Govt in drive to plug resource leakages

Mr Willard Manungo

Mr Willard Manungo

Conrad Mwanawashe Business Reporter
GOVERNMENT, through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, is in the process of implementing measures to strengthen public accounting systems to plug leakages of resources.

Appearing before the parliamentary portfolio committee on Public Accounts on the 2014 Auditors’ General Report, the secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Willard Manungo acknowledged the findings by the chief auditor and said Government is taking corrective measures to plug further leakages.

“We acknowledge the observations by the auditor general and corrective measures have been taken.

“Following the last audit observation we have made progress and we will be conferring with the auditor general in terms of the progress that has been made,” said Mr Manungo.

Some of the underlying challenges highlighted by the audit include misappropriation of funds, non-functional monitoring systems and software.

The misappropriation of funds has caused headaches for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the custodian of the Government purse, leading to the suspension or dismissal of nine senior members of the department of accountant general.

Members of Parliament were also concerned that some systems were not functional, there were no controls regarding timelines for posting expenditures and a lax in supervision of senior accounting officials.

“One of the challenges that we have had under the department of the accountant general is the issue of misappropriation of funds which as we speak is before the courts, a situation that necessitated that we suspend a number of staff and some appearing in courts.

“From the observations that have been made by the auditor general, we had to suspend quite a number of staff and some we had to relieve them of their duties. Those are some of the challenges that the accountant general has been facing in the department.”

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  • Jungle Justice

    Willard you fired all the 8 innocent people yet only one had stolen. After recovering what one worker stole why are you taking the pension of someone for simply touching an unopened envelop. Rhodisian soldiers who bombed Chimoyo and Nyadzonya have their pension and David Parirenyatwa who took 100k from PSMAS has his job why should innocent people retire in poverty because vabirwa ne mbavha yawaka bata. The attrocities commited under the president’s name tarnish his name BIG TIME!!!

    • Mtogigava

      Innocent in who’s eyes let the criminals face the music