Five foreign artists for Zim song

Minister Chikukwa (left) shares a lighter moment with some of the musicians on the collaboration

Minister Chikukwa (left) shares a lighter moment with some of the musicians on the collaboration

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
It is proven that when teaching about other cultures – especially in foreign language classes – music is often a key part of the curriculum.

Music is incredible in its ability to have so many sounds, emotions, instruments, beats, genres, and people who listen to many different types every day.

It is with the aim of making music as a global language that gospel musician Abraham Matuka has collaborated with four other international artistes for a song that is aimed at promoting local culture and heritage.

The musicians are Sukristianto Hari Kusminto (Indonesia), Han Liv Qing (China), Pitshou Lumiere (DRC), Menezes Bandeira (Angola) and Matuka.

The song is entitled, ‘Lovely Zimbabwe’, which speaks highly about Zimbabwe and was written by Matuka.

The musicians will start recording at JP Records next week with the project expected after one-and-half months.

Speaking at the event to announce the project, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs in Harare Metropolitan Province, Honourable Miriam Chikukwa said the project will blend various cultures and languages.

“This project is being led by our very own artiste Abraham Matuka in a bid to promote the creation of cultural understanding among nations.

“We welcome the various artists who are here to participate. I believe your visit here will promote our province as the song will encourage people from your home countries to visit us too,” she said.

Matuka’s manager, Blessing Madura said they were inspired to write such song because of how some musicians were asking about Zimbabwe.

“We remember attending a festival in China and many foreign artistes were asking about our country. I had a chat with Abraham over it and he decided to pen the song involving them. To us, it’s a plus as we will be marketing Zimbabwe to them,” he said.

Madura said the visiting artists will also go on tour to some parts of Zimbabwe so as to get a clear understanding of the project and country.

“We have already planned their itinerary before and after studio sessions. The song will have a mixture of genres from rhumba, pop, jazz and contemporary. It will have languages such as Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Mandolin and Swahili among others, courtesy of the musicians,” he said.

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