Govt dismisses Kwese TV licence reports

Herald Reporter
The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) yesterday dismissed reports that it has licensed Kwese TV to operate in the country.

Reports on the licensing of Kwese TV have gone viral on social media.

In a statement yesterday, BAZ chief executive Mr Obert Muganyura said in terms of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 12:06], no person shall provide a broadcasting service in Zimbabwe other than in accordance with a licence issued by BAZ.

“The content distribution licence issued to Dr Dish, which was specific to the provision of the My TV Africa Service, as declared by Dr Dish in its application and stated in the terms and conditions of the licence, was cancelled by the authority for failure by Dr Dish to provide the My TV Africa service,” he said.

“BAZ therefore wishes to advise the public not to invest in a service that cannot be provided without a licence and warns anyone who may contemplate providing an unlicensed broadcasting service to acquaint themselves with the course of action that the authority is bound to take in terms of the law,” said Mr Maganyura.

Some sections of the media reported that Econet Zimbabwe employees were given Kwese TV decoders. They claimed that Government had licensed the pay TV platform owned by Econet Media, a subsidiary of Econet Global to start operations in the country. Lovemore Nyatsine, executive assistant to Econet group chief executive officer was, however, quoted dismissing the claims.

“It is still premature for me to comment because there are certain procedures that are being followed. “We are actually not licensed, as in that manner, certain processes need to be done.”

Currently, Kwese TV is operating in Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Rwanda and Zambia.

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  • Cde Hondo

    A local company operating in foreign countries only what has gone wrong with this country exactly.

  • Mwana WaSthembeni

    come 2018

  • Ray Mbada

    It’s not going to be based on that as you may wish, there are procedures to be followed, there are these dos and don’ts that should should be adhered to first.

    • sungano

      procedures that take long,how long must it take? botswana, zambia ghana, kenya,uganda,rwanda and lesotho have done the procedures necessary why only zimbabwe ? dstv is a foreign company making money from us , support locals. imagine econet wireless the number of employees it has. ahhh zvakaoma

  • Tarirai Masango

    What a Zanu disgrace, who clamour to be liberators and black “empowerers” and yet does not honour its own since they are not in the Zano Book of life. History will judge you harshly Gushungo and poor Mandiwanzira. Is it not an irony that “Kwese” a Shona titled product, an initiative of a very son of Zimbabwe is recognised and is taken pride of across Afrika but not in the Shonaland . Shame on you!

  • Muzezuru

    So much for ease of doing business. Zimbabwe, we do know how to shoot ourselves in the foot. Is the ease of doing business only targeted at foreigners? It also seems like these regulatory bodies revel in obstructionist statements.

  • james

    paya pandakati kagovement kamai mugabe kakadhakwa maita nharo

  • Reuben Mukondiwa

    How can it operate under evil Zanu Pf Gvt that only serve its interests.Shuwa Mwari anoona and one day is one day when tables will turn and those powers will be in hands of selfless leaders who respect the will of people.
    This shows that our Gvt is behind all the exorbitant charges that we are being charged by DSTV and they have shares.Tirikuuraiwa neMultichoice and they are refusing Bond notes vachida maUS$ as if there is forex.Kusvika rinhi tichikanyiswa zvidhinha nemate.Toramba tichingotambura takasvinura nematemba here munyika yatinonzi takapuhwa independence?Is this the emancipation you talk about?Hurumende yeZimbabwe ndeyechitororo zveshuwa..Haa but Mwari haanyadzise and zvichapera hazvo in new Zim

    • DSTV

      Mukondiwa, Chimira uwone vakangotevedzera mutemo chete kunyangwe dai iri mdc vayingotevedza mutemo chete ivo vanozviziva Econet ikatevedza mutemo zvanaka. isu vanhu tikanzwa chinhu nacho wurongwa wusati wapera. Towona kunge rimwe divi rakashata. Govt ayineyi nema charges eDSTV. Mwari hadi munhu asingade nyikayake. Pa achapfura nepawuri anowana wakashatirwa. Ida nyika yako sekuzvida kwawunoyita.

      • Jeffrey Kangara

        Please use your mother language to express yourself

  • Jonah15

    Ah well sadly not a big surprised unfortunately. Varungu ve DSTV will continue to grow their business in Zimbabwe thanks to another pro poverty stance by a government which preaches indigenisation if their own people have access to the purse.

  • muparavanda

    And you thought the Zanu pf was about indigenisation and promoting local businesses. If you are not one of their own they will use all means at their disposal to shut you out! ITs such a shame….

  • Local

    Let us be progressive people of Zimbabwe. Facilitate smooth licencing for Kwese and promote locals. Do not frustrate local efforts to improve our economy. This means more sales and more sales tax for the government, more payee tax as locals will be employed to run the operations. Its all for the benefit of the country. Both parties work together to get speedy licencing of Kwese TV. We dont want the USD flight out of the country paying DSTV

  • Nyathi

    Meanwhile Econet is among the top Tax Payers in Zimbabwe. Blocking Kwese for fear that it might flight Adverts for the Opposition is not only childish, but idiotic.

  • Nyathi

    Almost all straight forward Zimbabwean business people are running successful businesses outside the country – Just look at the majority thriving in Zimbabwe from Solar projects, Land in urban areas, fuel businesses, electricity generation, the new ZRP Roadblock Business, and so on.

  • eliah


  • Trex1

    Like you, he is entitled to go and not go werever he wants.

  • Eish

    Yakora muto sepa MaiChisamba show, do not chicken out now its too late, the issue is playing out big time.

  • Jeffrey Kangara

    Very sad, did u have any procedure in selling diamonds

  • Gary WekuZviyambe

    For the same reason our president gets treated in Singapore and not at Gomo Hospital

  • rabs

    at that time netone sim card was more expensive than econet..

  • Where are the 2 miliion jobs?

    Kwese will get the license July 2018, why do they want a license before elections??