Govt mobilises $210m for livestock, wildlife support

joseph-madeLloyd Gumbo Senior Reporter
Government is mobilising about $210 million for livestock and wildlife support, Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Joseph Made has said.

He made the remarks in Parliament on Wednesday during a questions without notice session. Minister Made also urged farmers to destock, to avert losses caused by shortage of pastures and water. He was responding to questions from legislators on what mechanisms Government was putting in place to avert El Nino-related cattle deaths.

“On cattle, we have a support programme where we are going to spend about $139 million on the livestock programme,” said Minister Made.

“On the livestock destocking programme, we will chip in with $54 million, and on wildlife support we will assist with $15 million.”

Thousands of cattle have died throughout the country due to lack of grazing pastures and inadequate water.

In some parts of Manicaland and Masvingo, villagers are said to be selling their cattle for as little as $30. Minister Made said it was important for farmers in such areas to sell some of their cattle before their condition deteriorates.

“We envisage that farmers that are in the arid areas that do not have sufficient rainfall and pastures should destock before the livestock die of famine or lack of grazing,” said Minister Made.

“I am saying so because in some areas there has not been any rainfall, as a result we do not have grazing pastures.

“The key point is livestock farmers should destock and sell most of their cattle before they die,” said Minister Made.

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  • Rangarirai

    How many fanstastic lies have we previously heard from Minister Made and other Government spokespersons recently? We keep on hearing figures of a few hundred million being plucked out of thin air and “mobilised” for this and that emergency, when even our all weather friends refuse to extend more loans to an inveterate bad debtor with junk credit status, and Treasury is struggling to pay monthly civil servant wages on time let alone bonuses.
    The people would have far more confidence in imaginary and unbudgeted figures, if Government could provide genuine information on who and where it hopes to source all these hypothetical funds, apart from praying hard pressed Western donors will once again come to the rescue and replace incompetent Zanu-PF governance and lack of forward planning?

    • bexilford

      What is important is how the money will be distributed. Will it go to rural areas or to A2 farms?