Govt mulls Robert Mugabe University

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Professor Jonathan Moyo

Praise Bvumbamera Herald Reporter
Government is considering renaming a university after President Mugabe or have a new one in honour of his contribution to the education sector both in Zimbabwe and the entire African continent, legislators have heard. Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said that while the plan was still in its formative stage, his ministry was seriously considering it.

He was giving oral evidence before a Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education chaired by Chinhoyi MP Dr Peter Mataruse (MDC-T) recently.

President Mugabe, said Prof Moyo, deserved the special honour of having a university named after him, just as other African countries had done for their leaders. “Surely, for an iconic leader who has distinguished himself in the area of education and has contributed immensely to education, it would make sense to have a Robert Mugabe University,” he said.

“We should have a university named after President Mugabe, although we have a Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence. This is not enough, we should honour our founding father, President Mugabe, for his contribution to this nation.”

Prof Moyo said President Mugabe was a scholar par excellence throughout Africa and the naming of the school after him was a way of honouring the President’s achievements in the area of education.

“There is a Nelson Mandela University in South Africa; there is Moi University one of the best universities in East Africa,” he said. “There is Kenyatta University, another excellent university in Africa. We need a successful university in Zimbabwe as well, signifying our exceptional leader.”

Prof Moyo said there was also need for the country to have a university of performing arts.

“Clearly, we do not have a university dedicated to performing arts,” he said. “We have some universities that have tried to bring up means that have an interest in this area such as the Midlands State University, and the University of Zimbabwe is interested as well.

“The country needs a fully-fledged national university that is dedicated to performing arts and we are working on coming up with the university.”

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  • Kungotaurisawo

    Bring it on but its not a very wise idea.
    Such iconic structures will become a target points for protesters seeking the obvious ‘regime change agenda’. Our Pres is a legend Yes but why tempt people?

    • Mungandidii

      I think i have a better idea, why not get a suburb, or even a town or even a city, even the capital city and name it after our icon. We can even re-name our country RGM

      • Guranyanga

        You see Cde Mungandidii,its not the first time that this country has been named after a person.
        I mean Cecil John Rhodes bagged it.Why not after all who says the behaviour of Colonial Rhodesia has changed.I think its time to re-brand the country!

  • Hardlife Hatichadi

    Excellent idea. Robert Mugabe University of Poverty is a befitting name. People from across the world can come and study poverty first hand with practical examples

    • sigadula


  • Artist

    Hehehe politics idzi. Kkkk

  • Tanka moyo

    No wonder Mugabe asirikuenda, if everything is being named after him then anofunga kuti arikugona basa. Airport, roads and some other stuff named after him. Kwasara kuti Zimbabwe yacho ichinzi Robert Mugabe, ne currency yacho ne vanhu vacho, should be named Robert Mugabe. Jonso is trying to buy freedom because he knows kuti he is supposed to be in jail.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      Warwadziwa…manje haupore.

  • Ole Wiley

    This is “fake news”, correct?

  • Venda

    kwaaaaa- How to stay out of prison 101- a book by Jonathan Moyo.
    But seriously- another idiotic minister tried to rename high schools about a decade or so ago- how did that go? So now that you failed to do it at high school level- you want to go a step higher-

    • yowe

      You will be shocked when this idiot called Moyo renames the University of Zimbabwe to Robert Mugabe… that is the institution they want to rename.They already started to see what the effect will be on people who graduated in the past, in terms of how their degrees can be reissued

      • lesly

        What’s shocking about that ??

        • yowe

          This idiot had to weigh in hahaha YOWE!!!

      • DK

        What’s shocking about this? You seem disturbed. Join Zanu-PF and move on, or die protesting and whining.

        • yowe

          Hahahaha YOWE!!! Hauna kana degree so this has no impact on you

  • zimbotry

    With a special chair in bribery and corruption….

  • Moe_Syzlack

    That kids, is how you sing for your supper and avoid going to jail for stealing Zimdef funds

  • Mabadiliko

    Instead of focusing on improving the existing uni facilities to world class standards you waste your thinking capacity on THIS??? What the hell is wrong with these so called ministers? But anyway, you can name it what you want but in a few years time we will rename it what we desire.

  • yowe

    Their target is UZ..they are already trying to figure out the impact of the name change to graduates. Vanhu ava are evil all people with those certificates will be forced to notarise the name change or have their qualifications reissued….mirai muwone

  • Phillipe Coutinho

    It will be a very good idea for us to have a Robert Gabriel Mugabe University. It will then teach us real history on how the revolutionary Cde Mugabe single handedly liberated Zimbabwe and Africa by being the only Comrade who carried two guns during the struggle. It will also teach us proper economics on how to run a successful country with Zimbabwe being a practical example for it is the land of milk and honey. To cap it all off, the university should offer PhDs that are completed within 3 months.

    • Cde Jairos Tapfuma

      You sound sarcastic. However, the idea is not bad at all. It is still a cool idea that can come to fruition. The country was named after Cecil John Rhodes, and for that to happen he severely dealt with the natives, killing, raping, and jailing those who dared resist his moves. He even crafted a constitution on which Ian Smith’s supremacy rode – making sure no black man could vote, with black women not allowed to even have bank accounts. Only one University was there (now UZ), to serve the interests of the white minority. So, i would be for a university named after RG Mugabe.

    • Ole Wiley


  • Heraldo Tinhadzirwe

    Not a bad idea , then we can rename Zisco after him – Simbi kunamdhara.

  • DK

    @succuba, you have been protesting the rest of your life. what’s your objective? Zanu-PF is here to stay, join it or perish.

    • zimbotry

      Objective is to get rid of this corrupt party who has ruined our economy over 38 years

  • Kire

    To be honest I certainly agree, we have our schools named after dead heroes of England and living rulers in England. That is very devastating to be still marked by such. For liberating our country just for that and nothing else I think it’s a noble idea. We need to see more of our other heroes celebrated in such a manner for all their tremoendous work, dedication and duty to this country.

    • Zvogwadza

      for liberating your country? From what? Are you liberated or you are even worse off than under Ian Smith? Tipewo maserious Tsano

  • Zootopia Kakara Kununa

    It doesn’t change a thing thing. In the fulness of time it will be renamed just like what happened after independence

  • musombodiya

    This whole idea of thinking that we can wish away every problem that confronts us as a nation by creating a special degree programme or a whole university should end.What are we doing with the existing universities? Maybe its time we offer a Bachelors Degree in Robert Mugabe(B.RM(hons)

  • succuba

    Lincoln abolished slavery…