Former minister Hlongwane arrested

Makhosini Hlongwane

Makhosini Hlongwane

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau
Former Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister and Member of Parliament for Mberengwa East Makhosini Hlongwane was yesterday picked up by police at his farm on the outskirts of Zvishavane town.

Police also seized about 10 tonnes of sugar beans they found stashed at the former minister’s farm. Acting police spokesperson for Midlands Province Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende confirmed the arrest.

She could not give details of the reasons for the arrest, saying the ex-minister was later released pending further investigations.

“I can confirm that police picked up Makhosini Hlongwane at his farm today (yesterday),” he said.

“A statement was recorded before he was released, but investigations are still underway.”

Sources close to the incident told The Herald that about eight police details raided the ex-minister’s farm in the early hours of yesterday before they arrested him. The sources said he was found with several tonnes of sugar beans, and could not explain how he got such large quantities.

“Police later loaded the sugar beans into a lorry and went to Zvishavane Police Station with the former minister,” said the source.

“He was asked to produce the receipts of where he bought the sugar beans, but he said they where donated by a company which he could not divulge.”

The ex-minister was said to be still assisting police with investigations by yesterday evening. Hlongwane, together with other former ministers linked to the G40 cabal skipped the border to Mozambique when the military intervened last month.

He later silently returned into the country some weeks after the swearing-in of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and since then, has been holed up at his farm in Zvishavane.

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  • Sad

    The new regime seem to have lost the plot. You are wasting resources hapana nyaya apa. Don’t major on minors. Build and arrest the big fish if that’s what you want to do.

    • Madzibaba

      Taura hako shamwari, resources must be wasted on the bigs wigs, well known and some of them in the new cabinet whose returns can improve the cash liquidity in the country. 10t of sugar beans, zvinoora izvo!, tinoda zvema diamond

    • mpengo

      Hapana nyaya?

      May be you should be commenting on issues kubhawa or abhors or go drink maheu or something.

      10 tonnes of unexplained sugar beans, and then agricultural equipment, and then wheelchairs. Stored away on his private residence?

      You are either as thick as a pile of bricks or need help, if you don’t see the problem there.

      For one thing, that region was noted as having people who were facing starvation and subsequently got alot of relief food….do you need me to connect the dots?

      Wheelchairs were also disbursed by donor and U.N. agencies to rural schools and clinics. Through their respective members of parliament!

      Last planting season we also had people complaining about how some MPs collude and monopolize presidential inputs and tractors together with sabhukus. When the intended beneficiaries never get access to them.

      I remember particularly reading about some chief or sabhuku that punished some villagers by withholding food aid intended for them…guess where that was….Mberengwa!

      So before you blurt out your shallow and ignorant statements, give time to actually understand the why or just drink Maheu and let good reporting happen!

  • Makhololo

    These G40 thugs are everywhere.

    • Cde in DIASPORA

      But are there no criminals thugs in Lacoste too. We want corruption to be cleansed across the political and factional divide please.

  • Ngomalungundu

    Why only criminals from one faction? Zimbabweans are watching and following with national interest. Kkkkkkkk. It begins to taint the thrust to remove corruption.

  • Zizou

    Dai wakaziya wakaramba uri news reporter

  • Ephraim Dennis Keta Chirimuuta

    Kana government ichida kupedza corruption vanofanira kuisa mutemo we kuti 10% of the amount ye mari inoitwa deal inopihwa ataura corruption inopera munyika

  • Ephraim Dennis Keta Chirimuuta

    The Government has to approved payment of not more than 10%per cent of the recovered loot to any successful whistle blower, who provides relevant information leading to the recovered

  • yowe

    This former minister must be regretting why he left ZBC

    • Cde Njelele

      He regrets why he became G40. He was not going to be arrested if he had been Lacoste. It is now clear. Its politics stupid. Kkkkkkkki

  • Widzo

    The biggest thieves are Mugabe and Grace, and they negotiated for immunity from prosecution so case closed. Do not waste resources muchimhanyisa vanhu vane beans dzavo ne mbeu dzechibage hatisi vana vadiki isu makuda kutijairira

    • win

      dzimwe mbavha dziriko ku Harare city council. we are paying water bills apa mvura yacho toiwana 2 days a week. apa bill rinouya richida $26 every month yemvura yatashandisa 8 days a month. is that fair. President please pindirai.

  • PV Ngwenya

    G40 members were shielded by Grace, meaning they would be more comfortable and feel safe looting than those of the other factions. Members of the other faction would be arrested if any wrong doing was found. From the look of things, anyone aligned to Mrs Mugabe was guaranteed protection. Remember how the former VP used to release those aligned to them from police custody? ZRP couldnt even question any directive as long as it had Grace’s name linked to it. For that reason, its possible that only G40 members may have been ablevto loot.

  • dax

    This country seems to be going nowhere may God help us.

  • Wasu Pa Internet

    Mr Hlongwane should be made to eat his beans…..everyday until his stock runs out! kkkkkkkk

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    Before we factionalise this argument we must just ask ourselves a simple question. Did he or did he not steal? The problem in Zimbabwe is we hide behind politics most of the time. This is how Jonathan Moyo escaped when he was supposed to answer on charges for what was clearly a corrupt activity. He managed to convince some individuals that he was being victimised and they swallowed this hogwash hook line and sinker. We need to just let the law take its course. He is afterall presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. What was happening is that people aligned to the so called G40 cabal had acquired some form of immunity courtesy of Madame Veto Grace who could even veto court processes. I personally like the young minister and agree with those that say it looks like his is a relatively small heist, but heist it is, of course subject to there being proof to that effect. We need to account for everything.

  • Mudzimbahwe

    Corruption is not just a G40 or ZANU PF problem. It’s a Zimbabwean problem. I remember that during the Inclusive Government, our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Tsvangirai was living in a government mansion that many of us can only dream of. He took 1.5 million from the Reserve Bank, and another 1.5 million from the Ministry of Finance to renovate the mansion. Imagine, poor Zimbabwe, can afford to rennovate a house for 3 million. How many houses can be bought for that kind of money? That kind of money can even build a decent school. And Mr Tsvangirai did this whilst he was in a power-sharing government. Imagine how much he would have taken if he was an executive president who was not sharing power with another party.

  • Samuel m mangena

    Mphoko has also 14 tractors donated fo the country from Brazil , i saw them being moved out of their hide out by George Mlala at a building he had also seized from a white man located at along G.Silundika btwn 12th and 13th avenue Byo

    • Dumezweni

      Yeah, he should also be locked up. For externalizing U$ futhi futhi. Yaaah, arrest him and fling the keys into Bulawayo’s heavily polluted Mazai River. Make me happy, please!

  • Van Vuren NewZealand

    10 tonnes of sugars beans is worth 4000 bond dollars comparing with 15 billion USD diamonds. Hey away Zimbo. Thats way you can fix the economy for the past 27years