Freelance journalist robbed, murdered

Zecheaus Nemadire

Zecheaus Nemadire

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
FREELANCE journalist Zecheaus Nemadire was on Tuesday night attacked and killed by suspected robbers in Bluffhill, Harare. He was 23. Nemadire’s body was found about 500 metres away from his family’s home, along Lavenham Road yesterday morning by a passer-by who later informed the police.

The deceased’s brother Mr Tangai Nemadire said a friend visited him at his workplace at around 11am to tell him that a body had been found close to their home.

“He told me that he suspected the body to be that of my brother. I went immediately to the scene. Firstly, I noticed the clothes that he was wearing but could not see the face since he was lying facing downwards. After a few moments, I was shocked to discover that it was my brother who was lying dead.”

The police attended the scene and took the body to a city funeral parlour.
“The body will be taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital for post-mortem,” Tangai said.

Harare provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Tadius Chibanda said they were still investigating the case.
“We are investigating a suspected murder case which occurred last night in Westgate. The deceased’s body was discovered around 10am lying facing downwards about five metres away from the road,” he said.

He said there were no visible injuries except for nose-bleeding.
Chief Insp Chibanda said beside the body was a mouse which suggested that Nemadire was carrying a laptop.
His identification particulars were also scattered near the scene.

According to colleagues, Nemadire left for home around 8pm and was carrying his laptop.
Chief Insp Chibanda urged the public to avoid walking during the night especially in secluded areas and not to carry valuable electronic gadgets as these attracted robbers.

Nemadire did his attachment at The Herald before joining the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society as an assistant public relations officer early this year.
He was also a stringer for Zimpapers’ ZimTravel magazine.

Mourners are gathered at house number 2508 Bluffhill. Burial arrangements will be announced in due course.

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  • fololo

    Matanga kuponda vanhu futi, its so sad to loose life that way. what is the motive behind this murder???? is it becoz he was suspected to be baba jukwa’s associate? Foul play is being suspected there.

  • Julius Hillary Chirume

    Rest in Peace fellow Journo!!!

  • Hacha Ndizvo

    Ndarwadziwa fani. So sad to lose life at such a tender age. May God in his infinite power make these robbers see the light.

  • Dzapiringana Chimhini Haipo

    This is sad can someone tell botsotsoz (matsola) kuti the life of a human being is soo precious compared to these electronic gadgets or vehicles. Please just take the damn gadet or vehicle and spare the victim’s life. As a father and responsible citizen I am gutted. RIP mufana!!!! Can the death penalty wheels turn and turn fast on this case….

  • Mambo Nyondeni

    Surely not a good week for this profession. Two so far…hope the counting stops here!! RIP dear bros!!

  • James Bond

    That’s my old neighbourhood; and very safe too. Shame man.

  • Richard Justin Sauta

    what was obvious was a murder and a robbery but not an assassination and that is definately a foul and a capital offence that shold be investigated and punished to the full extent of the Law.period