First Lady pays public hospital surprise visit

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa

Believe Nyakudjara Chief Photographer—
FIRST Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa yesterday paid a surprise visit at Harare Central Hospital to get an appreciation of problems plaguing the health institution as well as acquaint herself with its operations.During her unannounced visit, Amai Mnangagwa was appraised of the challenges facing the hospital during informal interactions with unsuspecting patients and members of staff, most of whom did not recognise her. She expressed optimism that the 2018 National Budget to be announced today will address some of the budgetary constraints affecting good service delivery.

“You are doing great work caring for our patients despite the shortage of resources. I am sure you are aware of the prevailing economic situation in the country. I hope that some of the critical problems facing the institution will be addressed in the forthcoming National Budget when resources are allocated,” she said.

“The purpose of my visit is to have an appreciation of the hospital’s operations. I am happy. I was impressed by the cordial patient-staff relationship and cleanliness in the hospital,” she added.

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa engages Gogo Siboniso Nyakurwa during a surprise visit at Harare Central Hospital to acquaint herself with the institution’s operations yesterday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa engages Gogo Siboniso Nyakurwa during a surprise visit at Harare Central Hospital to acquaint herself with the institution’s operations yesterday. — (Picture by Believe Nyakudjara)

The central hospital, also known as Gomo, is the busiest hospital in Zimbabwe, offering services to over 1 200 in-patients and 900 out-patients/casualties daily. The hospital has 22 wards in the general hospital, a large maternity hospital, a psychiatric unit, as well as a tropical diseases unit.

Apart from being the country’s First Lady, Amai Mnangagwa is also the National Assembly Member for Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency. Throughout her tour of the hospital’s units, she consistently preached the message of hope and hard work. She also urged mothers to take good care of their children as they were the future leaders.

The First Lady visited the out-patients, paediatric, maternity and nursery units. She concluded her tour at the transport section, where she was briefed about the serious perennial transport shortage for both patients and staff.

“We only have two old ambulances which are not well-equipped to cater for our inter-hospital transfers. The situation is bad. The other ambulances are down. We also used to transport our staff home, but now we can only take them to the city because of our depleted fleet,” said the hospital’s chief executive, Ms Peggy Zvavamwe.

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    Grace! GRACE HER!

  • gilbert bere

    First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa you have a mammoth task to bring Zimbabweans as one united, peaceful family. The country is at the cross-roads both socio-political and economic and President Mnangagwa is giving it a go. You are his first and last line of defence. Please look-up to amayi Sally Mugabe/Johanna MaFuyana, the revered late Joshua Nkomo’s wife. Being a mother of a nation means that you have to sacrifice your own political career for your husband’s. Thus, you should relinquish your Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency to concentrate on your motherly role.

    • Maxcolly

      yes i concur with u. she has to relinquish her Chirumanzu-Zibagwe constituency to concentrate on motherly role.

      • Masvingo Zimuto

        I also agree.

    • kk

      I have only one mother, please excuse me from your “mother of the nation axiological and phronesis” Kkkkkkkkkkkk! Oh this world!

  • dziva

    Appreciation of economy massacre by her husband and Mugabe entourage since 1980!
    Surely one has to be lame to deny involvement of decimating the once bread basket of Africa and pointing finger at others!
    Now can people stop talking the walk . Its all talk folks no action. Aka fake news!

  • Thetruthshallcome

    The good lady visiting hospitals. Hopefully this will transform into more funding to hospitals countrywide so that we improve our health facilities. Good on you. The president needs to do the same and not just go to army Barracks.

  • Margaret Dongo

    Good start. Just do the opposite of everything that the uncultured Marujata was doing and you will be a winner.

  • Moe_Scyslack2

    Ndomabasa ema First Lady aya. Kwete zvekaye kekungowawata kachitukirira vanhu uye kurova tusikana ne extension cord. Shame maningi stereki.

    • lot chitakasha

      “Kazembe Kazembe huya pano…ndikati halala Gushungo…mwana waBona!!..”…lol, methinks the fault was with those who started the ” munhu vese kunaAmai” madness….vairova manja.

  • yowe

    Zvatanga zvemafirst lady zviya nxaaa

  • Josiah Nhete

    Well done amai First Lady… baba H.E. nouko ndima inofamba nekukurumidza.

  • Mimi

    Good for a start 1st Lady but let this not end there. There is need for you to also visit rural hospitals in the remotest of areas; Mission hospitals and clinics. It will be a plus if one hears that the 1st Lady has visited far away places like Chikombedzi, Gokwe, Nyanga, Mutare etc. The icing on the cake will be the 1st Lady giving up her constituency because being 1st Lady is an honourable tiring job on its own. Go 1st Lady go.

    • succuba

      I agree Mimi, but it’s a good start, it may only be one hospital visit, but it is one more than the whole tenure of Grace Mugabe, she preferred overseas hospitals.

  • Farai

    Auxillia Mnangagwa you are a true First Lady with the people at your heart, please continue visiting public institutions all over Zimbabwe.

  • John Bond- mugafuli

    First Lady kumba kubikira president, charity YES! visting her constituency YES! , kwete kuda kutanga kusupervisor ma civil servants, and interfering with national duty.’, next you will want to be VP. We have travelled this road before, we dont want bedroom COOL #2, Stop It Auxilia.

    • Progressive Zimbabwean

      But I think as 1st Lady this is what she must be doing. Visiting the sick and the poor and providing the necessary insight to her husband. I agree that she should not supervise civil servants per se but must be the eye that alerts the First Citizen, her husband on developments in areas around health and poverty alleviation. I understand where you are coming from having been abused by the former First Lady and do wish you and the rest of Zimbabweans a peaceful life ahead.

      • Ashanti

        U make a very calmin and reasonable analysis. We pray for calm and prosperity indeed after being traumatised by marujata

  • Good

    Thank you Amai. That’s a good start. Please help change some things.

  • Taneta

    Let’s hope she will concentrate on being a mother figure and keep a very low public profile. Leave politics to her husband

    • Mufaro

      This is commendable on Mai Mnangagwa’s part and its within her purview

  • eliah

    Good focus and as a word of advise do not plough money into state of the art schools otherwise eyebrows will be raised as to the source of funds, and please First Lady if you can also take care of a number of the underprivileged who have been aired on zbctv looking for donations to undergo life saving operations in countries like India ,South Africa etc that will be great.

  • zimbotry

    Funding. That is whats required. Very easy. But until the looting culture is finished nothing will change. Why are we not trying to recover the millions stolen from us. Instead if stories are true we are giving the ex Head Looter and his wife 10 million. I hope the days of medical trips to Singapore are over. Then we may see money in our own Health system. We have the staff, just not the necessary funding

  • joj

    last paragraph – may we please know which vehicle was brought for the CEO of that hospital and justify why there are only 2 dilapidated ambulances in the case

  • lot chitakasha

    I applaud not because she has done something extraordinary but because she has done what must be done…it is good to have first hand information and one to one conversations with the people…addressing them at rallies is not enough.

  • eish

    Brilliant ambush for the sleepy Harare Hospital staff who are masters of hurling abscenities at patients i hope things will change a bit.

  • Mujubheki

    That looks more like a first lady. I cant help but like her. Ndokuti Amai zve uku

  • luv my country

    hope kuchirumanzu maidaro amai kwamava nemakore muri mp, ndava zvekuda kunaa pavanhu handizvo, even grace aitomchengeta nherera asi mmmmmmmmh. asi zvisinei makambogonawo, dai machisiirawo vamwe hu mp uyo hu first lady hwakakwana hanti u are on salary yahwo here moti hu mp, or mochooser kuda kuita first lady or mp kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Asa

    Those who are given positions of authority especially ministers and permanent secretaries should also do such visits to their departments instead of relying with fake reports from their subordinates. Such behaviour of mismanagement is rampant in some institutions of higher learning where part of these institutions have been turned into individuals industrial to their advantage hub when the principals are aware and they do nothing about it. Could the new minister in this department do a routine and unannounced visits to these institutions and see the amount of government property abuse happening. As a student who has spent three years at Byo Poly, I thought things would change for the better and I think this is the time

  • Kitsiyatotata

    Refreshing but I think she needs to give up a constituency because being a first lady is more challenging and requires a lot of dedication.

  • Sinyo

    Mabasa emari asikana ??? Ini Zii hangu iwe !!!

  • ivhukuvanhu chete chete

    Curiously enoff, the satanic, deleterious, ruinous economic sanctions advocated by our opposition politicians are still theya and ominously hanging over our necks……………… So much about democracy!

    • Everfaithful

      Keep daydreaming and analogous fantasy!When ZANU itself has came out in the open to agree on the mess they did that sank our economy and u vomit in your wisdom or gross lack of it about opposition! Wake up Mugabe, era of scapegoating opposition is long gone.ED is busy taking necessary measures to rectify the mess,we are sick and tired of retards like you ,crybabies till you die!idiot!

  • Chihombori

    shameless,their politicking why did she not visit the institution when she was vice presidents wife..nhasi ndopamakuziva kuti kune kugomo

  • Chihombori

    thot she was in the presidium for a while and was only out for a few weeks ,but since her husband was vice president she never set foot there,pagomo pagara paripo maitadza kupauya makore ose aya kuti pairuma .munoda kutorwa maselfie nevarwere vedu kuti muwane political mileage nonsense we will not bootlick anyone ever again.

  • Deezet



    Her personality and character is original and beyond pretense. She will represent us well abroad and she is an example to other Zimbabwean young women

  • Taka Kumaka

    Good start MA Mnangagwa we have eyes that see and ears that hear.

  • Mhofu

    Who owns the pvt pharmacies at gvt hospitals?. Always well stocked but nothing in the hospital. Someone is making a lot of money as all patients are directed to these pharmacies. Drain the swamp!!!

  • Move on and deal with it

    we all have high hopes for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is not defined by the one person alone. We all need to work together despite our differences. Our history teaches us that the ndebeles would raid the shonas and take away the women, that is all history guys. The past is past lets now shake it off and build a new zimbabwe where our kids can say our parents made this for us. The mugabe era is now gone, mnangagwa era will come and go coz noone lives forever. the first step is to say I am sorry (just what the first lady is doing by kneeing) and moving on.

  • Gee Mugabe

    Mube futi!