Gono’s Senate bid in tatters •he’s no registered voter in Manicaland •ZEC boss Makarau clarifies position

Dr Gono

Dr Gono

George Chisoko Acting Editor—
Former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono’s election to Senate has hit a brick wall after it emerged that he is not registered as a voter in Manicaland and until the law is put in place to allow people to register as voters and transfer their votes between constituencies. Dr Gono was slated to take up the Senate seat which fell vacant following the death of Cde Kumbirai Kangai on August 24 last year.

Zanu-PF won the seat on a party list system and could nominate a replacement.
In a letter addressed to Zanu-PF national chairman Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said there were no records showing that Dr Gono had registered as a voter in any of the wards in Manicaland Province.

“In view of the fact that Dr Gono is, on the face of it, not as of now resident in any ward in Manicaland, he then becomes disqualified to fill a vacancy in the province in terms of Section 45D (1) (d) of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2.13],’’ said Justice Makarau.

Ironically, Dr Gono was recently quoted in some quarters of the media declaring that he was ready to lead the people of Manicaland, yet he is registered as a voter in Harare.

Dr Gono could not be reached for comment last night despite several attempts and text messages sent to him.
The Zanu-PF leadership in Manicaland had in December last year adopted a resolution to have Dr Gono take up the senatorial seat.

Justice Makarau said even if Dr Gono tried to transfer his registration to Manicaland, there was currently no legal framework for anyone to do so.
“Now that the function to register and transfer voters is vested in ZEC, the most practical way around the current difficulty would have been for Dr Gono to apply to the commission to transfer his vote from Harare to Buhera West,” she said.

“Again, Honourable Chairman, we regret to advise that, whilst we now have the constitutional mandate to register and transfer voters and are willing and ready to register and transfer voters, there is no legal framework on voter registration and allied matters as envisaged in section 157 (1) (b) of the Constitution, a vacuum that has made us hold back on voter registration, thereby prejudicing not only Dr Gono in this case, but the generality of the electorate in Zimbabwe.’’

Justice Makarau said the constitutional function to register and transfer voters vested in the then Registrar-General of Voters in accordance with provisions of Clause 6 (2) of Part 3 of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution for the purposes of the July 31 2013 harmonised elections ceased when the voters roll for those elections closed on July 10 2013.
Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Cde Didymus Mutasa last night said the party was aware of the letter ZEC had written to the national chairman.

“The Politburo wants Dr Gono to be a Senator and if it means that the law would be amended, then let it be,” he said. “No one will reverse the decision of the Politburo. We will ensure that the law fits with the requirements of the party.

“Ukaona vakuru vachitadziswa kuenda pachigaro nekuda kwevaduku, then there is something wrong.”
Political and legal analysts last night concurred with Justice Makarau, noting that Dr Gono did not qualify to be nominated as Senator for Manicaland because he was not legally registered as a voter in that province.

They said the purported registration of Dr Gono had no legal force or effect because in terms of the new Constitution, the RG lost the power to register or transfer voters on July 10 2013.
Although the new Constitution gives ZEC the power to register or transfer voters, it cannot do that as there is no legal framework on voter registration and this does not have anything to do with Dr Gono as a person, but applies to everyone.

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  • max moyo

    Does anyonw know where old.musician Taso is. Any contact.

    • Hacha Ndizvo

      Dead and buried – as far as music is concerned. Look for his professional grave wherever dead musical careers are buried

  • Anticorruption

    Dr Gono always wants to pay his way. Cde Mutasa is of course making vacuous declaratory statements to say vakuru must be above the law because he did and still is getting funds and trinkets from Gono. Mutasa was being nursed from his near deathbed in Gono’s Mazvikadei lodge recently as part of these favours Mutasa now wants to return. Gono does not qualify. There are people voted who are on the list with Zec. In Manicaland its not true even that the Province agreed to Gono’s nomination. It was Mutasa with the aid of Bonyongwe. We need people who say “no” to corruption. Rugare Gumbo is being used as the front mouthpiece for Gono because he is living in a house bought by RBZ during Gono’s tenure. This is corruption. Well done Zec. Next move Gono will try to dodge and squeeze himself in Central Committee. Here too he doesn’t meet the set criteria. He must focus on rearing chicken. Full stop!

  • Makotose

    Makarau well done. This shows Zimbabwe has become of age in respecting its own laws. It is a shame that Mutasa even suggests that laws including the constitution should be changed for Gono. This is bizairre much as it shows his lack of understanding on how laws can be amended. The Politburo does not make laws. Neither does Zec. VaMutasa has infact betrayed the likely fact that he is singing for his lunch in blindly opening his mouth in a very selfdesteuctive way. Mutasa too must emerge from the December Congress empty-handed.

  • chamboko

    There we go again, Mutasa displays the flawed thinking that laws of the country are made to suit the whims of the Zanu party. In a normal society it should be the other way round, party needs conforming to the laws of the country.

  • paida walter

    pindu kachi zvaiwana ngwarati

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Apedza kuparadza mari yenyika zvino chasara chowoda kudestroyer kuManyika chii? Politics dzevafoira wobvisva apa woyendeswa uko. Nhamo yeZimbabwe inenharo.

  • Jojo

    It’s says a lot about our leadership and the what really happens behind the scenes

  • Tatenda Jenya

    Gara zviya Gono ari kufaction yaani. Ndibatsireiwo hama dzangu

  • Patriot

    Constitution ndiyo “vaduku”…what arrogance!

  • JSC

    GHow can a leader stand up in front of the whole country and state the following:
    (1) We will change the constitution to suit Gideon Gono
    (2) We will change the constitution to suit Zanu PF.
    So, why was there a referendum? What kind of thinking is this Mr. Mutasa?

    • Petro

      So sad and unashamed of him to say those words..do we really have an understanding of constitution it’s intent and purpose woe to u who are led by someone who thinks like this..shame

  • Courage

    President pindirai apa!!! We want Gono to be Senator. He distinguished himself in the office of Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe even though the country was under difficult times and he is a sober man. Now which faction wants to stiffle his progress? Pasi nevanoti Amai havakodzeri kupinda muPolitburo nevanoti Gono is ineligible to be Senator. VaGono must also get into the Central Committee and Poliburo. Who doesnt know that the post of Secretary of Finance is vacant?

  • Difficult Munetsi

    Musavaregere vachiita zvavano, ndini chete ndinoita zvandinoda….singing!

  • damian

    Whats so special about this senatorial seat?We already have senators and a senate president,what exactly will Gono add to the SENATE.He is not a lawyer that he can read statutes better.Whats is it for him and us that us the ordinary people don’t see.Do you need to be in the SENATE to stand for presidency or any post for that matter in ZANU-PF? How does it make him relevant more than other SENATORS?Or is he just looking for a title as he rightly do not want to be referred to as the former governor of RBZ.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    I am positive this platform will not stop my posting which I made about 2 hours ago in which I sought to bring out where this is all coming from. I tried to explain the Chinamasa, Munangagwa, Jonathan Moyo matrix and how it is closely linked to what is going on here. I implore this paper to allow views that are not favourable to Jonathan Moyo to be published as well. It will be very unfair to expose others and deny them some form of defece in a state publication. We are aware that you are currently trying to manage Cde Chinamasa’s short comings and portraying him positively despite his known short comings on matters economic. You are relentlessly tearing them apart those that you perceive to belong to the other faction. This is most unfortunate and must stop. I made remarks to the effect that I am not surprised that a communication to a private club called Zanu PF has found itself in the press. Matters legal in Zanu PF are handled by Cde Munangagwa deputised by Chinamasa and the two are in charge of Justice (Legal) and Finance respectively in government. I did mention that His Excellence the President did subtly express reservations on the ability of the incumbent to Cde Chinamasa in the Ministry of Finance to run the ministry as there was no money to pay civil servants. Gono obviously poses a threat should there be need to find an alternative. Now please do publish my previous fair and rational analysis and this one.

  • Hacha Ndizvo

    Ngazvikanyane, fight on at least we will stop reading about Chematama this, Chematama that.

  • makwavarara

    hakuna magweta here kuzanu to advise on such issues before this kind of an embarrassment

    • zvinokhataza

      When have they ever succeeded on the real big issues – even the AG whom they could tap for advice sezvo ari munhu wavo?

    • carson macate

      Let me at liberty to question whether Cde Mutasa is still in his senses?He started by calling fellow cmrades with a divergent opinion from his school of thought and those he owes allegiance “weevils”.Now is is openly advocating for OBSTRUCTION of justice.Who does he think he is?Who is Gono after all?Cmrades lets be on guard our glorious party is now being played in the hands of now misguided people.Come 2018 we shall fumble our catch.Lets do something about it NOW!!!!!

  • wekanyi

    That is what happens when you want to parachute people into seats because they do jobs for you. The law is the law unless there is law “yevakuru” and a different one “yevadiki”.

    To hear this being said by Mutasa indicates exactly what is wrong in Zimbabwe – laws being made up as they go for political expediency to benefit the powerful and the well-connected while the rest of us can suffer for all they care. Has Manicaland, the second most populous province in the country, run out of worthy candidates to the extent that laws have to be changed to accomodate one man? What is his hold on these people? When we get an answer to that and if we see laws being changed on a whim to suit ZANU PF’s narrow interests, then we will know why they are hell-bent on pushing this.

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Exactly my worry. We have people like you who are so naive and quite easy to manipulate. Alternatively you have a brief from the trio because you have sought to attack my person and you sound so emotional. What you see is not what is my friend and please clam down. Whilst I have gone beyond my first degree in economics I am just wondering what that has to do with Cde Chinamasa’s shortcomings which revealed themselves in the mid term fiscal review which point I raised in my unpublished dispassionate prognosis of the current toxic political environment. Your emotions betray some personal involvement in this saga. For your information in my unpublished installment I had criticised Cde Mutasa’s position but was quick to see what people like you will never see, being that there was deeper crimson evil than meets the ordinary man’s eye which is why I was gagged. I was trying to help people like you and I challenge them to publish it to prove that they are not in fact recklessly throwing their unprofessional hands everywhere within Herald House.

    • Petro

      Pliz can u repost your comment on either dailynews or newsday comments section we can read it there thanks

  • Tendekayi Machivenyika

    Gono should have done his homework on this one. He should have known that one cannot possibly represent a constituency where you are not registered.

  • koshy

    i belive if one wants to be a politician they should be voted into power. and the constitution was voted for by zimbabweans form all political parties not the politburo. the decision by zec is a step towards real democracy for the african states not to be one sided. lastly PLEASE PLEASE WHEN THESE PEOPLE FROM HIGH OFFICES SPEAK THEY SHOULD BE AWARE THAT AT ALL TIMES THEY WILL BE QUOTED EMULATE PRESIDENT MUGABE AND PROF J.MOYO

  • tapera

    well done RITA poor work zanu pf and gono i you told to educate these political ecd`s.now you are are behaving like tsvangirai how do you discover such in front of the whole country.

  • Mimi

    @Courage you really seem like a brainwashed individual who would not care to respect even Zimbabwe’s own laws. Thumbs up to Judge Rita Makarau for giving a ruling that goes beyond petty party politics but simple Zimbabwe laws. Gono might be good but he is not a registered voter in Manicaland and this is fact not fiction. He might be chosen/picked to be Senator in Harare where he is registered voter and obviously with the way our politics defy logic it will prevail. Can anyone imagine what the world will think of us if we even go against our own stipulated laws… Shame on Mutasa for hallucinating to this extent, Ini kutovanyarira baba ava.

  • Mukotami

    Just call Makarau woti ndini Gono