Government changes education syllabus

Minister Dokora

Minister Dokora

Herald Reporter
The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has completed the draft Curriculum Framework that will see Agriculture being examined at primary school level, while Chinese, French, Swahili and Portuguese will be compulsory subjects in all Government schools.

According to the draft, the first Grade 7 General Paper Examination with the agriculture component will be written in 2016.

The draft becomes effective once it is approved by Cabinet.

The education ministry undertook an updating curriculum review exercise in October 2014, which was in line with the recommendations of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry on Education and Training (CIET) – the Nziramasanga Commission of 1999.

According to the draft, Ordinary Level students learner’s grades will be based on 40 percent theoretical examination, 30 percent practical examinations and 30 percent continuous assessment.

At the Junior School level (Form 2) 50 percent of the learner’s grade will be determined by continuous assessment and the other 50 percent will be based on the Grade 7 national examination.

According to the draft, Integrated Science is to be abolished because it does not save any purpose.

Children commencing secondary level up to advanced level will be now doing pure sciences.

At advanced level, besides Literature in English, literature of all the indigenous languages will be taught according to the schools province.

Upon completion of ordinary level, learners will now engage in a Life Skills Orientation programme for five months. The programme will encompass general and specific skills training through placement in sectors such as health volunteer services and outward bound the uniformed forces.

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  • Shingi Musunhe

    I case you didn’t know Swahili is the fastest growing indigenous language on the continent

  • Rafique702

    You do not have the resources to teach all of those subjects, second learning Chinese won’t change the stupid economic policies which have been formulated at government level…..

  • Shosholoza

    Your response glaringly exposes your unrivalled ignorance of issues. What is wrong with teaching Swahili, Portuguese and French in our schools? The English colonists have effected a lot of damage to your mosquito brain. You’re what we would call “house-nigger” whose sole purpose in life is to serve your English master.

  • Shosholoza

    In the Netherlands, school children learn English, French, German, Russian and Spanish and most Dutch speak fluently these languages.
    You’re an ignoramus…full of crap.