Fungisai Zvakavapano in the dock

Fungisai- Zvakavapano Mashavave

Fungisai- Zvakavapano

Fungai Lupande Court Reporter
Musician Fungisai Zvakavapano yesterday appeared in court on allegations of negligent driving after bumping into a vehicle she was following too closely. Zvakavapano (36) allegedly failed to manoeuvre while overtaking and hit another vehicle in the outer lane, causing other vehicles to ram into each other. She is a holder of a class 4 driver’s licence.

Zvakavapano appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Ruramai Chitumbura facing negligent driving charges.

She asked the court for more time to peruse State papers and engage her lawyer on what course to take.

Ms Chitumbura remanded the matter to September 18 for trial.

The prosecutor Mr Isheunesu Mhiti alleged that on July 27 this year at around 1pm, Zvakavapano was driving a Mercedes Benz along Leopold Takawira Street in Harare’s Central Business District.

She was going to Avondale due north and was occupying the inner lane.

She was allegedly following a Toyota Corolla, which was being driven by Onias Kapuranyika too closely.

It is alleged that Zvakavapano failed to keep a proper lookout and tried to overtake, hitting a Toyota Wish, which was on the outer lane on the right front wheel.

Kudakwashe Makwara was driving the Toyota Wish.

Zvakavapano lost control of her vehicle and bumped into the left rear side of Kapuranyika’s vehicle.

Subsequently, Patrick Zimbiru, who was driving a Subaru Forester rammed behind Zvakavapano’s vehicle.

Zvakavapano’s vehicle was damaged on the left front passenger door, rear view mirror, fender, rail, front bumper and right side rear bumper.

Makwara’s vehicle was damaged on the right front fender, front bumper, headlight, indicator lens and dislodged the right front wheel.

Kapuranyika’s vehicle was damaged on the left rear lens, and Zimbiru’s vehicle was damaged on the left front bumper.

Makwara was injured and the medical exhibit is kept as an exhibit.

Mr Mhiti accused Zvakavapano of travelling at an excessive speed in the circumstances and failing to stop when collision was imminent.

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  • Nzwananzi

    It;s not about telling lies but being responsible for our actions. that way, we may be pardoned, if not, keep our dignity intact.

  • Dre’ day every day

    That is true however of late I have noticed the police have this habit of opening a docket and sending it to court for final verdict they no longer fine and caution the negligent drivers.

  • eliah

    kkkkkk lets hear


    Even in the bible we have vanhu vanongonzi “others” like Zimbiru in this case. Atotaurwa zvake zita rake arinani, when Legion was cleansed akazoenda nepi? Akazoroora here? Ndovana Zimbiru ivavo, the focus was on the disciples, (Fungisai)