First Lady snubs VP Mujuru

President Mugabe greets Zanu-PF National Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, while the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe awaits her turn as Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru looks on at the Harare International Airport yesterday.

President Mugabe greets Zanu-PF National Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, while the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe awaits her turn as Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru looks on at the Harare International Airport yesterday.

Herald Reporters
First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe yesterday declined a handshake from Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru at the Harare International Airport in the wake the serious allegations of corruption, subversion and abuse of office levelled against the VP. Dr Mujuru was at the airport together with various senior Government officials to welcome President Mugabe and his delegation on their return from Italy where they witnessed the beatification of Pope Paul VI at the Vatican.

This was the second time the First Lady snubbed VP Mujuru after also not shaking her hand when they were preparing to leave for Italy on Friday night.
The snub clearly indicated that all is not well for VP Mujuru, with a Politburo meeting set for tomorrow expected to discuss her wayward behaviour that has reportedly riled President Mugabe.

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This came as Zanu-PF Harare provincial executive leaders hired five kombis yesterday with activists and members of the Mbare Chimurenga Choir to demonstrate against the First Lady at the airport for her revelations on VP Mujuru’s shenanigans.

Zanu-PF Politburo member Cde Tendai Savanhu, provincial chairman Cde Amos Midzi and two other provincial executive members Cdes Christopher Chigumba and Noah Mangondo hired the kombis.

Their plan flopped after vigilant security details thwarted the intended demonstration by stopping them from accessing the VIP enclosure.
The youths were wielding placards with messages like: “Tichapedzerana (we will sort you out)”, “Dirai Rese Gamatox (intensify the poison)”, “Pasi nemakuhwa (down with gossip)” and “NaJonso Tichapedzerana (We will deal with Jonso – colloquial for Prof Jonathan Moyo)”.

Inside the airport, upon his arrival President Mugabe greeted VP Mujuru, Senior Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo, Harare Provincial Affairs Minister Miriam Chikukwa, among other officials.

The First Lady, who was following behind the President, ignored VP Mujuru’s offer of a handshake and instead greeted Cde Khaya Moyo, who was next to her and other officials.
After greeting the other waiting officials, Amai Mugabe started chatting with Cde Khaya Moyo, while President Mugabe conversed with VP Mujuru, after which he talked briefly with service chiefs.

Outside the domestic terminal, the hired Zanu-PF supporters were denied entry into the security zone and could be seen milling around in the airport car park after the President had left.

Cdes Midzi, Savanhu, Mangondo and Chigumba, and Harare provincial Women’s League chairperson Cde Angeline Matambanadzo were present at the airport.
Cde Midzi was not picking up his phone yesterday, but Cde Savanhu attempted to distance himself from the plan to demonstrate against the First Lady.
“Do you think that is possible,” he said. “Would the country’s security just fold its arms and allow that to happen. Harare province organised a successful rally for the First Lady two weeks ago where she even united people. Why then would we want to demonstrate against her?”

Cde Savanhu said Zanu-PF supporters were not able to meet President Mugabe after being advised that the Vatican visit was a private visit.
He said the communication came late after people had already been told that they should go to the airport early in the morning.

“We know that there are some people who are pushing their agendas to try and tarnish our names,” he said. “We now no longer lose sleep over that. Tava kungotarisa zvedu tichiti nyorai zvenyu zvamunoda.”

Amai Mugabe has been unequivocal in condemning factionalism during her “Meet the People” rallies that ended last week.
At a rally in Mashonaland Central province on Thursday last week, Amai Mugabe said President Mugabe was fed up with VP Mujuru’s behaviour and advised her to apologise to him or risk the boot.

At another rally in Mashonaland East, Amai Mugabe said opposition parties like MDC-T and Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn as well as corruption and factionalism were mooted at VP Mujuru’s house.

Amai Mugabe rapped Zanu-PF provincial chairperson for Mashonaland East Cde Ray Kaukonde for being the main funder of factionalism in the party and for being deceitful in wearing a fake smile.

A Politburo meeting set for tomorrow is expected to discuss how to deal with the revelations on VP Mujuru’s actions.
Party spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo has since confirmed that the allegations raised by the First Lady were too serious and could not be ignored by the Politburo.

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  • joemuda

    Mai Mugabe is showing a high level of immaturity and her behaviour is reminiscent of madzimai ekumaraini anoita makuhwa akamira pafence kumarokesheni kwedu.

    • Neolexus

      Well said

    • Ras Matopos

      I think her anger is coming from the President’s silence on the whole issue and the way he is taking time to make a public comment about VP Mujuru. Remember Grace already told the people that she discussed the matter with him (about baby dumping) and she probably expected him to come out and endorse her assertions. Now that he has so far remained silent kind of takes the wind out of her sails, and him chatting with the VP and so forth. Also remember that the President has more history with the VP than with Grace, and this would not sit down well with me if I was Grace.

    • tafamutekwe

      No-one could have said it any better than that Joemuda. Such behaviour can also be called “Blairish behaviour” after that immature British Prime Minister snubbed a handshake from our great President and instead scuttled away to sit elsewhere at the funeral mass of the last Pope. Of course the true English gentleman Prince Charles did not object sitting and chatting with President Mugabe at the same event. Needless to say such a despicable act tarnished Tony Blair’s prime- ministerial image in the face of many impartial observers. Professor Grace Mugabe seems to have forgotten that she was returning from a holy Vatican ceremony and should have displayed the Christly spirit that she has been urging at most of her “unite the Party tour.” Can we then not anticipate a “mini unity accord” between these two newly minted academics?

      • makwavarara

        why touching vana Tony Blair in your own case?

    • Cde Gabarinocheka

      kana kumusha vari kurwisi vachigeza. kwanzi kuna mai nhingi pagezero saka ndozoenda vabva

    • Harare

      wataura chokwadi joemuda plus kushaya bonde

  • Mindu Al Killah

    reminds me of Evra and that man eating boy Suarez,,Im not sure who is Evra and who is Suarez…who would have thought that this would happen 3 months ago? Two doctors of the same coin ,, rega ndirare hangu

  • Zimbabwe United

    Any national political leader incapable of practicing the most basis diplomatic etiquette is cheap and has no role to play in society. There has never been any pronounced division in Zimbabwean society such as the one following the disturbances in Matabeleland which involved use of arms of war, bloodshed and loss of human life in 1981-82. Yet the then protagonists in that dark chapter in the history of our country were never on record for failing to exchange handshakes. In fact it was their capacity to practice handshakes that gave birth to the December, 22, 1987 Unity Accord between ZANU-PF and ZAPU PF.

    The MDC sellout political mischief from 1999 is another sad development in the history of our country post-independence. Yet now and then we read media reports of the two persons at the helm then, always exchanging hanshakes as well as sharing cups of tea.

    We should not stoop so low in leadership as to create rupture in our body politic ZANU-PF to the point of leaving a polarised and seriously fractured party. Tomorrow we may wakeup to regret that we are unable to mend a party and nation that is terrible divided. Please let us not create, through careless behavior, conditions that breed the Dhlakamas of this world. Just when we were celebrating our victory over our Western detractors led by our erstwhile colonizers the British, why should we give our detractors another opportunity to effect regime change? Do we really understand the domestic political conditions under which neo-colonialism and imperialist forces thrive in post-colonial societies? We seem ignorant of this so obvious fact of history written all over the world from Africa to Latin America to Asia.

    Can the Head of State discharge his responsibilities and rescue the nation from this drama that is preventable or else one day we will wake up faced with the embarrassment of inviting one of our friends in SADC to mediate between Zimbabweans not talking to each other but at each other. The tasks of economic recovery and economic rebuilding lying ahead of us are so immense to allow us the luxury to drive a deep wage amongst ourselves. What is it that we are failing to solve within the politburo framework? Why this political carelessness? Why this absence of self-introspection? One listens to the First Lady and she quotes from the Bible and l have no doubt she is a saved Christian. May the Lord’s grace favour her and give her the spiritual power to overcome the forces of anger and revenge. Does the Bible not admonish us to “forgive those who trespass against us?……to love our enemies?” God save Zimbabwe and its peace-loving people.

    • Tarubva

      “The MDC sellout political mischief from 1999 is another sad development in the history of our country…”. What trash! The economy improved significantly from 2009 to 2013 when the MDC was in government. The sad development was the total mandate given to the Zanu PF government, because with it, the country is going to the dogs right in our eyes.

      • Not Fooled

        Fast asleep Tarubva! Cannot see that it was not the MDC that improved our economy from 2009 to 2013. It’s shameful you do not understand the real liberation struggle or what is happening. Open up your eyes and see beyond the horizon…… I give you homework.

      • Zimbabwe United

        Yes the country improved significantly from a sanctions ravaged economy to one where some growth was realized under black economic empowerment. And where did the sanctions come from? Ask Biti who confessed he did not only instigate them but was part to their drafting.

        Under ZANU-PF we have an agricultural sector on a recovery path. By the way agriculture is the mainstay of our economy. We have energy projects being implemented such as the ongoing expansion of the Kariba Power supply. We are working on upgrading our road infrastructure, etc.

        To me if the government improves on governance, the present challenges should be a passing phase. More so following deals concluded with the Chinese and the Russians. But of cause the bickering in ZANU-PF that is rearing its ugly head may easily see a retreat by both the Chinese and Russians. Needless to sat the perceived stability within ZANU-PF is a major reason why those two big economic powers decided to commit huge resources in Zimbabwe. Thus, far, it appeared ZANU-PF was capable of managing peacefully its internal leadership dynamics and thus ruled out prospects of foreign investors suffering from a political risk related investment exposure.

        Agreed, ZANU-PF can do better in particular if it can reign in corruption. I decry the absence of a 100 % independent or autonomous Anti-Corruption boady in Zimbabwe, one that is above the politics of the day. I have done some research on countries that have brought corruption under check by creating truly functional independent anti-corruption bodies that execute their mandate without fear or favour.

        Secondly, The First Lady last week disclosed that there were some Cabinet ministers that are still in Cabinet because the President was a tolerant man. That statement sent my heart sinking, l do not see myself recovering any soon from that disclosure. His Excellency, our revolutionary leader has a constitutional mandate to spearhead a dynamic process that delivers national economic prosperity and improves the quality of life of all Zimbabweans. Part of that spearheading is his unfettered authority to appoint, reprimand or dismisss any Minister or commissioned public servant who fails to deliver. This mandate does not give him the latitude to accommodate incompetence, inefficiency, corrupt officials. It cannot always be business as usual. Heads should roll at every turn individuals undermine the President’s mandate to deliver on his electoral promises. This should be clear to all ZANU-PF members and cadres alike.Of course if the party behaves as if it has monopoly over political life in Zimbabwe, there are living examples abound of former liberation parties that have gone into oblivion or near oblivion. ZANU-PF can rescue itself from that possibility.

    • observer

      But even Satan quoted the bible, that does not change his identity. True character now coming out. Even when such glaring shortcomings are now obvious some will still blindly bootlick and fight to instal such leadership. When you want to see the identity a person led by God’s spirit read Galatians 5v22. Dont fool yourself anything contrary to this is of the Devil (Galatians 5v17-21)

  • Jones Musara

    ya, paipa does this mean no ‘mini unity accord’ is happening between the First Lady and the VP? it would suggest that there has to be serious issues for these 2 to be not getting along to the extent of the First Lady refusing a handshake from the VP? His Excellency seems to being tactical on this matter….he has not said anything so far. gore rino, ha, pakaipa

  • Zimbabwe United

    At the end of the day those who claim or declare to be Christian subscribe to that religious teaching.

    Anyway, the import of my remark in the context at hand is that statecraft requires some dose of diplomatic conduct, restrained emotional agitation, foresight and good judgement with respect to pros and cons.

    I certainly note your apprehension.

  • admire


  • Sugarfoot01

    Spin doctor is in overdrive, working overtime to convince the world the first lady is right. Only we shall judge. The VP may have been wrong but you don’t hire a fool to tell her. Refusing to shake hands? How low can one stoop?

  • Tempt Mhonda

    And thrn what happenned? We still have the dollar and China-is-the-master as minister of finance. Yet things have gone south. There is a marked deterioration since 2013 when the MDC left gvt. So what now do you blame for this worsening crisis?

    • mahumbwe

      Kune vanhu vakatoparara brain nokufunga kuti chero kudofora kwezanu kunonzi I MDC. ZimAsset matokanganwa kare …how do you implement the plan when you are busy fighting for positions dze next elections. Vamwe can’t even remember a single promise made to the electorate

  • punungwe

    And Zanu-PF seriously thinks someone displaying such childish and immature behaviour deserves a position in its leadership structures?

    Vanhuwe nyatsofungai zvakare kuti muri kuda kutamba here, kana kuti muri kuda kuita serious.

    You cannot be serious muchiita zvekumahumbwe zvekuramba kumhoresana.

    Iko kusanyara kwacho.


    If only Tsvangison could make use of such a golden opportunity to destroy PF

    • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

      They are still destroying themselves so there is no need for Tsvangison to interrupt.

    • Muntumatic

      The moment Tsvangirai surfaces that will be the unifying factor in Zanu. Tsvangirai actually did the ruling party a favour by making them coalesce against one common enemy. Now that enemy has been vanquished they are turning to each other. Tsangirai is truly a spent force that is why they are not bothering with him. What will Tsvangirai possibly do now? Even if – as he alleges – Zanu stole the elections from him in 2014 he is absolutely powerless to stop it from happening again in 2018 (he failed to stop it while he was prime minister)… What is clear is the only struggle that is ensuing is one within the party because there is no credible threat to their power from outside. Til 2018 the whole of Zimbabwe is Zanu Pf.

    • Tatenda

      Tsvangison arikutofunga kuti kuAvenues ndingawane zveBACCOSI here zvandachoboka kudai.

  • Munhu

    Zvigodii? Hanty naBob vakakwazisana zvavo?

  • wezhira wezheve

    Prince Charles has made a diplomatic gaffe on the eve of his wedding, by shaking hands with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe at the Pope’s funeral.

    The prince was “caught by surprise” when Mr Mugabe leaned over to greet him, Clarence House said.
    Friday, 8 April, 2005

  • ma1 atanga

    from an economic point of view …true….but economic performance is inseparable of the prevailing political conditions….kurai cde expand your spectrum

  • Nyatsimba Mutota

    Amai scoring own goals, day after day.

  • gaddafi

    kana vaporofita vaJehova vakataura kuti there is going to be blood sheds imi moramba yet the signs are already there vana vevhu lets pray kti zvakadai zvisaitika

  • weevil chipfukuto

    and grace calls herself mai ve nyika when she is behaving like that. shame on her. I don`t think Amai Sally was like that. To make matters worse she was coming from Vatican where she received Holy Communion. Shake hands or not Mai Mujuru will remain VP grace nana jonso vasingade vachida.

  • mhofu

    all along i was of the opinion that politicians are mature people….they disagree on an issue but that does not get personal…..Amai is displaying so much of immaturity zvekuti zvakunyadzisa…vaMugabe naTsvangirai chero vaine madifferences avo they had tea together….MDC and ZANU PF MPs chero vabva kushaudhana muparliament you see them laughing together vabuda panze….coz its a difference in opinions and views that should not translate to open hatrage……Amai is being very childish….varikunyara kuti mai mujuru has been mature enaf not to respond to her wild accusations..they wanted her to say soemthing then qoute her……..But Teurai Ropa is a seasoned politician…she knows on cases like this SILENCE IS GOLDEN!! RAMBAI MAKANYARARA Dr Amai Mujuru….vachanyara chete….
    chero zvenyu muine mhosva on this one i support you…

  • Judas Iscariot

    Forgive her please,her expertise, is in dealing with kids,running an orphanage home and running a country are 2 different things.Amai Mujuru is used to running the country and her conduct speaks for itself.She is a very classy lady an eg of how a leader should behave in public.This is why all the provincial leaders and the real war vets are behind you amai,

    • Mamvemve

      Thank you for stating the facts. Mai Mujuru has shown class by maintaining her silence. She will be more than capable of responding to these silly allegations in the Politburo and shame on the Herald for being the judge and executioner before any evidence is presented. It is very childish and not befitting of an aspiring leader to refuse to shake hands when the VP has not been tried or convicted of any crimes.
      The only way ZanuPF can deal with the VP is through an accident or fire otherwise legally they do not stand a chance because the entire ZanuPF top brass is corrupt to the core. The VP knows too much and all hell will break loose if the President does not reverse this suicidal assault on a liberation war icon.

      • Jojo

        Kana handsahake yakungonyorwa all the time, journalism has gone to the dogs.

      • Travis

        They did not use a fire or an accident after all

  • tozvireva

    Shame on the Herald for being used to further factional agendas

  • wanguc

    Vanhu vasina kuenda kuhondo vanonetsa.

  • norest

    Asi vari kubva kunotambira Holy Communion. Saka kutenda kwacho kuri kupi?

  • Help me Repent

    Its not about MDC Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) its about anything that kick out Zanu Pf from our suffering.It seems as if we cant go anywhere without Americans and Britons.God said to Moses this suffering will end one day,you will never see these Egyptians again.Psalms 24 Nyika nekuzara kwayo nevageremo ndezva Jehovah….just reminding you Honourable Cde Mzvinavhu.

  • General Lizard

    “HIRED” zanu pf supporters is this herald???? they now acknowledge its not real support

  • Command Center

    If it was Cde China who rescued the Economy in 2009 as you say Cde Mzvinavanhu(Prof), why can’t he do it now, just asking?????

  • Jongwe

    VaMugabe shook hands and talked to mai Mujuru while mai Mugabe refused a handshake offer from mai Mujuru. The free circus/comedy continues, we love it. I zanu here iyi? Hamheno gore rino! Gonzo nachin’ai zvatosvorana. Ukaona imbwa yohukura bhonzo …………………………………..

  • jojo wamoyo

    In most cases when women behave this way, it will be something to do with their private lives. Someone knows something about the other and the other part seem to be desperate to block the beans from being spilt.

  • Simon Madzongwe

    singing for your supper, you guys @Herald suck,

  • knox mcmillan

    @ prof this shows that you are a homo sapien of narrow comprehension who can’t decipher positive from negative thoughts is the USD not being used now? why are companies keep on closes down and people are suffering. I think before you waffle you must check your thoughts as a Professor unless you just give yourself a title like what is being done by others

  • Analyst

    This is a personal thing between the editor and our VP. I saw the clip on Good Morning Zimbabwe. They did shake their hands. Why are you guys spreading false hate message

  • bhobho chari

    you never stop amazing me fake prof.even someone with o level commerce knows that the economy was stabilised by the coming of mdc into government

  • jethro Zanamwe

    I thought the first family was coming from a religious ceremony where I thought they went to reconnect with God. If so I expected them to come with a renewed Godly spirit but alas it sees its just a formality Zimbabwe needs God fearing leaders and I do not see that being expressed by the first lady in her actions. I am wondering if this was the ZIMASET they were selling during elections or its a calculated ploy to divert people’s attention from real issues of national importance they have failed to sort out. Remember there is life after December and there is 2018. You divide yourself like that and think you will win votes? Whoever is spanning the first lady is doing a great job of destroying ZANUPF from within and who does not know who that person could be. What is important is to know that such uncouth shenanigans have led to ass genocides elsewhere and the ring leaders have fond themselves at the Hage. Zimbabwe needs peace and for all leadership to provide strategic direction from the mire we have found ourselves in due to lack of astute leadership. One wonders whether we still have someone at the helm or yangove waona waona

  • jethro Zanamwe

    Is this expected from someone with a PhD? If that is the case then I am going to recant or hang my well earned gown.

  • blar tindo

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk zvabuda pachena zvino. Rine manyanga hariputirweeeee tochiitamba ngoma iye zvino inzwa kunakidza kwayo kkkkkkkk Asi isu hatisiyane namai vedu Joyce Mujuru our own Joyce Banda wemuZimbabwe…………Musatyiswe amai Mujuru nezizi harina nyanga.

  • gamatox

    Vachibva kutemberi here, Pop(papa) did not preach the gossip(el) of forgiveness well, Tirivawadzani vana veZanu pf……vemusangano mumwe, please let’s unite, let’s be patriotic, lets fight our wars behind the closed doors.

  • ishumairai

    I thought she was coming from church all the way from Rome to receive the holy communion Luke 6;26-29 or Mathew 6;12 unless she had gone there on meet the pope tour anywhere I am looking for Mutukudzi song with the following lyrics “Chimusoro wanyanya, Chimusoro Mayaya, Kukambira kambira wanyanya apa nepapa ndepako uyo neuyo ndewako.” Do you know the title please.

  • munhu mutapa

    I must admit something is not well in my party and needs redress. Although you expect that in true democracy but the mudslinging must stop and all people involved must respect one another despite the differences.

  • tushu

    Cde Mzvinavhu
    i have two questions for you,…. are we still not in the multi-currency era? if we are, why is it the economy that improved between 2009 and 2013 taken a nose dive since after 2013 elections?. if you can answer these then you will realize that your assertions are just but emotional and not factual.

  • DR Jowero

    Cde if you can please enlighten us what changed from 2013 up to today yet we still using the dollar? what we witness is an economy spirraling down at an unprecedented level in the history of mankind. arent we still dollarised? so where is the problem. i can help you there, we have clueless leaders! give credit to the MDC when its due. Cde China is our finance minister now, can he pliz do the magic of 2009?

    • Chatugu

      Muregererei professor uyo.Too much propaganda taken without thought.Vanokofonyora vana ** hook,line and sinker kana uri bhambi

  • khozanai

    The amount of bootlicking at the Herald is ashaming.

  • Cde Rovai Nhora

    Mai Mugabe musadaro, Inga muri kubva kuChurch wani????neniwo ndiri mukatorike….apa matimakisa…The Catechism of The Catholic Church teaches us to forgive each other as prescribed in the Ten Commandments….you are coming from a Mass of the highest level…said by the Pontiff(The Pope), the man who sits at the Chair of Peter……ko daka nderei….dzorai moyo mutaure naMwari wenyu….Inga isu maKomuredhi tinotya Mwari wani…naivo VaMugabe vanotya Mwari wani….ko imi mapindwa nei….musafurirwe naana Jonso ava….Mai Mujuru igandanga rehondo yeChimurenga and you cannot take away that from her….nemiwo muri mudzimai wemutungamiriri wenyika makakosha….chiitai zvinoita, kwete kungopaumba…..Pamberi nokubatana….Pamberi nekuregereranai….Ko zvamunoti Mai Mujuru ndevemadhiri, ko asina twake mumusangano wedu ndiani???….Zivai kuti anotaurisa neaanonyarara, anokunda ndeanonyarara…..ndini wenyu Mukomuredhi WeZanu PaWenella.



  • masvukupete

    Matakanana nemahumbwe.

  • chakauya nengarava

    So people only shake hands kana paine wafa??? HE shook hands wani, pane anga afa?

  • Mazivanhanga

    Actually this story is so sarcastic on Grace that even the funder of this story should still punish the reporters on such a shoddy job. Dr. VP had gone to the airport to meet HE. Period.

  • Vusumuzi Bvunzawabaya

    Just because some ministers ,politburo members rush to attend Dr Grace Mugabe’s meetings , Grace suddenly thinks she is powerful. And she suddenly gets the Herald and herald Analysts on her side. Mujuru is going nowhere inkomo ingazala umuntu. We cant be held hostage by Grace and soon and very soon she will find her place. She is overrating herself and the state/ZANU-PF press is giving her this self-sense of importance. What do our CIO advise some of these people

  • Mazivanhanga

    Munhu akanodya sakramente shuwa anodzoka pfunde pfunde yatova pamusoro? Aaaaah kana kusanyara kwacho. Munhu arikubva kuchechi? Yohweeee.

  • Telescope

    Herald please. This is bad etiquette by people purporting to lead a country. Imagine if Mugabe didn’t shake hands with all perceived rivals More so coming from Mass ya Pope. Christianity my foot. Anger destroys the one who carries it. Kana chipari hachidaro.

  • jojo

    She is very childish and with that kind of behaviour ,she wont last a day in active politics.Mrs Muru is an earthquake that will tear Zanu pf apart if not handled well.she has a faithful following far larger than that of Grace Mugabe.Mrs Mugabe should tread very careful here.she needs THE VP more than THE VP needs her

  • gchivandaidze

    One sided and biased reportage towards one faction and no stories or criticism regarding the other faction.That means there is no factions since we have been hearing attcks on VP Mujuru only and its boring and worthless news.Herald has become the champion of factionalism with their biased and unbalanced stories.These youth used to gather at the Aiport each time to receive their president and we have never heard a word called hired activists welcoming the president, and mbare chiumrenga choir is all over every ZANU pf gathering to entertain the Delegates..Today due to one faction being fronted by the Herald we hearing all sorts of terms like hired Activists, that”s all about attacking all party members perceived to be against their factional team.

  • aaronmthombeni

    My question is, why is the Herald humiliating the first Family this way? Why destroy our HE so cheaply like this? Who is the beneficiary of all this? Our country went through two Chimurenga wars and there was an unfortunate Gukhurahundi. Was it not enough war? This war that is being brewed at Herald House needs to stop! Why dont you just shutup!!!

  • floki vikings

    its not ou herald ndi*** arikunyora matuzvi aya….

  • mwanawevhu

    A novice with bad manners

  • Tibvireipo

    Haiwawo, are you really a Prof?

  • Hlahla Hamburamatope

    So much for amai coming from a HOLLY place, what a disgrace!!!!

  • Jongwe

    Ah ndanyara fani comrade Mzvinavanhu! So you mean the dollarisation stopped once Zanu came into 100% power??
    Regawo kufunga semwana mudiki senge first lady vanoramba kumhoreswa.

  • magamba T

    tava kuenda manje kuheros be ready

  • Nzwisisayi

    Not only does the MDCT support sanctions, they are the ones that called for sanctions leading to the closures of companies, shortages of commodities and the suffering Tarubva himself felt.
    Yet he cannot see that. The idea was to make life hell for us and that way force us to vote MDCT into power and halt the land reform.

  • Jongwe

    Naiyewo Joice anatwo, kunyengerereiko munhu anokutuka day in day out?

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    This is bad, really bad, Cdes and friends what Cde Muchinguri and Moyo have done to the First Lady is unforgivable. She is unfortunately understandably unable to handle what she has been fed by the two mischief makers who have obviously taken advantage of her lack of experience. This is very unfortunate and makes it difficult for us to explain to the grassroots. What are we learning from our leaders? Where are you Cde. Mugabe? Is this the legacy you want to leave?
    Zvinorwadza izvi. We have had a painful struggle and do not need this. Not now when vultures are hovering above waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Zimbabwe will never be the same again. I am pained. The two of you and the third one who is not coming out will have to explain this. If not to us certainly to posterity.

  • ginger brown

    mmmmm kunamata kwakaoma vakomana, vazhinji vedu totoda nyasha dzaIshe kuti tipinde denga

  • the watcher

    this woman needs to go for etiquette training, in the political field you do not embarrass your rival publicly you just save face and smile.

  • Gaba Rinocheka

    Cannot understand how Grace’s word has become the law in the party when she is still an ordinary card holder. Does being a pilot’s wife make one a pilot. And those in positions of influence in the party are just STAR struck. WHO IS SHE IN THE PARTY? So the Politibro now feeds from her hand? Hatina kukwana vana ve Zimbabwe. Kufurirwa nanaMarombeni vakamedza magamba edu zvanzi ndava gamba.

  • CTE

    Please VP Mujuru, resign **.

  • chokwadi

    joice is innocent, i for one love u honourable vp

  • James Bond

    Jonathan Moyo has obviously set the agenda for the official media and is setting up Grace for the fall. This is clearly a case of ”give her enough rope to hang herself”, which she seems to be doing with alacrity. The wall to wall publicity Grace is getting is exposing her crudeness and smugness. She is hopelessly out of touch with the mood of the country. Even the most bitter enemies put up a show of humility for the media (I have seen pix of Israelis shaking hands with Palestinians even as bombs rained behind them). Now here is someone humiliating a grown woman in public because someone whispered to her that that woman plans to take away her 10 farms if she becomes president. Really tactless. But well done to those conducting the show at Munhumutapa. At least the country is privy to what is going on!

  • African

    As the economy bleeds we might as well prepare the popcorn.

  • Hacha Ndizvo (Dr)

    Don’t shake hand, don’t take photo Kikikiiiiiiii

  • Gushas

    Editor your poll opinion on this site, on the allegations leveled against the VP l think is out of order considering that these are allegations please play the role of nation building, has she already been convicted?

  • Kwiyo

    Inga these guys were coming from having holy communion,asi chii vanhu vakuru.Careful you are digging your pit ZANU PF.Both claim to be christians.
    Riva rine ngozi iri varume.
    The bible says love your enemies.

  • Sonosamie

    We are heading for a showdown. The stage has been set. Grace our own amai ** has allowed trash coming from these reporters. There is no good sign that the public supports her opinions especially the Zanuoids. Comments from us may not solve the problems she has created. Remember there is the Politiburo, they are there to solve this fiasco.
    Possible solutions to this:
    1. postpone the Congress to a later date
    2. stop propagating hate speeches either
    3. convene closed door meetings and iron out differences

  • aaron zhou

    I propose mai mujuru apologises (as requested) and then we see what the first lady is going to do. everyone knows mai mujuru has done nothing wrong here. apologising all the way would leave the first lady to cook up other allegations and she will expose herself…. an apology is never requested for… it is only for small school going kids who do that

  • dmaxx

    Aiwawo herald ** yajaira kunyora marara pamberi na mai mujuru!!!!!!!

  • Cris

    wer is the wayward behaviour??

    • Silomo

      A imi zvinosvodesa, Ndimai venyika here ava , hazvikodzeri, pamberi na MaiMujuru. Uyu ndiye munhu arikucampanera amaiMujuru. Hatisi vana vadiki isu pakanaka tirikupawona chero makawawata pamaitenderera hapana zvamakaita kunze kwekutiratidza kufumuka kwenyu. We cant be led by munhu asi hunhu uyu never. Vhivha Amai Mujuru. Mai Mujuru chete NekuCongress.

  • Rwatida Makuwe

    The herald has now become a platform for fighting factional wars! This is quite nauseating? It is not a matter of who you no longer want in the politics arena should be vilified and pull him down! Now we hear VP Mujuru is corrupt. Isnt that strange? Dr Joice Mujuru please just keep quiet as you have been doing. Can someone tell my why Green Fuels is not paying staff? The managers are racist and yet we hear a big fish is part of the deal!

  • Hurungwe

    Izvi zvinonyadza.

  • jojo

    I wont talk about the economy ,I know I will confuse your small question from me to you :sei madhara eZANU PF asingachene musoro?

  • tichatonga

    thank u herald for giving AMAI MUJURU that coverage,she is gaining points each day by your so called character assassination,munhu wose kuna MAI MUJURU True WAR VETERAN and MATURE POLITICIAN

  • thula

    jonso is at it again using state newspapers to advance his faction’ s agenda, what is wrong if those zpf members want to demonstrate against the first lady is it not a democratic right to differ with leadership in zpf?.The President as usually is skilfully, playing his usually political games let them fight so that he will delay stepping down on the pretext of not going until the part is united. Unfortunately the country is going down the drain. Let Mujuru maintain her composure for her popularity is growing by the day some of us see the chance in her to steady the sinking ship which the current captain has no clue on how to steer it back to normalcy.

  • Tichaenzana Katsvimbo

    That is disrespecting the office of the VP zvavekuitwa naChiremba Mambokadzi Amai izvi. Zvazvinodai pamuti munyoro kuzoti pamuti wakaoma…pavanodai vachiri pachinzvimbo chafirst lady…what more vakazoita President. Ewo hameno zvenyu maZanu…muchaiona nyaya yacho

  • Gushas

    Herald mave vanatinhai dzirwe

  • Command Center

    Who was acting President when the first family went to Italy, just asking????

  • Rwatida Makuwe

    Those are not qualities of a leader! Kuramba kumhoresa munhu? I do not know why you should write about such wayward behaviour. Hazvina hunhu and worse zvichiitwa nemukadzi weMutungamiri weNyika! Is that an example of how she treats other women?

  • Abel

    Amai vaakuita kunge mwana mudikiwo. Inga murume wavo akakwazisa ana Short gore riya wani despite having fundamental differences.

  • mukorekore

    Taurai henyu Gire ndiye atove the biggest faction leader in Zanu. Ndimai verudzii vanemakuhwa kudaro uye vanotukirira

  • Nyamakate

    Shame x (6), does the First Lady still have any Ubuntu left in her, I wonder!

  • matuzvi emheni

    Blame MDC all you want, but since when have sanctions against 5 people affected the entire country? How can Bob be stopped from visiting a country/countries, have profund effects on an economy? Fungayi mhani!

  • Nyamakate

    The First Lady was much better without a “PhD”, I wonder what it has done to her mind. Nhai maPhD anopengesa here?

  • Cde Dr Amai

    The most dignified person in Zim politics right now is Mai Mujuru. She has exposed how vile the other side of those who dont like her is. The silence with which she has dealt with this soap opera unfolding before us is annoying those who want her to react and those who keep on poking her to get a reaction. The handshake snub makes Mugabe’s wife childish, naive and puerile to say the least. It is embarassing for a first lady to behave in such a manner. She risks losing that high moral ground to those she so hates.

  • Maonazvangu

    I for one would not take seriously to a First Lady who is so unLadylike as to refuse to shake an extended hand. In politics, there is what is called diplomacy and this shows a lack of it or lack of appreciation of it. Remember the events that led to eternal eternal foes like the late Stalin, Churchill and FD Roosevelt to work together against Nazi Germany in World War Two despite glaring ideological differences. Can we go back to World War One when despotic Russia was on one side with Liberal and Democratic France and the United Kingdom. Please, we don’t want the politics of hatred and revenge which might spawn more evils than we can fathom to think of. Its high time whoever thought of this foolish plot sees the light of day.

  • bornfree

    Comrade Mzvinavhu has bread and butter (vanodya vachiguta) like the rest of them. For me education is learning ways of reasoning. For some its because I am a comrade and hence I can do as I please. Commenting here does not add bread and butter upon my table or even buy pampers for my child. Empty vessels make the loudest of noise. Those that lick others behinds are the ones that benefit the most and that is true of the current state of affairs. I do not lick behinds and I suffer the most. If the behind lickers hear you say anything against their master behinds they will surely cease your God given life. I am a born free and I continue to suffer like a prisoner, yet the so called comrade even in his time he could afford to look after the whole extended family or clan with that little penny they got. However life is not calculated like math. You could be living at this one moment and die the next. They say education is the key-I have the key but I cannot unlock anything with it. Ayewa imhosva yema sanctions(Its all because of the sanctions I presume for you). Chete kungoti isu ma born free takura tichidzidza kuti munoda kuguta kwenyu nemhuri dzenyu. Isu vabereki vedu vakashaya mukana wekudzidza nenhau yehondo and to make matters worse negukurahundi kuNkayi uko havana basa handiti and they are not even recognised as war veterans whatsoever. Kwavo kunyarara chete votarira kuna Nyadenga. Preach all you want but I feel the pain for my parents as they could not afford to take me to school and even further education but The Almighty God did and I am enlightened. Ushe madzoro. Inguva yenyu. Hapana hapana.

  • fireman


  • African

    Church politics are more mature than this

  • Chaminuka

    Her Graceless Highness has now taken factionalism to another level.Well done!

  • Marz

    Why blame the herald for writing the truth, its high time everything gets exposed, besides its a public secret that there is infighting in Zanu . We have been waiting for this day when Zanoids steal and plunder everything until there is nothing left to do but turn against themselves. We just sit back relax eat popcorn and watch the implosion

  • Marz

    ………..Besides its a fact the world can see who the real doctor is , there is certain behavior that comes naturally to educated people. Food for thought you do the dishes !

  • Jojo

    Iwe handshake ya Grace ine basa rei. Ndiye akazvara Mai Mujuru here? Kana ikaita basa ine basa rei? Mai Mujuru vakadonhedza ndege kuhondo where was she?

  • mahumbwe

    Herald nhai tiudzeiwo kuti mafactions ambori mangani nhai? Mai mujuru ndivo chete here mutadzi ku Zanu Pf. Vakachena vese ngavatiudze kwavakawana mari dzawo when ordinary people are suffering.

    Handshake Haina basa especially when you know kuti ari kuramba kukubata ruoko ndiye akakutukirira chero ari mudiki pamakore iye nepa chigaro.