed President Mugabe for giving Cde Nicholas Goche the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare saying his return was likely to see most of the challenges facing civil servants being solved.

President Mugabe has already indicated that salaries for civil servants and their conditions of service would be improved before the end of the year.

“Government is concerned about the welfare of members of the Public Service and will continue to implement strategies aimed at improving their conditions of service,” he said, in his inauguration speech last month.

“We have promised to address the issue of salaries and conditions of living. We pledge to fulfil this promise this year. Thank you civil servants, I promise better conditions. We do not make promises in vain.”

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  • miss T

    Batayi basa

  • Phillip Tanyanyiwa

    Thank you so much, his Excellency, may God give you more years to live and i also want to wish you the best in your new term in office.

  • Civil Servant

    Hapana chekumirira apa cde Minister. I think it is bette to increase these salaries with immediate effect. Civil servants hd suffered a lot under the hands of MDC T. We must immediately act and not talking because we may end up being the same with MDC T. Lets act and talk latter.

    • TINDO


  • kutototo

    totenda dzamwa dzaswera nebenzi, Its the same government which was paying us less than R100 (equivalent) in 2008 and we went on a permanent strike now they are promising us heaven on earth, lets wait and see.

  • Ray Mbada

    If only this will not trigger yet another inflationary error. My opinion is that civil servants be given some favorable conditions such as free accommodation, fees for their kids, and other tangible resources like personal houses access to cheap vehicles and farming loans to those who are into farming. just an opinion based on both education and experience.

  • son of zimbabwe

    Please we want actions not words just give civil servants decent salaries .Don’t ever dare bring zim dollar back we know you for misusing RBZ ,printing valueless paper money each time you talk of salary increment . This time its US dollar its a pity you cant print it the economy has to perform otherwise you don’t get it . And the looting of diamonds direct funds to benefit the nation not only Zanupf cronies black capitalist pigs

  • mukoma

    Itai tione kwazvinosvika. We are waiting. Dai matanga magadzirisa before promising

  • The slave

    Promises, promises and promises when pple are dying of hunger. Pple nee not be told that we will implement strategies to improve their welfare, they want action and to be told that their salaries have bee increased. Zanu pf should and the herald should not also view the situation facing civil servants as something associated with the inclusive gvt. Civil servants have been neglected for too long including by past exclusive zanu pf gvts

  • kabhija

    The guy is just buying time, this is a known issue, rather than giving blanket statements, he should give specific directions.

  • Nyaunzvi Never

    Thank you Nocholas Goche for making the promises. Lets hope Civil Servants will get meaningful inreaments possibly before end of the year. I think amendments to the constituition section 203 must also be made because it leaves no room for collective bargaining but stipulates that the Minister shall “fix salaries and conditions of service icluding allowances. Small gradual and consistent increaments also make sense looking at our current situation, i.e before end of year and then begining of year and so on.

  • shon corner

    Taurai date nemari yacho please. Dont keep telling us that youare willing to improve our salaries


    Thank you minister for creating the conditions for engagement with the workers representation and finding each other. Please keep on doing that until something tangible is realized. Dialogue will yield results.

  • chommie

    If the salary is set at around $800, i will leave my current R12000 A MONTH job in SA and come home to be a teacher again, home is best!!

    • Munhu Chaiye

      Akuudza kuti unosvikoriwana basa racho ndiani?

      • chommie

        I came to SA without a job and Christ in me gave me one, the same will apply.

  • Mimi

    Nhai zvenyu Cde Nicholas Goche. We the civil Servants deserve to have our salaries reviewed. God knows we have toiled for so long and it will be an icing on the cake if our own country can reward us. Pamberi neZimbabwe!!!

  • Mimi

    And don’t forget our long suffering surviving war liberation heroes Cde Goche. Hmmm kapension kacho aka hakachetengi chinhu these days. But we are confident that you have been there and will do the best for all of us. Congratulations Cde Goche for being appointed to serve the Labour Ministry once more.

    • Seke Mutema

      Just a point of correction…Not only for the surviving liberation-war heroes but also for the dependents of our beloved departed ones as well.

  • neria

    we need the immediately and not by the end of the year

  • Biggie Taapatsi

    Quite interesting how most civil servants, notably TEACHERS!, now pretend to have voted for ZANU-PF yet we all know that they were for MDC-T.

  • Tichaona

    Unotaura zveneglection for the past 5years as if this country was created 5yrs ago sei? Had it not been for the GNU kungadai kuchine civil service muZim? Chiitai tione vagutewo vashandi vehurumende

  • muchovi

    Itai, kwete kutaura. Zivai kuti comparison nezvaivapo iripo asiwo vaivapo vanogona kunge vaibva vawirirana izvozvo kumisangano inonzi CABINET MEETINGS. zvaiva zvisiri zvavo voga. regai kushorana lest you travel the same path. Ichooooooo